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Several Things.

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Posted 26 March 2012 - 10:32 PM

So this is just a topic of some suggestions I've had while trying to level my cleric and mage.

1. Cleric flames need more hp. They seem only viable when fighting single target. When trying to AOE anything, the flames get targeted and die instantly, and since the mobs spawn fast, this makes the flames useless cause they have something like a 1min cool down. It's just not fast enough for the duration that they are up

2. Another thing having to do with cooldowns. I believe the cooldown for the ressurect skill is way too long, maybe cut it down by half or something. So many people in party die at once, then need a ressurect, but then have to wait forever because my skill is on like a 1 min cool down.

3. Prison mobs, even though they have taken down a notch on their level, have always been really OP. Their levels are set to "Monster Levels Changed to 187 to 201", yet my 213 champ with Lv.200 reinforced gear refined to (11), can barely stay alive in the first part without my cleric. My cleric is only 167 with maxed heals and still, it's work to even keep my champ alive. The mobs aggro way too much at once or something, and the infiltrators crit like a beast. This is, and has been, the hardest area in my opinion in all of Rose. Not to mention, the mobs do debuffs as well, defense down and attack power down, and they last awhile.

4. I had a cart bug earlier. When I sent one of my characters a cart ride request, then hopped on, after I hopped off by pressing spacebar, I was no longer able to receive a cart ride request until my other character got in and out of his cart.
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