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What is not allowed to be posted here.

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#1 Calanor


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Posted 14 September 2010 - 09:54 PM

The following is both a collection and list of what should not be posted on the forums. This is a list that is not holistic so don't assume because we haven't typed it out here that you can post everything else.

Content Just Not Allowed.
  • Posting content that is blocked by our Word Filter. Do not add spaces or modify the word so it gets around the word filter. The words are blocked for a reason.
  • Images & Videos.
    • Images with swear words are not allowed to be posted. We know that the Word Filter doesn't block words in the images, but we ask that you filter the images or we may have to filter you.
    • Videos that contain swearing aren't allowed as well. Either edit the Image/Video or don't post them.
  • Content that should happen behind closed doors. This is a game forum for communities that have a varied age range. So any content that is sexually related should not be posted.
  • Obscene Images / Videos / Content should not be posted. Be honest with yourself and if you think your mother would not approve what you are going to post then you shouldn't post it.
  • Drug References. No discussion about drugs in any form will be tolerated on these forums.
Competitor Content.
  • We are very aware that there are many games for you to choose from. We are grateful you have decided to play our games and we know the stats, and that many of you play multiple games. While we work on bringing a variety of games to you to play here with us, we know that some of you play or may run across games that are published outside of the world that is Gravity / WarpPortal. So we ask that you keep the discussions on our forums about the games we publish, anything other than discussions about Gravity / WarpPortal published games will be removed. The exception to this being the off topic section. If you want to talk about non-MMO games there, this is allowed.
  • We understand that our community is not made up of only English speaking gamers, heck our office has a number of languages that is spoken, many which I don't and our support team doesn't always understand. We offer English only support, we supply our web content, the games, and our support tools in English only so this is also expected for the Forums.
  • We will try to give as much support as we can and know that native languages are easier at times to use when dealing with technical explanations. Threads not in English that are outside of the Technical Support sections will be locked / removed*. This isn't because we don't like you, it's because we don't understand you and will try to help you with support questions but the games we publish are for English speaking players and do expect that you understand enough English to play the games and participate in the community forums in English as well.
  • Our support team at times has individuals who can offer specific language support, but not all of us can so we ask that you post in English and do your best to post in both English and your native language for Technical Support posts.

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#2 Hastur


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Posted 22 September 2010 - 10:49 AM

*Addendum to Language section: Several threads(Mostly guild threads) have been around since the old forums in another language. This is okay, since the old forum, rules have changed quite a bit, we will not be deleting these old threads. Old established threads in another language will not be removed. Any new threads/posts (not including technical or bug sections) posted in another language with no attempt at translating into english will be removed/deleted. [Updated 9/22/2010]
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Posted 26 October 2015 - 03:42 PM

*Addendum to Language section:


Hello Everyone,


It has been an exciting couple of years; new games, new friends, and new experiences all around.  We have a populace that expands the globe, even bigger than we imagined before.  So much so, that we have decided to take another stab at our international policies.  There have been many concerns on the forums lately so we thought we would address this matter more fully.


With the new influx of international players it is important to remember that all are welcomed to play in our games and take part in the forums.  We are fully aware that some players are not as accustomed to using English, but we want everyone to feel comfortable.   We have provided International Forums as a convenient place to go, but that is all they are.  They are a convenient location for players to be able to converse in their own languages without the expectation to translate everything into English. 


That being said, players are allowed to make posts in other languages in our main community chat.  They can also do this with our ticket system, however I must warn that we will likely be using google translate so that we may understand them and that all responses will be in English.  The official language of the forums is American English and as a courtesy, usually we prefer that an English translation be provided along with any foreign posts.    It is not required, but it would be helpful.  Especially since google translate is hilariously inaccurate most of the time.


We try to do the same when we can, as some may have noticed, but we are limited in the number of languages that we can translate them into.   But that is why we appreciate all the help our foreign members provide when they translate other posts for us!  :ok: 


However, please keep in mind that we will still be watching the foreign language posts and all posts must abide by the original rules of the forum.     So please be courteous no matter what language you are conversing in.  


Thank you for reading!  

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