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Need advice on a skill build

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Posted 11 August 2012 - 10:26 AM <--this is what im thinking might be good for lvl 62...

Im only lvl 42 and i havent seen really any of the 40+ skills...but mega spike wave seems like it needs too much points for pre-requesite skills. I wanna do pve and pvp, Can anyone tell me if mana drain is good or not?

Also the blesser sais it raises max HP by 10% but my summons HP and mine are still the same even after summoning it..only reason i wanted blesser is so i can have a summon party of 1 Golemn - 1 Blesser - and 2 mist ... Unless 1 dyke would be better than the mists?

Would this be good for a lvl 80 build? o.o
I put stronger summon lvl 5 - Maxed elemental storm/Dark knight/awakening charge/Rolling stone/Impact presser/ and Golemn.

Any advice would help :p_laugh:
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#2 tainguyen


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Posted 07 September 2012 - 08:10 PM

elemental storm isnt good. easily escapable and its accuracy is very bad. you really need to work on conserving SP and getting more. pvp/pve is sorta hard if u dont get additional.

spell prison is a must in pvp. it makes catching ppl so much easier. frozen chain in combination with spell prison can reduce ppls movement spd to 0. frozen chain is last resort if u have extra sp.

smart shot is solely pve only. spell trap is a must for f7, and pvp. it will be your main catcher.

that will get u through pvp and pve. pvp is more on the dying side though. u need to be very skillful. do not be stupid and let your summons die in vain. heal them a lot, and make sure u use them to your advantage and catch opponents and lock them. once someone is caught by a shaman, getting out is hard. we have 4 holders, and 2 of them has no cooldown.
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