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CrossKuro's Dark Priest Guide

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Posted 27 August 2012 - 07:26 PM

Welcome to CrossKuro’s Dark Priest guide! (For the lvl 59 cap)

In this guide I will show you what my exact build is, though feel free to change it as you please as everyone has their own style of game play that they prefer.

First off here is a link to a screenshot of my build that includes my skill tree and stat distribution.


Some REASONING behind why I got the HP buff.

As you can see in the screenshot I put points into the HP buff. I did this as to boost my hp as it will at the current cap increase your hp by a massive 42% (44% if you have a +10 weapon). This boost in hp is critical as it will help you survive for far longer as it will let you survive most burst damage. Though some might say that getting the hp buff is unnecessary as there are High Priests that specialize in full support that can buff you I would agree with you as this is true. As I said at the beginning of this guide you are free to change this build as you like as everyone has their own play style and mine is a more aggressive style as I like to RAMBO so I prefer to be self sufficient.

Alternate damage oriented builds.

As some might like to have pure damage as one would hope being a Dark Priest and all, I have a suggested alternate build for those who would rather get the hp buff from a full support cleric.

Build 1

My suggestion for a more damage oriented Dark Priest build is to take off all the points in the High Priest skills except for ONE point in Blessed Regeneration as it is an exceptionally useful heal as it has no cast time. With good gear it will heal for (for me) about half of what Holy Light heals. With the 9 skill points saved by not getting the HP buff I would suggest that it be spent on 5 for Blazing Fire damage enhancement passive and the remaining 4 skill points into the reduce cool down for Lava Explosion.

Build 2

You can alternatively put 4 skills into the Engulfing Flames damage increase passive, 2 into the Ignition of Darkness duration increase passive (that is currently at 3) and to put the remaining 3 points into either Blazing Fire damage passive or Lava Explosion cool down passive. The choice is once again based on your play style as Lava Explosion is a nearly melee range AOE which limits its use and requires you to be more aggressive (this is especially true in RvR).

That concludes my thoughts on the skill build for a Dark Priest. Next is the stat distribution for a Dark Priest.

Stat Distribution

As you can see in the screenshot I have 90 points into VIT and the remaining 200 points into INT. At the time I was distributing stats I had put all my points into INT and saved a bit over 100 points by the time I reached lvl 59. I had played around with stat distribution for a bit to test out what how many stat points in VIT, INT and WIS would give me and decided for no particular reason to put 90 points into VIT to experiment with and the rest into INT. As I now have full lvl 59 legendary gear and upon reflecting on my stat distribution would suggest that you put all your stats into INT as the 90 VIT only gives around 3000 more hp (around 4250 with hp buff) and it does not seem as beneficial versus 90 points into INT (you get maybe 12-17% magic damage amplification depending on gear and diminishing return for 90 INT). I didn’t really put much consideration for getting WIS as you get a lot of it from gear and I am not particularly lucky with criticals.

Equipment and Maestones

For your equipment try to get VIT, INT and WIS on your armour and if possible +hp on your chest piece and pants. As for weapon you should go with the same as armour but prioritise +magic damage over the rest.

For maestones I suggest according to color to use:
Blue: +Magic Damage
Red: Fear (Use this together with enlighten as it gives you the ability to have instant fear that can be combed with your Fear of Chaos as maestone fear doesn’t have immunity after the duration of it is over but it won’t work if you cast it when maestone fear is active so timing is crucial)
Yellow: Fear (for PVE use a +movement speed stone as it works great when mobbing + Lava Explosion)
Green: Fear


As for levelling it is best to do your quests and RvR as it will get you fairly far into the game with little to no grinding outside of those quests until lvl 3x (I forget when as it has been a long time since I have done any lvling) but when you reach that point I suggest you do the Secret Shrine dungeon on expert with a group of people to get the lvl 43 purple armour set. My strategy for doing this dungeon is to go straight for 1 of the 3 bosses that drop only armour (my preference was the hydra boss), kill the boss then leave and reset dungeon. You would repeat this until your group has the full set or until you can quest again and resume dungeon runs as soon as you reach a point where you would have to grind repeats. Keep in mind you can only get items from a boss/mob that is within 6 (I think?) lvls of you. Doing this gives you considerable xp and helps you get geared to an extent (makes it easier for you to get lvl 53 purples). After that I don’t know what to suggest as I did most of my lvling solo as there weren’t a great many people my lvl to do dungeons with. Quest and grind repeats particularly the Minotaur repeats.


So you have finally reached lvl 59, it is now time to do some serious PVP! (You use pretty much the same strategy for PVE) For that you will need some kind of a game plan. Here are some tips from me on how to PVP as a Dark Priest. First off is hotkeys, as you can see from the screenshot of my hotkey bar I will simply use the number/key that is assigned to it to “show” you a few combos I use. I suggest changing some of the hotkeys to something closer to WASD for a better/smoother combo without having to reach very far as you will be kiting a lot as a Dark Priest. (I assume everyone knows what kiting is as you will be doing a lot of this as a Dark Priest PvP and PvE) Google is you friend <.< Also it goes without saying that you should use Holy Light and Blessed Regeneration as needed. Timing for those are very situational and at your discretion. Lastly, you should make use of enlighten whenever possible as it will help you greatly especially in tough situations.

First off is an offensive combo from long range. (This excludes Lava Explosion as it is melee ranged)
5>4>3>1>Q (I have a lvl 55 active maestone in that slot, cycle the use of the 3 stones as they have 40 sec cd and use collapse when needed)>5>4>1 and repeat

Using this combo I suggest that you use 3 different elements of lvl 55 single target active maestones as it has greater damage than your Collapse of Soul with the same cast time. (This is true even with a +10 legendary staff *note this varies from class to class) Elemental maestone is affected by magic amplification.

With that combo you would be kiting any melee class. Use Lava Explosion when they are close enough to you or if you need more damage to take down you opponent open with Lava Explosion then kite. In this case you would likely have to use Holy Light and Blessed Regeneration to heal yourself from time to time.

For those tough situations where you have to fight a cleric, a class with high bursts/damage, and multiple opponents I would suggest that you use God’s Shield and Fear of Chaos.

Vs Cleric

Depending on how much magic defence and hp they have you may or may not be able to kill them but you can certainly try to. Your best bet is to immediately fear them and unleash all of your skills upon them and hope for the best as they can heal back to full health if you can’t. If you are uncertain you should use your enlighten and have you magic damage maestone activate to boost your damage (If your TK use your faction buff as well) and hopefully help you kill that pesky cleric.

Vs Burst/High Damage targets

This is well built warriors and rangers (both assassin and archer). Assuming this is a situation where you 1v1 (as more than 1v1 you are probably dead already) you should immediately cast God’s Shield on them and when it has about 2 seconds left cast Fear of Chaos and immediately unleash ALL of your skills on the target. By doing so it gives you the upper hand. The rest is pretty much dependant on gear.

Vs Multiple Targets

As with fighting a Burst/High damage target you have to utilise both God’s Shield and Fear of Chaos. If you want to have any hope of winning or even just killing 1 or 2 targets you should focus on the target you believe you can kill the fastest. You should God’s Shield any other target and Fear the remaining one (if there is 3). After doing so you should attempt to kill the target you chose to focus on. Note that you should always prioritise God Shielding a cleric as they can negate you damage (DoTs mostly) by healing your target unless your target is the cleric in which case you should Fear them to prevent them from healing. It is pretty hard to win in 3v1 but 2v1 against similarly geared opponents you should be able to kill 1 and wound the other if not killing both.

This concludes my guide to a Dark Priest. I hope that this helped you or gave you some idea(s) to building your own Dark Priest or maybe to fight one :P

This is my first guide so any comments are welcome.

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Posted 28 August 2012 - 01:27 AM

Just in case you guys dont know who he is... He is pretty much the monster dark priest in TK...

My favourite target to silence and sleep whenever possible in RvR. :P
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Posted 28 August 2012 - 02:11 PM

stop god shielding me sincerely yours SlipperyWhenWet
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Posted 28 August 2012 - 08:35 PM

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Posted 29 August 2012 - 02:25 PM

*sighs* I wish you wouldn't have posted this. One Kuro in maestia is enough to deal with! We don't need everyone using this guide. =P
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Posted 30 August 2012 - 06:47 AM

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