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Warrior Status Point Distribution. Help Please!

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#1 Doubleggx2


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Posted 28 September 2012 - 02:52 PM

I would like to know how to Stat a Tank Warrior vs a Damage Warrior?
Can some one explain what level diminishing returns take effect?

:p_sick: Thanks :p_sick:
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#2 WorldBosh


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Posted 27 November 2012 - 01:47 PM

Tanks are obviously centered around strength and vitality. Those who tell you to stat a certain amount of AGI for the sake of added P. Def are going to mess you up badly since the P. Def bonus from AGI is hardly worth the point. Your main weapons are obviously the one handed sword and shield. Max the HP passive on the berserker tree and then focus on acquiring ALL of the knight skills at their minimum level. Play around with the skills and see which ones you find you get the most use out of (It was Stormy Blow for me) and max the passive that increases its effect. Holding aggro is somewhat difficult in this game (at least it WAS when I was here), so its your choice to either focus on maxing the agression passives of your main skills or the P Atk passives since neither would really make a difference when you have a DPS/DPHer going all out. As for maestones, I suggest you focus on either attack speed or +magical defense stones. Maestone selection is, again, your choice. Play around with the norm to find out what you feel suits you best.

DPH Warriors (a.k.a Berserkers) have their stats centered around strength and agility. Your main weapon is obviously a 2h sword. Max all of the berserker passives, the charge and deadly blow passives. Past that, the only skills I'd recommend whos passives must be maxed are the +P Atk aura, SoG (Song of the Undead) and Leg Breaker's slow OR duration. I'd reccommend +Critical chance and/or +critical damage maestones.
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#3 HammerFist


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Posted 28 December 2012 - 10:17 AM

Good info. I was wondering about AGI. I did put a few points in and noticed that the P defense did not go up a lot. Also it did not raise the crit a lot either. I did put a lot of points into vit and strenght so I have a lot of HP. The good thing is that we can buy a stat reset incase we mess up too bad :D
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#4 TsunamiGamerzzz


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Posted 17 March 2013 - 01:10 PM

By now the warrior skills have probably changed since this topic has been written.

Is this information still up to date? Or is it different, compared to what it was in 2012 and now in 2013? I'd like to know :D
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#5 SleepyAssassin


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Posted 19 March 2013 - 03:18 PM

It was never accurate to begin with. Agility isn't taken soley for p.def, it's taken for chance to crit as well as dodge. So it increases two defensive categories and one offensive. It is literally the perfect stat for a tank. How much str/agi/vit you stat is up to you, but a build without agi is a mistake and I do not know of 1 successful warrior who runs 0 agi. Aggro is no longer difficult to hold either, due to tanks receiving a couple skills to boost aggro immediately. As far as beserker's it's accurate in that you want agi/str.

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