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Posted 17 October 2012 - 08:44 PM

It would be great if a new slot was put into storage that was shared between ALL characters on an account. It could be minimal, say 10 slots. The benefits of this for the player are multiple and I will outline them below.

1) It is frustrating mailing things to alts when the mail is limited to 4 items.
2) It has become clear Gravity has no plans of removing wrapping paper. However, why should I have to wrap something to send to an alt on my account? This will help solve this issue.
3) Currently there are so many soulbound items that quite frankly have no use with certain characters. An example of this is mounts. If I spin and win a mount but already have a better mount on that character, why should I not be able to give this to other accounts considering I did take the time to farm the gold.
4)If you buy something with points but decide you do not need it or buy too many, or change your mind etc. You are stuck with it. This goes back to soulbound problem.
5) If you spin on a character and get wrapping paper, you can actually use it on a character that might need it!!!!
6) With the new grim reaper set, if we go out and BUY it, all the dragon set is for nothing, and we can't even send it to our other characters!!!! (again back to soulbound stuff)
7) Skill/Stat resets, if you have extra (via event) why can't they be shared with alts (again soulbound)

There are more I am sure, but let's face it, in this game there is no real end game. There is nothing to do when you cap after you farm gear EXCEPT make another character. Yet, that character is essentially isolated. I will have to get papers to gear it, assuming I have the gear. If I have soulbound items left over, the alt can't use them etc. It would just go a long ways towards improving the game, for this small thing to be added.
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