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Charging of Enlightenment issue

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Posted 09 December 2012 - 05:16 AM

Hi there,

I have notice that warriors have unexpectedly fast charging of enlightenment in this game and have found out the reason to it. Warriors are able to charge their enlightenment through the damages they take from hits and from dealing damages to mobs.

I am wondering why is this so? And this is only happening for this particular class. whereas rangers only can charge up their enlightenment from dmging mobs. Is this made this way? Just want to make things right since the enlightenment will activate all passive maestones right away, which is really making a huge difference in Dmg deal, increase dodge rate, crit hits, increase in physical def, etc comparing to one that didn't activate enlightenment.

What i suggest so is that since characters in this game are all equivalent, shouldn't it be balance out for all characters that they are able to charge up their enlightenment through both dmg deal to enemies and dmg receive from enemies?
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