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The Fs Aco Leveling Guide (Get To Job 50 Quick!)

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#1 Maka


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Posted 23 July 2010 - 03:12 AM

Originally posted by Coffee
::The FS Aco Leveling Guide::
~::By Coffee::~
~::For In-Game Help on iRO Loki PM |~|Coffee|~| or BloodyDaggerSin and Hope I'm Online::~


Okay, so here's a short guide on how to get to Job 50 as an aco the quickest I can think of. I have an FS Priest which I've made twice. ^^; This is my first Gaming Guide. ;D

Feel free to drop a 'Thank you', 'You forgot...', 'You could make this better' or an 'I used this' type comment! I like reading them 'cause they either make me feel warm and fuzzy (and at the top of the first page) or help me learn.


Job 1 to 10

Job 1-6


Job 6-10:

Go 1 map outside of pretty much whatever map you wind up in and go kill whatever is out there.

Job 1 to 24


Payon Caves:

Get someone to tank you for like 2 job levels (a friend or a nice person. DO NOT run around asking everyone for a tank). Then Heal Bomb your way around as much as possible or get a party. In order to level quickest I'm going to tell you some basic skill allocation: 1. Get Heal 10 2. Get RuWatch 3. Max Teleport 4. Max Warp 5. Get Pneuma I know you think I'm crazy, just bear with me.

Job 25 to 39


**Note: If these are too hard for you at first, don't despair. Just go back to Payon Caves for a couple of levels.**

Amatsu 1 and 2:

(Pneuma is NEEDED!) (Amatsu Quest Must Be Completed--> [Link])

Do the Amatsu quest and enter into Amatsu Dungeon

1. Use Pneuma on yourself so that the firelocks cannot hit you and then Heal Bomb them. Watch out for Shinobi. To give you an idea... Zombies give under 100 base/job exp. Firelocks give over 1000 exp a kill. A couple things to note here (in no particular order): 1. This place is great if you have a hiding accessory (smokie card).

2. Try out level two. I never liked it much but I've heard of many people who liked how you could teleport around there and heal rather than getting stuck without tele.
3. If you can't get a hiding clip, you might like to use Bwings a lot.

4. If you don't like Bwings you can do what I did... keep yourself constantly AGI up once you have that skill and run away FAST. Posted Image

5. PUMP INT. This is your life stream. This will make your heals gain strength and you will kill faster as a result.

6. Watch for two things -- Fire attacks from Firelocks and Lagging Pneuma. If you get hit by a fire attack by a Firelock then you will DIE! Pneuma will make it so it never hits. Second, if your pneuma lags (you cast it and you're in range but you're still loosing HP), move to another spot within the range on pneuma (3x3 radius).

7. Eventually you may get strong enough to stop using Pneuma. Do so at your own risk. ;D

Orc Dungeon 1:

IF you have a party, this could be worthwhile. Probably not smart until the later levels, but it's possible.

Toy Factory:

I'd forgotten about this one. I haven't been to TF since Late 2005. Back then we had an aco who would FS us. Make sure you have a party. Probably better for lower levels.

Job 40 to 50


Amatsu, Toy Factory and Orc Dungeon:

I personally still prefer these three for these levels; particularly Orc Dungeon if you are in a party and Amatsu if you're soloing. You might want to try Orc Dungeon 2, mainly if you have one or two 2nd class characters in your party.

Glast Heim Churchyard:

VERY difficult. Make sure you have a party that can do well in that place. You CAN try Heal Bombing, Running away, rinse and repeating but it's a bit risky. Use at your own risk, so they say. e.e

Party With Second Classers:

Yes, you have gotten so strong you can party with (OMGOMGOMG!) a 2nd classer! O_O; That's right, find someone who is desperate enough to wait around for an aco to regen his or her SP and Party away. You should be within share range, and make sure Share Exp is on (unless you're Heal Slaving), otherwise you will get no exp. ;( There are many, MANY places you can go with a 2nd classer, and it's mostly dependent on what class he/she is. Go to the places they normally go and HS for them there, they should know what places are good for them to solo at, just tag along and pay for it with your SP. ^-^;

::~[Job Change! Go Level on Firelocks or in Glast Heim Graveyard for 20-30 Levels! This is just the beginning...]~::

I'm gonna refine this a bit more... describe the Amatsu quest and get in some more options for those who don't want to do Amatsu or who want to get bless/AGI first, etc.


If you find anything you think should be re-written or looked at again TELL ME! http://forums.warppo...tyle_emoticons/default/happy.gif;;

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#2 Thanichan


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Posted 23 July 2010 - 03:17 AM

Or you can make a rogue/sin and farm exp items as well. That's what i do, i know, i'm lazy T^T
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#3 espeon


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Posted 23 July 2010 - 08:19 PM

Left-justifying the text would make the post easier to read.
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#4 Nyroeon


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Posted 24 July 2010 - 05:18 PM

Or: Get a Grand Cross and have someone slave you in Anubis.

Or: Get level 99 mercenaries and have someone slave you in Anubis.
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#5 s7up1d


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Posted 29 July 2010 - 05:59 AM

Isn't this a bit outdated?

Pretending that base levels 1 through 15 are trivial - for God sakes, the tutorial itself gives you 7 free levels - the fastest path, then, from 15 to 30 is without a doubt, using mercenaries on wolves in that map 2 south of Payon. You literally FLY through 15 levels, faster than fast.

At level 30, consider going to Hodes. It might not be the fastest - I've never tried the normal way since I began just a month ago - but people tell me it is. Hodes until 45 and gators until 70. On my priest, then, I tried goats and it, too, catapulted me from 70 to 80 in under a day. These experience quests, in my opinion, have made leveling far too easy. After goats, like almost everyone sensible, I went to our most recent event, turtles, and partied there until 99, which took mere days. What this demonstrates is that ANYONE, even someone as slow as I am and unwilling to grind, can reach level 99, transcend, and then reach at least level 80 or some decent level all over again with so little work you could watch TV or read the forums half the time. Which, of course, is what a lot of people do. In total, I transcended in a little over a week.

I've heard even crazier reports. One 99 high priest claimed it took her just 4 hours to get from 70 to 99, transcend, and then jet to 99 again in mere hours at the Dragons event. Doddler claimed experience rates of 150 mil exp per hour which is, as he said and as anyone would say, "patently absurd".

I highly don't recommend trying to get to 99 on these exp quests. It makes normal training in most other places seem slow and a waste of time. In short, it spoils the game.
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#6 Chaiso


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Posted 30 July 2010 - 03:12 PM

the tutorial itself gives you 7 free levels

Training grounds get you to 9/7 before you have to actually kill anything...
It is not always possible to get into these parties and being able to go grind in these places while you are unable to get a party is nice and it makes it go faster.

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#7 SVKnight


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Posted 01 August 2010 - 09:41 PM

just a question... how do you get past those kappas?
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#8 Chaiso


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Posted 02 August 2010 - 03:59 AM

just a question... how do you get past those kappas?

If this is for the Amatsu dungeon entrance quest then you can just agi up yourself and run past them but dont get too close because they do hit hard. Honestly the hydras that spawn next to the portal you need to go in are more dangerous than the kaphas. If all else fails find someone to kill everything along the way.
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#9 Kadnya


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Posted 02 August 2010 - 05:37 AM

Pneuma will block the hydras. As for kappas, and generally, for aco leveling, heal bombing is outdated, in my opinion, unless you have zero zeny. If you don't, and you can't use the kill count quests, then your best option is to use mercenaries.

Base 15-> 35 is doable in one spear level 1 merc killing wolves, and after that you could join someone killing dokebis. Try to exp tap the wolves.

35-> 55 hire a level 3 spear merc and ask for a warp to moscovia dungeon. 2 or 3 level 3 Mercs can get you to base 55 there, at which time you will be able to hire level 5 spear mercs.

Base 55-> jobchange, you can go to anubii or if anubii is too much, go somewhere easier but nothing under mi-gao explike. If you are getting killed too much, just use an archer merc and go to geos instead.

For priesthood, go to wherever you were before, and get TU and go anubii asap... Or find a party, since you are a support chara ^^;.

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#10 randomblah


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Posted 08 August 2010 - 12:13 PM

Mercs are the way to go for sure.

It took hours to heal bomb my way 15-18, tons of deaths.
It took 40 minutes to go from 18-29, 1 death, and it was my first time using mercs so I could barely figure out how to make him attack. I had to use 3 scrolls though, 1 time my merc ended up in a mob of probably 30-40 wolves total due to spawns and died, and another a wolf killed me.

I could get probably quite a bit of levels with my last 1st grade scroll, enough to maybe go Dokebi's.
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