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Sentinel or Overlord

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#1 Albizu1986


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Posted 25 December 2011 - 12:21 AM

Im trying to figure out which would be the best for both pvp and pve i like the boss damage that sentinel has but overlord also does really good pve dmg and they both seem to hold thier own in pvp. does anyone have pictures of theyre end game items sets mayb that will help me decide. Thanks guys!
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#2 OFireO


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Posted 25 December 2011 - 04:01 AM

I have never played a lv.80 so I can't be sure what I will say is correct.
I think that Overlords are better at dealing good damage to a group of monsters to kill the whole group off, but because we don't have skills that can hit tons of times in short time so we don't do critical as much and I find it slower to kill bosses with my overlord(but if you stack enough cri rate then we will be able to catch up with other classes, also we have god of fury to use sometimes to help).
Sentinels are pretty good to kill to but I think its better at dealing high damage to one more than overlrods. If an overlord do the F1 mission run overlords would clear the stage faster but kill the boss slower compare to a Sentinel. In pvp Sentinel has great control of the battle field with traps and different skills to help. Overlords got great control too with stumblebum but our weakness is also that we have to get up close all the time without aoe damage skills to damage so our mobility is lower when we attack.

About End Game set I am lazy to go look up for the sentinel ones im sorry but for Overlords the CP set lv57 gives good 141% of CD and also gives Cri rate +27% at 5 pieces so its good for PVE but really sad at pvp because of its low defense and no aim while using so many pieces you can't have other mixes to boost up aim as much. We also have lv67 Dianos set which gives a huge amount of aim(+31%) and also good CD but without CR at full pieces which are the ones I am using now.
The best and finally real decent Set(finally we can use it to mix) we get for overlords is the Elga Set which gives CD at 4 pieces only include shield so you can mix with other equips to boost back the aim.
Sentinels are faster and being agi class with their buffs they can critical hits more and hit more. Overlords are more of after huge powerful hits and hit less so less chance to critical but as we level up more and through stacking we can be decent too.
I am to lazy to post any pictures -.- you can PM me in Game or mail me in Game later or maybe I will come back to this post to add some pictures XD
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#3 JoeyLe


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Posted 27 December 2011 - 05:27 PM

i say both classes are pretty balanced when it comes to just depends on personal playstyle, i suggest you watch some pvp videos of both classes on youtube to just get an idea of both classes
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