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got a couple of questions newbie here

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Posted 21 December 2012 - 03:15 PM


well just started some days ago and right now i'm lvl 96 Soldier at draco, using steam currently, I would like to ask what are the other weapons like this eclipes (if i recall correctly) it was an axe it has no level requirement but if i remember correctly it has196 str requirement, I would like to ask if there is a 2 handed sword similar to that axe and how much would it be in price? I do remember it is unique and of course I won't be able to afford those (15) or something.

and up to what refine is it safe? does it break? does it degrade? because i saw some refine stuff on the npc wanted to try it out.

oh and i saw somewhere on the forum that i can buy mol points and get wpe and exchange it for rose item mall money, does it work for the one i'm using which is steam??

im still digging around for more informations on google and on the forum too ahahaha newbies have to many which, what, where, why

also can I download the installer and play there instead of steam? just wondering if not then i'm thinking of boosting another character but since i'm using steam can i do that on 1 pc? and on steam? i heard some people do it with other games thought.

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Posted 31 December 2012 - 06:06 AM

im a leonis player, thats why i dont exactly know the draconis markt prices, it should be around 10-25m for low lvl uniques clean. All sorts of weapons have uniques as far i now. but some are more rare to find then others.

Over refine. U can safely refine. Be aware, if u refine it can be failed the only thing u loose is the monney for the cost of rifane. TILL there pops up a small window that says it may be downgrade if its failed.
So u can refine safely whitout consuquence till that small window.

I dont use steam. i think ure still be able to download the client from the officeel site and play it with that.

I hope i have anwsered ur questions. Do u have more just ask! i love to help.

(sorry, my eglish isn't the best)
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Posted 01 January 2013 - 05:42 AM

As for the refining, this should answer most the questions :

As for buying Item mall points, you can either:
a. put money into your steam vallet and convent though the Item mall in the game itself.
b. log in at https://www.warpport...ount/login.aspx and use the powerup to add WP you then convent to IM points for Rose. This option will give you more payment options, MoL being one of those.

You can play on either steam or the original installer of your choosing, however you cant log in the same account on both at once. If you make a 2nd game account, you can have more accounts online at the time. Thats called multiclienting

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