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My Summoner's Build Well Rounded (Updated 70 Build)

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 08:51 AM


This is my opinion in playing Summoners. They are slow because most of theirs skills has long casting animation delay. You need to boost their movement speed in order to be effective PVP and PVE. They are very hard to start with and die easily. So if you are a beginner to Dragon Saga then I suggest you pick Ninja for fast Mob clearing also good for PVP or just build another Pally which is still the most OP class in the game. If you are a layback person then you can also play Wizards, this class does not give you blisters on your fingers hahaha :D.

But if you are here because you wanted to play a Summoner or you are an old Dragonica player who wanted to play the Dragonkin class like me then this guide is for you.

I noticed that most of the Summoner's skills has a flinching effect or stun and at later levels like 60+ you will noticed that you can kill everything by just spamming x with smare shot. If you have IM then this class is F7 Soloable because you have 2 combo chain stuns + trap + slow + stun from rolling stone + petrify from storm.

OK so i will just comment on each skill as per my experience.

Starting out as Shaman

Posted Image Summon Mist = Mist are great for starting out they will help you a lot in getting that Legend of Combo medal.
Put 3 points for this 3/5 to unlock the Summon Mastery. Requires 1 summon point.

Posted Image Summon mastery = max this you need it to summon your Mist.
Posted Image Stronger Summon = I don't really rely on summons as my main DPS because the AI is still dumb. I suggest you use your summons to keep the mobs at bay and to reduce cast time and to keep the combo up. 0/5
Posted Image Summon Dyke = Do not let the skill description fool you. This summon will eat 2 summon points. If you planning on skill reset you may get this it has a breath attack and knockdown mobs. I had use them when I was playing DS SEA because it is harder to play there. But in end game not a good choice. So 0/5
Posted ImageRegain = This will kill all your summons instantly and heal your mana. But you don't need to do that because you need to have summons always to have a reduced casting time. So 0/5


Posted ImageBreath of Nature = Not so very usefull in my opinion though the skill description looks promising and only has 5SP but in the end you will won't have enough room to put this on your skill bar. So 0/5
Posted ImageDragon Tooth = Powerfull when combined with Stronger Spell despite of it's long casting animation delay. This skill is almost identical to dagger spam of thief class. You may get this to 5/5 at early game this is a boss killer too when fired at close range. This is also usefull in F7 bombs. You may either go for 3/5 without the Stronger Spell for End game or go 5/5 with Stronger Spell then use the free reset skill scroll after reaching 40. I used this skill to kill Lavalon.
Posted ImageSpell Trap = This is a great skill PVP and PVE wise. Does not affect bosses. This will stun your opponents with continuous damage. Good for combining with Stronger Spell. You can go 5/5 with this with Stronger Spell. Then after using skill reset you can leave it at 1/5 for PVP purposes. Also this skill is a good opener for PVP and PVE. At early levels use this first then Dragon Tooth them to death gives you immediate SSS on Mission Maps. You can also combined this your chain combo x+x+x+hold z.

Combos: Spell Trap + Dragon Tooth, Spell Trap + Meteor Rain, Spell Trap + Rolling stone (Note: I don't know if this also works for you but I have noticed that when you use Spell Trap then immediately cast Rolling Stone reduces the casting animation delay.)

Posted Image Stronger Spell = You may maxed this if your planning to get Spell Trap + Dragon Tooth combo + Spike Wave. In end game gather skill points from Hunter G's capsule to max this. 3/3 then use reset at 40 or leave it 0/3 until end game or get skill points from Hunter G.

Posted Image Ground Piston = It lifts your opponents up in the air then use Air Splash to finish. I don't use this skill because it has long casting time and very hard to use. Air Splash is not as effective as archers AAS so don't bother. 1/5 for me.
Posted Image Air Splash = It damages mobs thrown at air. Use them if you have archers or thief in your party. It is very hard to target so practice this skill but in the end game not very usefull. So 3/5.
Posted ImageDragonkin Force Reinforcement = Get this it will boost your damage. May not work on other servers who calculates damage on base stats but it works pretty fine here in Warpportal so go. This is a new skill, I haven't seen this on IAH because on IAH we skipped every passive that boost attack because they calculate it on base not on final attack. So 1/1
Posted ImageSpike Wave = If your planning to skip Golgon and go for 4 summons then this skill good to go. It works on Bosses too. This stuns your opponents in front of you or whoever is caught on the trap just like the invoker's lightning skill. This skill has long casting time on 3 summons and tricky to set up. Practice using this skill. But as for me 0/5.

Ok i guess i have covered all Shaman Skill. This is my Skill Build on End Game on Shaman's side

Ok so when starting out as Summoner. Don't rush on mobs very quickly just summon 2 Mist to Kill 5 crabs and spam x on safe distance. After the quest you will be immediately promoted to the next class.

Stay tuned in for the Summoner's Skill Side in couple of hours. #3.

Summoner Skill Tree.

Posted ImageDire Mist = Get this and good upgrade on your Mist. 1/1
Posted ImageCry of Life = This will heal your summons. Get it to 1/3 as a pre-requirements for Golgon. You don't have to max this skill just re-summon them when they die.
Posted ImageGather = Since im not planning on 4 summon combo or getting doonamik. I leave it to 0/1. This skill gathers your mob instantly at your location. This may save you from PVP or Bosses to use your summons as a cushion but this class has too much macro management already. To use this press space bar then up. BTW your summons will gather automatically when you are far away (Just a thought).
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image Sorry guys I have not try this guy. Some may have usefull info but as for me I just use summons to reduce my casting time. 0/0 on all
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image Same with Kalkee. 0/0 on all
Posted ImageAdvance Summon Mastery = A must have 2/2
Posted ImageAttack = Another spacebar skill. This will focus you summon to attack the targeted player or mob. If you are a fan of summons then this will be a great skill for you since your summons will randomly attack any mob and mostly ignore bosses. But as for me 0/1 you will have enough skills to clear out the mobs around bosses anyway.
Posted ImageAir Smash = My favorite DPS skill. Don't use this as an opener PVP or you will get AAS by archers or arial comboed by Swordsman and Theif class. But you can use them on Mage classes hahaha. This skill has great damage and works well if you have high critical rate. At level 5 it can dish out a group of mob. I use this skill to save me from Bosses like Lavalon ground attack, Paris spread shot, Aram's Sweep attack and ground attack. Bone dragons ground attack because this will make you airborne for a couple of seconds. This skill has low CD too.
Posted ImageNation Fury = A must to have in this server. But we skipped this in IAH because it was calculated before on base stats and have a very little effect. Works well in this server so 5/5 immediately.
Posted ImageEnergy Circulation = A must have, it reduces your casting time per the number of different summon you have. Does not work on same summons like 5 Mist. Must have different kinds of summon to work. 1/1 (I have Golgon, Blesser, Mist which makes rolling stone to cast almost instantly).
Posted ImageInferno = A toggle skill and drains mana very quickly. Use this when the bosses are in Fury mode. Do not use them randomly for this skill will make you stationary. 3/5 to get other skills. (Remember to turn off after the boss dies)
Posted ImageVolcano = Despite of it's long cast time, this skill has great damage with knockdown. Sometimes work on Bosses. The secret of this skill is it "Cast Cancellable" (Immediately press the arrow keys when skill is about to hit the ground) meaning no CD if you timed it right. 1/5 for me or 5/5 if you have skill points from Hunter G.
Posted ImageMeteor Rain = Nice skill. Cast instantly at 3 Summons, further advancement reduces the CD and increases the damage but it doesn't upgrade its range and no of hits. 1/5 is ok works well with Bosses (Except Lavalon a no no this will wake him up) 5/5 if you have skill points from Hunter G.
Posted ImageEarthquake = It has long casting time but good at 4 summons. This has a lot of debuff and good at PVP and PVE. 1/5 is ok for me but not and opener skill due to long casting time. 5/5 if you have skill points from Hunter G.
Posted ImageShot Mastery = If you are planning to get Smart Shot then skip this one. 0/0 This does not affect smart shot speed.
Posted ImageArea Spell = give me % boost of defense Go get it (This skill is also cast cancellable for no CD but in level 3 and up its duration is enough to cast another after CD). 3/5 at early levels and go 5/5 after you get your awakening skills.
Posted ImageSpell Prison = This is a must skill in F7 and PVP. 1/5 is fine (Cast Cancellable @ 3 summons immediately press the arrow key when you press the skill for no CD). Futher advancement reduces their speed further but in my experience in F7 there is no need for that 1/5 is enough to get you to 48/50 :D.

Ok at this stage you can have Air smash as an opener. When you land cast Spell Trap back a bit then cast meteor rain.

Elementalist skill Tree.

Posted ImageSummon Blesser = Go get this one for passives. 1/2 at early levels and max it at end game 3/3.
Posted ImageHawk Eye = a blesser buff which gives you more boost on defense and MATK so i recommend maxing it at levels 62+
Posted ImageElemental Blessing = Put 1 point for 3summons. 2 if you plan on having 4 summons.
Posted ImageImpact unsummon = Too much macro management. I have not tried this skill. Keep your summons for shorter cast time. This will explode your summons and damages nearby mobs/players. It may work well if you spam Mist. But not a popular choice so 0/1
Posted ImageImpact mastery = This too I haven't tried. The bleeding effect maybe good at PVP. 0/1 for me.
Posted ImageNature Blessing = This will buff your summons for extra HP and defense. 1/3 to get Golgon.
Posted ImageRegain Refresh = This will heal both your HP and MP when you regain your summons. I need my summons so i will leave this to 0/1


Posted ImageFrozen Chain = it reduces enemies ATK speed. I havent tried this skill. May work well in Archers AAS but players will mostly use their skill than the normal pew pew so 0/3 for me.
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image Golgon = Absolutely max this skills if you plan to use him. This is your best summon (Dark Knight only stacks for a couple of secs XD) it has great def and great damage too. You can use him as a tank while you shoot smart shot from afar.
Posted ImageBlood Share = Not really a necessary skill for it only heals 200 out of 30% chance. I wish this heals a % of your HP then this would be great but 0/1. Or get it if you have Skill points from Hunter G.
Posted ImageSmart Shot = A must to have @ 5/5 give you 3 homing balls. Has flinching effect on mobs but don't use them on Mission Maps if you want to get SSS. This is your main Boss killer.
Posted ImageMana Burn = A PVP skill. Great if your opponents would not care but if they troll and hate you then 0/5 XD. Does not work on normal mobs.
Posted ImageMana React = use this if you plan to use mana burn. It will absorb the MP of your opponents to heal your MP.
Posted ImagePosted ImagePoison Guard and Toxin Fluid = You will have two rotating balls around you that poisons those who come near you. May work well in F7. Get this if you plan to have Mega spike wave.
Posted ImageMega Spike Wave = A much cooler version of Spike Wave. Works on Bosses too. Get this if you have 4 summons.
Posted ImageDragonkin Force Amplification = A great passive skill so go get it 1/1
Posted ImageMega Inferno = An upgraded version of inferno. Get this to 3/5 to unlock rolling stone
Posted ImageRolling Stone = Your best mob clearing skill. Works great on Vancliff and F7. 5/5 for max damage and low CD. You can use air smash as an opener then cast Rolling Stone after landing (This may not work on ice maps). Or cast Spell Trap then Rolling Stone and after finish off with Meteor Rain
.Posted ImageImpact Presser = This was a great skill before Energy Circulation because it has low CD. Not really necessary so 0/3.

Now on this stage finish Akia achievements and Verdorous achievements to got 70k AP + Legend of Combo. You can get Legend of Combo on VR F7 at level 46 up. Just join an F7 party build a normal gaia freeze tower combo. Then after 45 build level 1 lightning all over, this will give 1-3 mobs stuck to combo with then spam 5mist.

Spirit Lord
Posted ImageSpirit Counter attack
= I don't plan on tanking so i did not get this. This will reflect some damage on your summons when you get hit.
Posted ImagePain Division = Great skill if you have skill points from hunter G. Not really necessary.
Posted ImageAwakening Charge = 1 point is enough, Awakening Skills has long CD anyway.
Posted ImageAwakening = Get this if you plan to use awakening skills.
Posted ImageElemental Storm = Great damage and has petrify too. If you get this skill please petrify Gatekeeper to get your revenge hahaha (Cast cancellable but hard to do) 5/5
Posted ImageDark Knight = If knight can Spin it Bear then now you can Spin it Knight. This is one powerful mega summon but short lived and long CD too. 5/5
Posted ImageDragon Rage =IMO all final attack are for the show. so 0/1 to save SP

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 12:47 PM

Chain combos:
hold space bar = charge attack
x+x+x+x = Gains mana
x+x+x+z = Bigger shot with great damage
x then <- or -> arrow keys +z to summon mini red ball ninjas
z + z = 2 secs stun for 3 enemies low CD and does not cost mana great at F7
z + x = 3 secs stun for 3 enemies low CD great at F7
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Posted 06 January 2013 - 10:23 PM

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

I have tried also Rare and will try doing Hero when Im 70 wearing Zau weapon. The weapon that i use here is just the ordinary +4 Undead weapon
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Posted 06 January 2013 - 10:25 PM

Getting LOC medal

Posted Image
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Posted 17 July 2013 - 10:36 PM

This deserve some loving'

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