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Guide to all the SC equips you'll ever need!

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#26 Zoltor


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Posted 01 December 2014 - 05:11 AM

I have a problem with your equipment selection, it clearly assumes, you are either a caster build or a bow build(if you're going bow build, you must be scared that if you go dagger, you wont hit things, because bow Rogues are the weakest build, although is easy for new comers to RO though, seeing how you only need to worry about two stats, not to mention gear is cheap, for the most part).


The first few things I'm gonna list, should be used for any Rogue/SC char, nomatter what build.





Unless you have a Deling Card to put into that +9 FAW, never use a FAW at all for Rogue/SC characters.


You have 3 options


Asprika(expensive, but It's the best Garment in the game for AGI bared char period, and the best Garment for every char in PvP/WOE


A +9 Dragon Manteau with a Orc Baby Card in it(note you also want to always be wearing a Dragon Vest with such, buy a bunch of cheap Dragon vests, and card them to fit your needs) This however is ridiculously rare to find a player who has a +9 Dragon Manteau, but it gives you the best FLEE in the game, 15% resist neutral, and good MDEF


The easiest, and cheapest option, which is only marginally worse then the Dragon Manteau/Dragon Vest Combo is


+9 Undershirt with a Orc Baby Card in it(Note: You'll want to be wearing Panties with them, and like with the combo above, buy a bunch, and card them to fit your needs) It's virtually the same, as the Dragon Combo, just gives a few less points of FLEE/MDEF


Ok, now for some build specif stuff:


Rogue's Treasure: Both Dagger, and Bow Builds should be using this at high levels, just 90 AGI alone, gives you the +10 Hit, and +10 FLEE, Dagger Rogues will also be getting +10 ATK, and 10 Crit due to the 90+ STR(Crit is a bad thing for dagger Rogues, but It's a small price to pay for the other 3 stats on one piece of equipment)


Ice Pick is pretty much always slightly better then Grimtooth for Dagger Builds, unless you overupgrade the Grimtooth, and are fighting a low def enemy(not likely, but it happens), but Grimtooth is a great cheap option, and due to It's super high attack power, providing both the Ice Pick, and Grimtooth are at the same +, is only slightly weaker then the Ice Pick(In most cases even used against monsters with decent def, the Grimtooth will only be doing like 20% less damage then the Ice Pick)


Another option is to use VVS Damascus dagger of various elements. These will suck against Large High def enemies, but own everything else


Chick Hat or Snake Head(Snake Head is technically better as it has a slot, but unless you have a MVP card to put that slot to good use, is doesn't matter which one you use), this can be used by Bow builds or high lv dagger builds, that will occasionally switch out any of the daggers listed above, for a carded sword of some type. These headgear let you get double attack 10 on any weapon, without the need to waste a weapon slot on a Sidewinder Card.



There's a Armor type you should add as well, Undead Armor, while It's useful against Undead enemies to protect from skills, where this armor shines, is in WOE, It is strong vs poison, Shadow(the two most used elements in WOE), as well as the before mentioned Undead, not to mention it also makes you immune to Freezing. Seeing how a skillful Rogue/SC player doesn't have to worry about precast, It's far more useful to them, then the typical carded WOE Armors/Unfrozen Wind armor every other char type generally uses.


The Twin Edge of Naght Seiger(both elements) are also good for creating ultimate end game weapons in general, It's a very powerful  "3 slot lv 4" weapon, a +12 while wearing a chick hat/Snake Head can pretty much break the game, if you have the MVP cards to put in them or you can make it just a powerhouse against a certain type of monster you plan to hunt a lot.


I don't think this existed when you posted this thread, however you may want to add Anemos Mask as a option for caster builds(It's a middle headgear that increases Wind  Magic Damage by 4%


Likewise, also list Wickebine's Black Cat Ears for caster builds(it gives 10 FLEE, and has a 5% chance to make magic attacks ignore MDEF for 5 seconds when dealing Magic damage)




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#27 klintx


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Posted 07 December 2015 - 09:57 PM

question, what item is that auto reflect from shadow chasers and some characters i can see in pvp, they wont tell me

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#28 DeadIntern


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Posted 07 December 2015 - 11:39 PM

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#29 Ashuckel


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Posted 08 December 2015 - 01:43 AM

Or Counter Instinct

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#30 Usurper


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Posted 19 August 2016 - 07:27 PM

wrong post

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#31 ces777


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Posted 24 September 2017 - 10:26 PM

Thank you! This is a very helpful guide!

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