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Please add a "change production" scroll

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 06:42 AM


I chose armor smith then I was a low level because it looked like a good idea. Well it was a bad idea later and alchemist is actually much better for the potions. Even weapons smith is not so bad but honestly better weapons and armor drop than you can craft.

Please allow us to change profession through a quest or scroll or something. I love crafting but crafting worthless items that cost way more to produce than you can sell them for. For example a helmet will cost more than 8 thousand gold to produce because moulds cost 4500 each, but the item you craft only sells for 200 gold. Almost any drop is better so why waste time crafting items? I craft for fun but it is too expensive and not really wort the time. With weapons you can at lease produce a weapon almost as good as a drop but again why? You can only produce greens and not even blues. There is a 1% chance for an epic and I am willing to bet that you will spend million in gold before you make a single epic that will get you around 100k or less in gold.

So PLEASE change this. Make crafting worth the time and effort of collecting mats and buying those expensive moulds.

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