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Increase amount of available mercs in merc system

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#1 Smashey9


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Posted 08 January 2013 - 06:25 AM

Seems like when there are 10 available mercs in the merc system for one faction, that when someone else puts a merc up, no one is able to see it.

So basically, if there are 10 mercs up for temple knight, no one else is able to merc a character until some of those 10 go away.

Its only displaying 5 mercs per page, 2 pages.

Any way to increase the amount of mercs that can be put up for hire?

Hope that makes sense.
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#2 HammerFist


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Posted 04 February 2013 - 12:00 PM

Also it would be nice if they increase the time for a merc that is on your account from 1 hour too 2 hours. Some dungeons are 2 hours and hafway through you lose your merc.
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#3 SleepyAssassin


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Posted 06 March 2013 - 06:21 PM

What dungeon is taking you 2 hours, unless you're trying to solo an expert dungeon I don't see how it could be taking anywhere near that long (which should require a group anyhow). Most can be completed in 20-30 minutes fairly easily. As far as increasing time of merc's, meh this would translate into an increase for them in pvp as well, which imo is already a huge problem. 1vs1 pvp is a thing of the past in this game, which is quite sad. As it stands right now, parties really have little to no point in this game anymore, with rare exceptions and with two cleric mercs going at once you can survive damn near any content in game.

As far as the merc's page, agreed, it should list every merc available at the time, rather than the first 10.
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