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Some Kafra cards ideas

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Posted 13 October 2010 - 04:26 PM

Maybe ill put more, but for the moment thats the ideas i got and with some luck and time make some images ^-^.

Slot: Weapon

Effect: Gives 2% chance to cast turn undead on the enemy while dealing phisical damage, +1 int.

Text: The cute Kafra galz cant stand the undead enemies, and decided to help the adventurers of rune midgard to exterminate these ugly guys for once and for all

Prefix/suffix: of Final Extincion.

Image: I can imagine 3 kafra galz (The ones you like more =P) fainted in the groud, while in front of them, theres another kafra girl trembling (or a brave knight, havent decided yet) facing a little zombie.

Slot: Headgear

Effect: gives the wearer +3 dex, and the chance of autocast level 1 improve concentration or 10 if the skill is at that level, while dealing phisical or magical damage, if the headgear is at +9 or higher gives the wearer +8% Atk/Magatk and -10% aftercast delay.

Text: The girls in the Kafra corporation wants to help everbody
in rune midgard to be more precise in their works.

Prefix/suffix: of godly precision.

Image: We can see a Glarice kafra girl strugling with her job, writing a memo for the boss and showing her tongue.

Slot: Accesory

Effect: Gives a small chance of gaining randomly "Free ticket for kafra storage" or "Free ticket for kafra teleport" every time you kill a demi-human mounster.

Text: The cute Kafra girls wants to give free tickets for their services to help everybody in rune midgard, always with a smile =D.

Prefix/suffix: of free ticket.

Image: We can see three kafra girls giving tickets to the people who pass in front of them with a smile(like in Japan giving Tissues with the logo of their shops).

Maybe ill put more, but for the moment thats the ideas i got and with some luck and time make some images ^-^.
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