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Net battle ground -- Capture the flag---

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Posted 28 January 2013 - 08:01 AM

The problem we have in Champion arena is we cannot get SG to come out of their base and fight. Most times we end up pushing our way in and killing one. This is so annoying. I notice we have afk player too. A battle ground where no one fights in not a battle ground. It is a waste of 15 minutes that I could be hunting bosses grinding and so on.

What can the DEV team do about this? Well it is simple

You can add a flag to the middle of champions arena (best option) or make a new battle ground with several flag points and the side who controls the most flag points win.

Yes it is just that simple. It would turn a care bear room into a real battle zone. We are not there to cuddle we are there to fight.

Also I would like to see some more battle grounds. One in a dungeon type setting with hostle mobs and a boss wandering around so you have to deal with the enemy while also trying to reach and kill the boss for a drop with pvp stats such as +10 pvp damage or something like that. The side that downs the boss would win. If the boss lives then the side with the most player kills win. This would give us something to do if the enemy all run away or hide and refuse to fight. We could at least kill mobs, down a boss and get some pvp gear.

In champion arena there should be 0 points for a draw. No HP no DP and noGP. A draw is a draw not a victory. In most cases a draw is the result of one side hiding in their base and doing nothing while the rest of us waste another 15 minutes of our lives taunting them from the entrance of their base and taking shots at the base archers. There should be no hiding in battle and the AFK people that is just farming GP is exploiting a weakness in your game and that need to stop.
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