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Dragon Saga Patch Notes *v.0.1.7

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Posted 14 October 2010 - 08:44 PM

This is a very simple version of the patch notes, just to keep you all apprised of what we are doing behind the scenes with each patch. This will be updated often so check back soon!

Dragon Saga Patch Notes

v.0.0.1(Phase 1)

- Base Client Version Release

v.0.0.2(Phase 1)

- Dialogue localization
- Patch Client update

v.0.0.3(Phase 1)

- My Home and My Home Model House bug fix in Port of Winds
- Removal of extra fonts
- Removal of original unlocalized voices for various NPCs
- Addition of localized videos

v.0.0.4(Phase 1)

- Massive revision of several quests for dialouge localiztion
- Fixed rendering bug that created "whiteout" on character select
- Update of all Job Class names
- Update of NPC name formatting to "NPC Job <NPC Name>"

v.0.0.5(Phase 1)

- Minor Fix in client name display

v.0.0.6(Phase 1)

- Minor update to Patch Client
- Update to word filter
- Various updates to quest dialogue

v.0.0.7(Phase 1)

- Changed 'Game Time' to 'Match Type' in PvP lobby
- Changed various equipment to reflect proper class names
- All 'AAAA' achievements have been modified to their proper titles
- Changed 'Slow Hill' to 'Slow Heal'
- Changed 'April Pool' to 'April's Fool'
- Changed 'Claw Blocking' to 'Katar Blocking'
- Modified chat restrictions to allow specific symbols
- Updated various monster names
- Various updates to quest dialogue

v.0.0.8(Phase 1)

- Test Item Mall implementation

v.0.0.9(Phase 1)

- Removal of Regular Megaphone from Item Mall

v.0.1.0(Phase 2)

-Phase 2 Base Client

v.0.1.6 (10/28-Commercial)

- Base Commercial Service client release
- Deactivation of 4th Class Job
- Deactivation of Van Cliff Manor
- Activation of Temple of Water
- Activation of Kundara Dungeon

Item Mall
- Activation of the Item Mall
- Introduction of Halloween Packages on the Item Mall

  • Black Witch Package (Female Only)
  • Vampire Package (Male Only)
  • Red Devil Package
  • Skeleton Package
  • Werewolf Package
  • JackOLantern Package
v.0.1.7 (10/28)

Item Mall

- Removal of W-coin
- Deactivation of BigWheel
- Deactivation of MixBoard

- Fixed display bug with emotes tooltips
- Fixed bug with item linking in chat messages
- Modified 'Power Up' buttons in Item Mall

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