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[Question]Multi: Box or Client

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Posted 23 February 2013 - 08:58 PM

I´ve been searchin everywhere From:
*Terms of Service (Terms of Service)
For at least few hours now, And I Have´nt got any answer on the matter.

So this is my final try before going, Singel Client, which I Planed on anyways.
But, I Never got the reason I could have two game accounts
if this wasnt allowed, As it encourages the use.

So what does these Mean to the Un-Educated Minds.

Multi-Gaming Types are:

Reffers to:

One Player running Two Clients (Game Instances) on Two Computers


Reffers to:

One Player running Two Clients (Game Instances) on One Computer

There are "EXTREMISTS" who run, more then Two Clients at a time for either of the Above Descriptions
Example, Those who runs 6+ Accounts at same time, And Usally, as in not all of these,
doesnt seem to care for Parties,
and do tend to make whole guilds with them selfs and/or few friends may be.

The thing that makes me a more, Legit and Proper Multi-User, Is the fact I do value Guilds and groups
more then the "Agressive Type of Multi-Gamers", meaning I do,
intend to play in guilds as I´am Planing on being a Guild-Leader,
And I´m not worried if i get a NO as I Origanly Planed to play Singel.

This is meant more of a Clearification on the matter and know how to react in game if I See them
should I Repport, Ignorre, Warn them when I see them

My personal reasons for Multi-Gaming
Only time I would play them Both at once:

1. Buff my Main Character
2. Trade

If i am allowed to Multi-Game
then I would add a Third being

*Find a party or Help
*Need a Healer in our group
*IF leveling kicks up and I Need Additional Damage/Heals/Buffs

Im not saying I am doing the Right thing here or have Excuses,
Im just saying all this because I want People to know, Not all Multi-Gamers are bad in any way shape or form

Sencerely, Th(e) CvX, name was taken so I removed the "E"

NOTE: i wont replay to this post as I found out i cant even play as im a EU user so, use this Thread as reffence insteed if someone asks

Edited by ThCvX, 23 February 2013 - 09:34 PM.

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