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LvL 230 Champion Build [UPDATED]

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#1 License


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Posted 09 March 2013 - 03:51 AM

Champion Build Updated (specificly 2HandSword) CAP LvL230

Hi, I am a new player of Draconis. IGN: License from Revalation
I hang at tg... so I am one of those noobs hehe :P
I feel like blowing up the secrets of all Overpowered 2 handed champs.
Curious yet? Free stat's! Applicable to PvM, Self-Buff PvP, Mini War, War, Crystal Defenders, Dungeons
Sounds impossible right? I have every Legit reason to back it up. (sure, I sound retarded, but I'm only 16 :), I go to school and I'm also about to quit soon..)

Gears first... otherwise some things might not make sense..
Sundering Force +15 with Enchanted str/dex
Armor Suggestions:
Brave Aurum Set +15 (highly recommended) Gem slot of your choice.
Reinforced Aurum Set +15 (higher dura the better :P) 25/50
Accessories Sugestions:
Aura/Hebarn set with Perdiot 7 Gems
i don't know, whatever accessories can work
Self-Buff PvP
Armor Suggestions:
Glorious Aurum set +15 Jade 7 in chest (use as most)
Chivalous Aurum set +15 Enchanted str/dex in chest (for AP buff)
Doctor Backarms (for AP buff)
Precious Aurum set +15 Enchanted Sagistone in chest (for Crystal Defenders)
Reinforced Aurum set substat 200 hp
Ancient Royal set
Akram kind set (have >_>" not recommended with this stat)
Accessories Suggestions:
Cliff set with HP7 gem (hp buff set or use as pvp set) Opponent has: Low AP/Dodge (highly recommended)
Oro set with PinkOpal7 (pvp set/war and farm buff set) Opponent has: Low AP/accuracy (highly recommended)
Magical set with Jade7 (pvp set/war and farm buff set) Opponent has: Low Accuracy/High AP (highly recommended)
Balanced set with Moonstone7 (pvp set/war and farm buff set) Opponent has: High Dodge (recommended)
Lava set 25/50, 50/40 (pvp set/war set) Opponent has: High Accuracy and AP/High Dodge (extreme highly recommended)
Aura/Hebarn set 25/50, 50/40 (pvp set/war set) Opponent has: Low dodge/High Def (extreme highly recomended)
Typhoon set 60/40 (pvp set/war set) Opponent has: Low Accuracy/High Def (highly recommended)
Ferrel Guild ring (gives 100str) + Hiria's Tear for champ (gives 40str/necklace) + Combat Earing <- All Enchanted str/dex (AP BUFF SET/ not recommended to be used as pvp set)
My masks: ZZzzzZZ....
4 Leaf clover 25/50 (crit buff set/war use)
Mask of Oro 25/50 (pvp use/war use)
Rat Tail Mustache 60/40 (speed buff set/war use)
rest on Int, :) LOL...
how this works for PvM: Because my AP is high, only a bit off from Max AP. Plus the str/dex buff set <- dex is so high I get more AP than if I were to use a ruby7
how this works for PvP: My base dodge is already so high that even if I switch into attack mode I am still defensive LOL!! This means if someone comes at me with super accuracy/crit, I turn offensive with a lava 25/50 for example... It's way better than stacking a crazy -_- load of 50 sen/con zzz.. :)
Destributed so that I can't be harrassed by any long ranged mofos!
Staminal Training Maxed
Weapon Mastery Maxed
Battle alertness LvL1
PowerOverflow/Howl/Soundless Vacuum Maxed
Defense Training/Staminal Assist Maxed <-9 points onto axe/advanced axe training is like nothing.... crit is so little zzzz, I rather have maxed out staminal assist
One Handed Mastery maxed <- atleast 1% accuracy passive is more than 1% crit passive for my build zzzz...)
2handed Mastery/2 handed sword Maxed
Axe Mastery LvL1
Piercing Lunge/Voltage Crash maxed
Heavy Attack/Spin Attack maxed <-Why not Champion hit? First of all Spin attack's debuff lasts longer... It helps PvM and War so why not zzzz.... Plus if you don't have the 3 aoe's that deal damage like I do by the end, your *^^*ed when a artisian, bourg, scout, raider, mage, cleric uses a summon and gang bangs you.
Leap Attack/Weapon Launcher maxed
Battle Scream Maxed <- this is just additional skill to kill certain classes
Melee Combat/Advanced 2handed/Battle sense/advanced 2handed sword mastery maxed
Seismic Impact LvL 1 <- this is just incase Voltage crash fails to debuff dodge/Also used in war etc.. (combo's are below)
Blood Attack/Berzerk Maxed
Champion Spirit/Space Attack Maxed
Combat Resiliance/Combat Cry

PVM/kill summon 3 aoe combo: Combat Cry(defence debuff first ;P), Seismic Impact(chance to lower there dodge, make sure a 5 damage never happens on spin attack LOL), Spin Attack (lower attack speed)
It's better to hit both the opponent than to hit a target 1 by 1 and switch all the time... >_>" This guy once summoned a hawk to supposedly 2vs1 me like a noob... He wasted 1 second to summon... I aoe'd 3x and it died.... hit him and the target + debuffed him... Said sorry to this kid after... he never tried to summon again... Plus my base dodge is so high the hawk can barely touch me anyways. >_>"
Raiders: they cloak with no stun? Seismic Impact, keep hitting if your miss is little. Miss alot + debuff seismic impact fails: Use battle alertness... If somehow that gets stunned: Use all your AoE (accept battle scream) untill you can use battle alertness again.. <- lol, this is just a what if? it won't happen with good timing
Camofluaged? use debuffs again, voltage crash. (seismic impact is only for cloaked)
Scouts: kill summon with the combo above.
Watch there camofluage, if they use it, use all debuffs including BATTLE SCREAM <- it gives ap down... they will think it's a good idea to get rid of the debuff but it's my practical trap: Why? because they can't get rid of AP down now because of there camofluage regen time.
Other classes: do whatever the heck you want...

No need for me to type out what else is useful for war... just get every buff set and your good.
Crystal Defenders:
I suggest 60/40 typhoon set with precious aurum set... With a high base stat/buff set, you have over 2k dodge with high movement speed/attack speed.
>_>" highest points as a defender not including cleric... 1rst-2second as winning team always...
Some creds to "roselyfireburn"

3/24/2013 [UPDATE]
hehe, I am a pker so I have no friends... I don't pk lowbies, just the many geared people in tg... ya, I am annoying so I end up getting ganged on and killed by several people at once... haha, lalala...
I'll soon upload pictures of the skill build and video's to demonstrate testing.

Tactic update:
Many people don't often think the skill "Battle Scream" is very useful as a champ.
I think it is. Its not often needed but I only use it for my own selfish reasons. Number 1, crystal defenders.. If I find that many people are directing normal attack/skills at me, this skill will help me survive longer.. I do not care about using this skill to save allies (reason for this: because this skill does no damage and I'll be lacking the chances to get higher damage at the end of a match) The more people target me the more affective the skill becomes.
Getting ganged on: Solution: Battle Scream and use Spin attack constantly, everytime it finishes regen. Plus(+) use blood attack as much as possible to stay alive and get less cleric healing affect as it lowers honor points. (Bonus :P you get more damage on others trying to save your own ass)
try to attack people who are hitting you* so you can stun them(slow them down from doing as much damage)

Usual timing you should AoE:
Combat Cry(def down) should be used atleast a few times to get everyones defence down.
Seismic Impact(dodge down) should be used when there are ALOT of players 0-6meters around you, otherwise damage isn't worth it. ->usually occurs when your on the inside of the crystal if you know what I mean.
Spin Attack(attackspeed/movement down) should be used at super fast rates if being targeted with normal attack by many people. etc.... ............. ........................

THE MAIN RULE OF AoE to best advantage:
The closer players are to you, the faster your rate of AoE should be.
The furthur they are from you, the slower your rate of AoE should be.

I don't mind getting pk'd in tg. :P it just gives me more practice. lol..
I usually try to pk everyone with only my self buff. lol
What this build can handle so far:
trying to pk 1 full buffed class (who's geared) with just my class self buffs (takes them a long time to make a successful kill, sometimes they can't) lol
pk 2 people with only self buff(who's geared) with just class self buffs I can survive completely most of the time... (can handle 1 more if noobie)

What I did? used gualishes (not rapidly, lol learned everytime you overlap the gualish it slows down 1 second) redpots...
studied classes, (knowing which class has the most stuns to try to kill first/stun them so they can't delay you)
AoE Spin Attack + stun constantly to slow everyone, Battle scream to make them weaker, Blood attack at the same time as red pot(makes hp jump), Seismic Impact only if there is beast^(my AoE combo)... Mute the class that has mute so you dont get muted(if you got muted at high hp, you might survive, if low hp your screwed lol(but if your on dodge set you might survive :P)
There is no such thing as the class where you can kill all... But defensive builds defends all while offensive builds usually only apply to killing one player at a time.


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#2 horseraider


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Posted 11 March 2013 - 05:35 AM

but u dont need dex u need str more cuz ur a champion and con and sen. Dex doesnt have to be 300+ for a champion
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#3 License


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Posted 11 March 2013 - 01:35 PM

but u dont need dex u need str more cuz ur a champion and con and sen. Dex doesnt have to be 300+ for a champion

supposedly your right. But I think the old orthodox is quite lame now. 2nd, the thing that is wrong with that is it becomes really hard to play defensive or dodge. Currently with my champ I can make my critical 800+ without buffs with just chiva aurum(virgo stone), 4leaf clover 25/50, hebarn set 25/50, backshield 25/50 (I don't even have aurum crit sets 25/50 or anything) I think it's more flexible. I just suggest anyone with dex almost around 280ish should just go all out or back low. If Enchanted virgo can give you about the same AP (dex type) as a ruby7 (str type), than the difference in your AP is about 0.1.
Supposedly if your a str type you can play with sen. A critical is about 1.5x of your base damage. A dodge is a full miss*
Dex supplies more ap** (bonus) Sen supplies crit in which in this case is not as affective.
2nd, in a PvMs it is better to stack AoE rather than Axe crit passive. In any type of war, playing defensive + AoE will give you more duration than a critical type + axe passive. In the end, it's common sense duration is supposedly better. It's just what I prefer.

3rd.. I don't agree with that con and sen enchanted... When you have 310str I believe that its better to have an enchanted applied to your most highest SP point value stat to make it more effective. Con and Sen can always be replaced with Lava 25/50, 50/40, 75accuracy, and with hebarn/aura 25/50, 50/40, 75accuracy. so what is the point of stacking it?

1 sen gives 1critical.. If you stack passive + Item mall passive.. the max you can get is 1.50 x sen amount... But even if you use Hebarn/aura with Emerald 7, the critical stat can still never beat Hebarn/Aura 25/50.

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#4 cyb3rhackdotr


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Posted 11 March 2013 - 04:19 PM

Dex adds damage to melee weapons. Also, it's a matter of choice in stats.
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Posted 17 March 2013 - 09:30 AM

Hey bro,

I read your champ build, pretty awesome I must say!

However, I do have a minor question..I'm sure I have read past it, but your stat build is based on 286 str, I was just wondering how u can wear an SF since that requires 310 str?
I haven't noticed any gear that might add str which u might possibly be wearing all the time which would enable you to hold the SF, so therefore I thought ?I'd just ask you :)

Thx in advance!


Oh, It's because I have a socket in my sf (enchanted virgo stone) So when i have that inside i have exactly 310str to equip the SF.
Its kind of a bug thing.
You must equip something like a chivalous chest with a gem/enchanted that gives str beforehand. Than you'll be able to equip the sf.
after you can just take off the chivalous chest thing after and....

310str because of the enchanted inside the sf

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#6 horseraider


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Posted 26 March 2013 - 08:17 AM

Dex adds damage to melee weapons. Also, it's a matter of choice in stats.

Yea if ur a Dodge Champ but i guess just get more sen or con and dex 150. but dex seems more useless for champs since u need Ap, Accu, Def, Crit. if u wanna be a dodge champ the only thing ur good up against are raiders and scouts.
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Posted 27 March 2013 - 04:55 AM

Yea if ur a Dodge Champ but i guess just get more sen or con and dex 150. but dex seems more useless for champs since u need Ap, Accu, Def, Crit. if u wanna be a dodge champ the only thing ur good up against are raiders and scouts.

Not entirely true,
O_o??? And what are you saying LOL!!
Here is what your suggesting.
Str310 or more

310 x 3.25 = 1007.5
150 x 2.85 = 427.5
AP total = 1435

Compared to this

286 x 3.25 = 929.5
315 x 2.85 = 897.75
AP total = 1827.25

What are you saying LOL?!?!?
3.25ap per 1 strength
2.85ap per 1 dex
(this ratio is with all AP passives + Item Mall passives + Buff + class bonus passive)

>.< just get a hebarn/aura set 25/50 if you really need the crit... lol, thats 100critical each piece...
high dura sf for accuracy... lol, put a Enchanted Libra stone into glorious aurum (dex/con) if you really need more accuracy... lol 2nd I have 1 handed skill accuracy passive so technically 220con is already a lot LOL!!

I use Enchanted Virgo stones in my AP buff set, this is why.
Virgo: [5% more str][10 additional str]
[5% more dex][10 additional dex]
this is what I get:
str additional 24.3
dex additional 25.75
(decimals don't count)

24 x 3.25 = 78
25 x 2.85 = 71.25
total ap bonus from the enchanted = 149.25

compare this to if I were to use a Ruby7
ruby7: [8% more str][10 additional str]
this is what I get from the Gem7:
str additional 32.88
(decimals don't count)

32 x 3.25 = 104
total AP bonus from the ruby7 = 104

LOL, whats wrong with dex AP? lol

Like I said, I have reasons for this stat...
And def... zzzz... If your def is up into a certain rate it becomes a dodge... You'll never see a lowbie with max con ever hit a champ 10 normal attack* damage.... so it's better to stack dodge... Champs have like 8k defence on a glorious. There is no reason to stack more.... Hp from str is pointless, it's impact is too little.... doesn't increase enough...

I can use my typhoon 60/40 to kill gunners... they have super accuracy buff but there dodge is low and they can't handle a champs AP damage.. so pshh...

My stat is set so I have high AP... Virgo is 5% + 5% = 10%, essentially its better than Ruby7 8%
>.< you can get a spear champ to come at me if they wanted too.. But the higher their attack speed, the bigger the risk of miss... They can start using Lava 75accuracy/ balanced m7 against me if they want... >.> I'll just randomly switch to hebarn 25/50 LOL. they can switch back to a normal set, I'll just adjust with typhoon 60/40 etc..

....why assume a dex champ can't hurt you lol!
......spin attack takes care of the complete 20% passive spear...
....I have Oro's present 50/40... to boost my attack speed...
sadly spears waste a total 27 points for passive that they can't afford much other skills...

scouts... they can dodge down but the debuff doesn't last long.... Who said I have to be fully on dodge,,, 60/40 eudy.. 47dura lol... and be on lava 75accuracy set. LOL

here is debuff issue that people don't oftenly notice: Voltage crash 20% dodge down, 20% accuracy down
here are 2 different stats:
DODGE 2,000
Accuracy 1,600
Dodge 1,600

compared to this:

DODGE 1,000
Accuracy 2,400
Dodge 800

1st one has double the accuracy against 2nd one's dodge
2nd one doesn't have double the accuracy against 1st one's dodge...
this is how a dex champ beats normal champs.. LOL!

I'm very stupid :) I tell you guys the secrets.. but hehe, game is no fun if the development of players suck. no offense, haha. Come kill me if you want, I'm usually in tg.

LOL, sp1cy, a real life friend (spear champ runs away with full buff) while I'm on self buff. :P
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#8 730370190


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Posted 15 May 2013 - 08:23 AM

Hi Sp1cy, I am Basz (Spear champ) let me know when you were in TG, I want to try my strategy on you.
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