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Bugs, bugs and more bugs.

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#1 TsunamiGamerzzz


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Posted 14 March 2013 - 06:43 AM

I have noticed a lot of bugs inside this game lately, though I only started playing like 3-4 days ago? Also a lot of changes etc in the games which I don't like.

Bug 1: YesterdayNight there was a bug with the skill books for Zauberer (Mage) which made them cost only 1 gold each book.

*I bought a whole load of them to test if they will still be there the next day etc, which is today, but now the game doesn't log in?*

I was logged in and suddently the connection to the server broke down... Is this coincidence or are some hackers working on this game?

Please fix this or I'll stop playing this game! Everytime I am online there's at least one problem... A friend of mine constantly crashes, buy/sell system has bugs, game crashes again etc.

Btw; About these books i bought to test, I'll sell them in shop for 1gp if they're still there or drop them, depending on if I get 1gp back each book or more xD Cuz it'd be taking an adventage in using bugs instead of reporting them. *I know I should've written this message yesterdaynight, but I was to tired to do so* xD Since it was allready 1 a.m or something like that.

Please fix everything or you'll lose lots of players!
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#2 SleepyAssassin


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Posted 17 March 2013 - 02:51 AM

Mage book prices were changed temporarily as the mage tree was revamped. This was done so old mages would not have to re-buy their books as their skills had to be reset for the new skill tree. Your connection dropping is purely coincidental and the rest of your post doesn't say much. "A friend of yours constantly crashing" Game crashes are almost always isolated on the User's end or from a corrupted download. Your friend can launch the laucher and hit the 'check files' button. If this does not fix it, then he should check his graphics driver, make sure it's up to date, make your he meets the specifications of the game, monitor his pc temps 1 hour before playing and an hour into gameplay, and if all else fails submit a ticket. At any rate, I've played the game since it launched and client stability is not an issue.

As far as the buying/selling system having bugs....if you're going to make a bug report, you should perhaps be a bit more specific. "this is bugged" doesn't really help anyone.
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