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[RML] Aliot [Mitten]

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 10:55 PM

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Ragnarok Monster Lore : Aliot Posted Image

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Aliot is a robot monster that can be found in Robot Factory upon doing the Kiel Quest.


Aliot appears to be humanoid in its form. Its physical appearance seems to be model from a male human. It has white pony tailed hair. Aliot wears a school uniform with a red tie and carries a hand school bag.

Aliot is equipped with a pair of large claws which can be removed or equipped almost instantly. There is also a couple of robotic sickles and blades that are attached at the back of Aliots body. The Sickles and Blades are an extend of Aliots body and work as perfect as its own pair of hands.


Aliot is a 3rd Generation Robot developed by Kiel Hyre Foundation. It was mostly designed by Kiel Hyre' son , Kiehl. It was created entirely different from its predecessor . They were no longer built from mechanical framework. The entire body is a Homunculus , which makes them organic.
Their artificial hearts were made from imitation Ymir Heart Pieces. They can experience physiological phenomena just like ordinary humans.
Their Condensed Memory Scroll (Brain / Hard Drive) were made more stable from its predecessor which does suffer from critical errors and can be cheaply mass produced.

Most of the robots that were developed by Kiel Hyre foundation were sold to Rekenberg Corperation including the 3rd Generation Robot.

Aliot were once student of Kiel Hyre Academy. The academy was actually a prototype testing ground for 3rd Generation Robot . They were trained there to interact and learn to be more like human.Part from that , each robot were design to be master specific task to make them expert in their field.
It is noted that most of the prototype including Aliot do not know that they are robot. They all think that they are orphans .

An event happened along the way, which leads Kiehl to modify most of the 3rd Generation Robot to become hostile and violent. They were modified to be killers. Aliot was one of the captured students and was modified to become a monster. Now Aliot roams around the factory , preventing intruders from venturing around the factory.

It is not known if there is way to reverse the process and make them normal again. So far the best way to stop them is by killing them.


Elunium (0.1%)
Claw [2] (0.1%)
Falcon Muffler (0.1%)
Aliot Card (0.01%)
Rusty Screw (5%)
Solid Iron Piece (30%)
Burnt Part (20%)
Curved Sword [2] (0.15%)

Aliot Card

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If used by a Swordman, Merchant or Thief job type:
Str +2
Max HP +5%
If the user is an Acolyte, Mage, or Archer job type:
Int +2
Max SP +5%

Spawn Location

- The Endless Tower

- Robot Factory Level 1
+ 3x / 10~15 min

- Robot Factory Level 2

- Kiel Khayr's room
+ 2x / 3~5 min

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Posted 05 April 2013 - 09:54 AM

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Aliot and Alicel ♥
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Posted 05 April 2013 - 05:37 PM

Awesome :no1:
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