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Help the newcomer out..

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#1 skiiro


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Posted 17 October 2010 - 06:26 AM

Hi, all new to this game..(havent even started yet). would like some info,some opinions.

1: Is the game fun at all, i really dont care that much for graphics and such as long as the content is worth it.

2: Is the game somewhat populated or is it mostly run around by myself and grindfest?

3: Any advice to what server to join, if i´m looking for primarly english speaking players?

4: Welcoming suggestion on a good first class to try out, preferly a class that can do things on its own but also very welcomed in party´s if there is any party grinding in RO. I´m allways up for a challange when it comes to the class so i dont need "the easy one to level".

5: And last.. if anyone has the time to spare and wants to, i´d love any opinions on why to chose this game,why stay in it and ofcourse as simple as why do you like it.

any or all answered appriciated.
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#2 EvilLoynis


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Posted 18 October 2010 - 08:34 AM

1. Mostly it is fun, especially if u do not mind periodic Grinding.
2. Plenty of people on the Valky server as well since it is a Free 2 Play server. But there will be bots.
3. If you want to just play for free then the Valkyrie server is a good place to be. Most there speak english as well.
4. I would say a Mage going Wizard is a great class to start with as a Wizard can usually always get a party going and can also solo. Starting stats you would want would be 9 Int/Dex/Luk (Int obviously, Dex for faster casting, and Luk for dodging hits.) Pump nothing but Int to start with though. Kill power more important early on.
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#3 mooncats5


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Posted 21 October 2010 - 01:43 PM

1) Whether or not RO is fun is really up to your personal preferences. I think it's safe to say that it's a very social game, and compared to other MMOs I've played it's been easier to make friends and meet people.

2) The population right now is booming due to Renewal (as well as all the old servers having been merged), so there certainly are a lot of people around. But it also depends where you go (Prontera for example is almost always crowded with merchants and players, while some other towns like Geffen won't be as populated).

3) Ymir is where I play, but I have played on Valk. The main difference is the amount of newer players since you don't have to pay for Valk. Ymir is filled with lots of "old blood" if you will. There aren't too many newer players, and that can be a bit harsh for someone just starting out. That's not to say there's NO new players - but most people are quite high leveled.

4) I'm bias - I love archer classes. Specifically the hunter jobs (Hunter, Sniper, Ranger). Long range means attacking from a safe distance and stat-wise they're pretty specialized (DEX for damage and hit rate, AGI for flee and attack speed, some INT for SP and added trap damage, and maybe a bit of VIT just for some extra HP). Being able to use elemental arrows is much easier then having to be endowed or making a good elemental weapon, but therein is also a downside: you'll always need arrows and that can be expensive for a new player. You won't be able to get Arrow Crafting until you're job lvl 35 (I think?) as an Archer so it can be tough having to spend money on arrows all the time (Silver Arrow and Fire Arrows can, fortunately, be bought from NPCs, but they cost more as well).
And now that traps are more powerful they're pretty fun to use. As a Ranger I got all the elemental traps - I can easily wipe out most mobs tailing me with Claymore, and most monsters individually can be taken out with a single trap. They generally cost a small amount of SP (and of course 1 Trap or Special Allow Trap), so you get a lot of bang for your efforts. :) Being able to ride a wolf is always a plus (as a Ranger), but they're also pretty strong when built right.

5) I've been playing RO (on and off) for about 7 years now I think... maybe more? I can't recall. I started in my freshman year of High School after a friend had mentioned it. I've seen a lot happen; servers opening, closing and merging, new maps added and old maps taken away, monsters changed, skills nerfed, classes added and job tress expanded, guilds built up, destroyed, or disbanded... For a game as simple as it is (compared to other MMOs anyway) there is a surprising amount of depth. What gives RO its depth though is its players, and when you don't have anybody to hang out with or level with it quickly becomes very boring (much like any other MMO, to be honest). If you're patient and take the time to be social you can make some really great friends here - RO has the best community I've ever encountered and I've made quite a few lasting friendships. But nothing happens overnight... it might take time to meet the right people or join the right guild. Until then the important thing is to have fun~
But to answer directly as to why I play - I play so long as my friends play. :) When they all leave it gets boring for me, but I always seem to come back to RO eventually.
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#4 DrAzzy


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Posted 21 October 2010 - 01:59 PM

Regarding ymir vs valk - valk has more new players, but it also has lots of bots on it (both consequences of it being free). Ymir has lots of old blood, but very few bots. Yggdrasil is a new premium (pay to play) server, but it hasn't succeeded at attracting very many players, so it's pretty empty.

Regarding what class to start with, i'm honestly not sure - we all knew what to suggest prior to the renewal update, but renewal changed everything, and it's not clear to me which class is easiest to start with (though they're all easier than any of them used to be).

Renewal, if you don't know, is a huge update to the RO game mechanics, that drastically changed the leveling curve and game mechanics to make room for new "third jobs" and a higher level cap. RO is no longer quite as much of a grind-fest as it was before, particularly at the last few levels before 99/trans (before it used to be that at level 63, you were only 1% of the way to 99, and 98 was only 75% of the way there - now, the exp curve is much flatter and less painful, and there are far more "good" areas to level). Just be sure to ignore any game advice from prior to the renewal update (which means most advice/info/guides are out of date)

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