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Stats in RO2

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#26 synesthetic


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 05:22 AM

Okay, I doubled checked on whether or not VIT affects potion effectiveness. And it does. But I'm not sure if it affects SP. I'm thinking that it could be WIS just because the numbers work out a little cleaner.
Every 10 VIT = 1% HP potency seemed right.
Every 10 WIS = ~2% MP potency ?

Maybe someone else can figure it out while I'm gone. Here was my own data:
312 vit, 107 wis, 21% increase in SP healed (182/150)
292 vit, 101 wis, 20% increase in SP healed (180/150)
275 vit, 90 wis, 18% increase in SP healed (177/150)
211 vit, 71 wis, 15% increase in SP healed (69/60)

I also couldn't figure out exactly what the HP/SP regen formula was. I really doubt it's based on purely VIT/WIS, since HP buffs increase your HP regen.
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#27 Triarchie


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 10:47 AM

Certain stats do not affect certain classes. Example would be INT on Rogue.
From what I can tell, there aren't resistances and whatnot and I do not believe adding VIT helps any.
I will confirm that 1 VIT = +6 HP which is why a lot of the builds (at least over in SEA server) don't really add VIT as it really doesn't benefit largely end-game.

Also, to add, nothing effects attack speed. Attack speed is pretty much unimportant as most of the time, you'll be skill spamming.
And I don't think WIS affects cast time.

It is indeed VIT doesn't help largely end-game. But it does largely help when you start mid-game especially when you start raiding dungeons.
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