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LJC's Kafra Card Ideas

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Posted 19 October 2010 - 10:43 PM

Well, what I was thinking was some cards that gave you Kafra SUPER POWERS! ...Or maybe some of their personality just rubs off on you when you use them. Well, I was hoping they'd be fairly useful in PvM, and maybe even a tad useful in PvP situations, though the elitists may disagree with me on this.

But the key feature is, the cards get better and better and unlock new features depending on how many of the Kafra cards you have equipped. I really don't know what Gravity's plan is to do with these cards, but if they intend to effectively sell them one way or another and the set bonus is fairly decent, I'd bet people would be scrambling for them. But let's just hope it's not too powerful or all of it sucks.

Posted Image
Curly Sue Card

Helpful [Accessory]

Enables use of level 1 Aid Potion. If 4 Kafra cards are equipped, enables up to level 2 Aid Potion. If 5 are equipped, enables up to level 3. If all 6 are equipped, enables up to level 4. Aid Potion used with this card costs 10 SP.

Posted Image
Jasmine Card

[Accessory] of Respite

Enables use of level 2 Teleport. (Note: NOT level 1!) For each additional Kafra card equipped, increase HP/SP regeneration by 5%.

Posted Image
Persephone Card (I just made the name up)

[Headgear] of Scrutiny

Enables the use of level 1 Identify for 50 SP. If all 6 Kafra cards are equipped, the user can detect hidden enemies.

Posted Image
Pavianne Card (the dead version)

Death-warding [Armor]

Increases resistance to Coma by 66%. Experience lost upon death reduced by 20%. For each additional Kafra card equipped, increase resistance to shadow and undead property attacks by 5%.

Posted Image
Roxie Card

Fantastic [Weapon]

MATK + 5%, ATK + 15%. If all 6 Kafra cards are equipped, the weapon becomes indestructible (except in upgrade attempts).

Posted Image
Aaliyah Card (also just made that up)

Frisky [Shoes]

Maximum HP and SP + 6%. Maximum HP + 300. Maximum SP + 30. If all 6 Kafra cards are equipped, +10% movement speed.

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