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Different Wizard build help [Fire-Lightning-Water]

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Posted 19 May 2013 - 04:42 PM

I'm thinking about making a wizard here on WP but not standard fire wizard. I'm thinking about doing something different for fun.
I'm not after best possible results. I know fire wizard dish most DPS in long run, but I want to try something that can go well on its own while leveling and well in party play (synergy with Sorc or helping manage adds for example).

My last wizard was just standard fire wizard and it was just boring: start with fire flower, do fire bolts, press f for fireballs. Remember to keep up dragonology and fire seal. The only things that was not repeatable like some kind of script was: blast fire seal when opportunity calls for it. Use fire explosion when pyromaniac is expiring. In some cases use your AOE magic. Teleport away or hide in ice when in trouble. Long story short - boring.

Still I love magic class and I just prefer Wizards over Sorcerers (and since my main is FS Priest I'm not interested in FS/hybrid Sorc).

Been thinking about picking just the necessary fire skills and shove rest skill points into water / wind tree to make versatile Wizard or even cut fire tree to absolute minimum and pump up other skills more.

Here is my idea:
Mostly fire with mix of water and wind spells.

Fire Seal always on. Start with Fire Flower (if no other wizard is present), then Frost Diver + Lightning Bolt combo till freezing state runs out. Use Fire Bolt + instant Fireball whenever have chance from there. Go back to Frost Diver + Lightning Bolt combo when strong will fades. Remember to keep up Fire Flower. When fight is long enough use Fire Explosion with Blast Arms for burst damage late in the fight.
As added bonus: Teleport as main way to avoid damage. Ice Wall as a way to avoid otherwise non avoidable damage. Meteor Storm to use with Blast arms when situation calls for it or to farm materials. Inferno to deal with mobs if no other Wizard is present. Frost Nova every 30 seconds to help manage adds spawned by boss and combo nicely with Sorcerers.
As bonus - can spam Lightning Bolts while running for added mobility. Should play nice in Colo PVP also.

Fire Flower not maxed since 2% diff is not much and this Wizard will not be best at DPS nonetheless since Pyromaniac is so low on level.
Fire Bolt Mastery maxed for highest chance of casting instant Fireball.

DPS is there, not max but it should not be pathetic and there is some burst damage potential early in the fight on non boss monsters (like adds that have to be killed ASAP) and later in the fight on boss.

I am thinking about making this Wizard crit oriented stat wise. INT from gears should be enough, AGI from stats, cards, runes, food and pots should add nice amount of crits for instant Lightning Bolts and for Fire Bolts. Here I simply hope crits will offside low Fire Bolt Mastery proc chance and possibly play nice with Fire Seal and burn chance from Fire Bolt. I just don't know how much AGI vs INT to place.

I am looking forward to criticism and hints from Wizard veterans. Also I would like to be given advice about AGI/INT stats for such build since honestly - I have no idea how it will play out.
Again - I know that pure fire wizard is superior to what I'm trying to pull off but for me, personally, it's just plain boring.

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