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Anti-doddler karfa cards by flare!

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Posted 22 October 2010 - 11:26 AM

Seeing that the main 6 kafra girls are taken by doddler ... Iâ??ll grip the bottom of the bucket ( and the 4th wall as well) thought this is a challenge to the doddler-man. the challenge is just a joke... moving on!!!
Let it be known that all-most all the names are fake due to the fact that they didn't have names to start with ... mostly.

Comodo Kafra: Maya ( Shayla ) http://wiki.ecchi-ro...6/6a/Kafra7.gif
Slot : Headgear
Prefix: Raving ... etc
Description: allows the use of lv5 Kihop
funny saying on card: â??Its party time!! If we hurry to the beach now, we can ride the sea otters!~â?
the card it self: should be a pic of her and other people that live in comodo drinking and rideing pissed sea otters ... like in the corona ads on tv.

Lighthalzen Kafra: Lucy ( Laurel ) http://wiki.ecchi-ro...4/45/Kafra8.jpg
Slot: Garment
Prefix: Ditzy dameâ??s .... etc
Description: Causes the stun , confuse, & chaos effect when attacking with magic and /or melee attacks by 10%. coma effect 1% chance of trigger
funny saying on card: â??Welcome to Kafr... what did you say? Does my carpet match my what? But weâ??re out side....@_@â?
the card it self: should be a pic of a female sage with a magnifying glass looking at her head as an rouge is talking to her.

Cool Event staff Kafra (female): Emma ( Logan ) http://wiki.ecchi-ro...9/9d/Kafra9.jpg
Slot: Shield
Prefix: Posers ....etc
Description: 25% chance of insta-casting an skill that you just took damage from. ( at ½ lv or round to lowest)
funny saying on card: â??Iâ??m not a real Kafra ... but I get paid by Rekenber Corp to pose as one, so who cares~ :3â?
the card it self: emma trying on kafra clothes at an cos-play shop, while theres an sin, wiz and sniper cloths to her right. shes grabbing at them on a hanger.

Cool Event staff Kafra (Male): Evan ( Stone ) http://wiki.ecchi-ro...olEventCorp.jpg
Slot: Armor
Prefix: ..... of Underdogâ??s wraith
Description: Gain 1 stat point for all-stats per every 10 lvs of the monster thats an higher level then you are. 5% chance of activating the skill â??power upâ? level 1. For 3 mins ( with a 3.5 mins cool down as soon as it actives )
funny saying on card: â?? All hail Rekenber Corp! and my new pay hike, mumuahahah!~ XDâ?
the card it self: should be mr. stone kicking a bum into the gutter so he can get to the ATM faster

Warp Portal Worker: Redeemer ( Black ) http://blog.gravityu...08/Untitled.png
Slot: Accessory
Prefix: Enigma ( â??gearâ? of enigma or enigmaâ??s â??gearâ? sounds good either way )
Description: After a monster is defeated gain an random â??Miscellaneous itemâ?
funny saying on card: â??Iâ??ll get you the, stuff ... for the right price. /hoâ?
the card it self: should show the redeemer asking an novice to come to him as hes in a dark ally with a bag marked loot behind his back ... or candy, what ever works

Dark Nifflheim Kafra: Destiny http://wiki.ecchi-ro.../NifflKafra.gif
Slot: Weapon
Prefix: Handicapped .....
Description: Lets an 2Hâ??ed weapon be equipped as an 1Hâ??ed weapon. Does not work on: katars, axes ( maybe ) & bows. Only bows with the word â??crossâ? in its name my use this card in a bow class weapon.
funny saying on card: â??Iâ??m not dead! I took up necromancy to look dead, or I be dead! Thats for sure. I mean ... rrraaawwwrrr!! ';..;'
the card itself: should show the nif. kafra putting on goul make-up with loli helping. bloody murder is looking at her as they do this. /swt on loli and nif. kafra. /! on bloody murder

Head Kafra Manager Naomi ( Anna ) [ in-game her name is Benith, shes the head kafra that wears black at the main head quarts in Aldebran ( but that name sucks so I'm changing it )]
Slot: Shoes
Prefix: Hard working ....
Description: gain 2 - 5 hp/sp every cell walked ( ½ if agi-up or other types of the same speed up skill are in play )
funny saying on card: *she turns on her radio and starts singing*, â??she works hard for the zenny!~ So hard for the zenny! Whao~ whao~ waho!!~ *chokes* O|¯|_â?
the card it self: should be a pic of "naomi" falling as she just snapped the heel on her shoes & is falling on an soul linker boy ( soul linker boy has /swt on him.) ( he can feel fail though space and time hurling at him ).

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