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[Rogue] How to get more HP?

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#1 Kyusuk


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Posted 03 July 2013 - 05:45 AM



3 days ago I lvl up to 50 (happy :p_laugh:  it was a non-stop leveling from 39 to 50 on sunday :P ) and one friend told me this:


1.- First, you have to farm your RHD gear (blue)  with that you can go to Bapho [N] or PvE [N] and farm your epic gear

2.- With Epic gear you can go to Hard Mode (bapho and pve) and after that CoA [N] etc..etc..etc


When I lvl up to 50, that time I had 40 and 43 gear (green and blue) with 3,8k HP aprox. After farming my RHD gear (and Crafted Apostle Dual Dagger) + buying 5 STC (not Normal+)  + Acc, necklace, rings, etc. My HP go up to 4,5k aprox.


Build: 41 str + 41 AGI

Base HP : 4,500

Base HP + Bless : 5,000+



Now im currently looking for Bapho [N] for my tokens (epic gear) but...I was looking this forum (Rogue topic) and found this....




Rogue lvl 50 with RHD gear (or crafted weapon or colo weapon) with 5,5k , 5,7k, 5,8k UNBUFFED ...ONLY with RHD gear...and thats my question.. How they do that? 


I tried to figure it out but nothing...I don't know where those 1,000 HP+ ( 167 VIT points ) of difference go :p_swt:  Thx for the help :p_idea: 

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#2 mysticalre


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Posted 03 July 2013 - 07:29 AM

crafted vs colo weapon is a huge difference (like 200-300 hp)


but the answer to your Q is probably VIP

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#3 RyeAkai


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Posted 03 July 2013 - 09:19 AM

crafted vs colo weapon is a huge difference (like 200-300 hp)


but the answer to your Q is probably VIP


I think its a little bit of both. With VIP he'd have 4950hp (asuming he has 4500), so to get to those 5,5k, he really needs a few pieces from colo gear.

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#4 Elysion


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Posted 07 July 2013 - 05:20 AM

Im not sure 5.8k unbuffed with only rhd gear is possible I was vit runing my RHD and normal raid gear, and didnt get to 6k unbuffed untill i got my colo weapon. I could see 5.8k unbuffed with normal raid gear vit runed, assuming vip of course.
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