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[RML] Anopheles [SueQ]

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Ragnarok Monster Lore :Anophelesragnaroksource_zps73076a85.png
Monster Lore Contributed by SueQ
Ragnarok Source ragnaroksource_zps73076a85.png
If you have set foot on the fields of Rachel and got attacked by you don't know what, chances are you've crossed paths with the Anopheles. Examine the ground near you for a shadow then look for a small black dot fluttering in mid-air, and you will have found the bugger, perhaps the tiniest monster in the whole Midgard continent.
Anopheles can be found in seven fields of Rachel but are most numerous in the field directly east of the city. Unfortunately this is also where the authorities located the Rachel airport, so tourists are highly advised to buff up and equip a handy weapon (If only they sold mosquito repellents at the airport!) when completing that last leg of the pilgrimage from the airport to the gates of this hallowed city. Earth property attacks and weapons are highly effective against this wind property pest.
Alternatively, these mosquitoes can also be found in Lighthalzen's Biolabs and the Endless Tower. Before Renewal, Anopheles habitat was more numerous as it populated the fields of Hugel, Einbroch, and even the subterranean Orc caves south of Geffen.
The anopheles card contains the label "Whires," suggesting that this was the monster's original game-given name. There's a lot of mystery behind this name and research is still being conducted for more information on this.
World Fact WorldFact_zps9f6b9748.png
Similar to its RO cousin, the real world Anopheles is a tiny but deadly pest known to transmit malaria parasites and other viruses. Wikipedia lists its etymology originating from Greek roots "an" and "ophelos" which put together mean "without profit" or "useless". While humans have found no use for this insect, bats and frogs consider them an important and scrumptious meal.
The Center for Disease and Control and Prevention clarifies that only the female transmits human malaria. This is because males exclusively feed on nectar and other sugar sources, while the female bites humans and other mammals for a blood meal. This is needed for its eggs to form.
Anopheles are commonly found south of the Sahara desert in Africa, which is a diverse climate region consisting of wet rainforests, grassland areas, and arid regions. However, they are also known to thrive in colder zones This goes without saying that no one is safe from the Anopheles' deadly bite, except perhaps if you camp out in Antarctica.
Anopheles Drops
When exterminated, Anopheles may drop the following:
Fly Wing 10%
Bacillus 5%
Anopheles Card 0.02%
Anopheles Card
Adds a 0.5% chance for Tentacle Cheese Gratin item to drop when killing insect race monsters.


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