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CoolSam's guide to Overlord class v1.6

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Posted 10 July 2013 - 11:24 AM

CoolSam's guide to Gladiator>Myrmidon>Overlord:
Table of contents:
2.Update Notes
3.Warrior Skills
4.Gladiator Skills.
5.Myrmidon Skills.
6.Overlord Skills.
7.Chain Combos.
8.Set Overview.
9.Recommended Weapons.
10.Strategies; Player vs Enemy.
11.Strategies; Player vs. Player.
1. Introduction:
Welcome to this guide! Here I will show you how to become a great Gladiator and work your way to becoming an amazing Overlord.
Gladiators>Myrmidons>Overlords are a 2-handed Sword wielding warrior class. Once a warrior has chosen the Gladiator at their first promotion in level 20. They will begin the trials to becoming a powerful Overlord.
Gladiators, Myrmidons, and Overlords center around trading defensive power for damage unlike Knights, Paladins, and Dragoons who lean defensively while having offensive power.
2. Update Notes:
v1.0 Guide created. Class skills, Intro, and Chain Combos.
v1.1 Player Vs Enemy Strategies added
v1.2 Player Vs Player Strategies added
v1.3 Gear and FAQ Finished. Guide is considered completed (Would only need pictures for additional "Flare")
v1.4 Guide update for both parts of Galaxia that were released.
v1.5 Skill updates and other Class match-ups updated. Elements info added.
v1.6 Reverts on Dragoon and Savage nerfs. PvP 1vs1 tips updated for these classes. Also mentioned rebuffed Stumblebum.
v1.7 New skill information.
v1.8 Added a Personal PvP Setup I use. Basically removed useless pre-arcadia element info.
v2.0 Complete Guide Redesign Work in Progress. Starting with Skills and Chain Combos.
3. Warrior Skills
What? Everyone starts somewhere. Warriors gotta know what to do in that first 20 levels. So let's overview the skills;
Skill Points per Level: 10. (Max level 5)
Description: A quick thrust forward knocking enemies down.
Opinion: A rather bad skill. At early levels it works to give some offensive mix-up but Chain Combos out-shine its damage and use.
Recommended level: 1/5. Prerequisite to other skills.
Skill Points per Level: 20 (Max level 5)
Description: Slam down into the ground in mid-air. Knocking enemies (Fallen or Standing) up in the air.
Opinion: A good skill for both PvE and PvP. It's one of those one-point-off skills where regardless of level it's useful. Super-armored so it helps in PvP for air-recovery also. (Although it's landing spot is predictable)
Recommended level: 1/5. Good to use as recovery from launch and also offensively. Needed for next skills.
Storm Blade:
Skill Points per Level: 20 (Max Level 5. Level 10 available through Monster Cards)
Description: Spin creating a tornado that hits enemies launched in the air.
Opinion: A good skill as a follow-up to launches. Always helpful for those cases. PvP sections will cover the use of this skill more in basic combos.
Recommended level: Really this one is a matter of preference. The calculations don't get much better and it only affects number of targets hit. 1/5 Definitely, but higher is upto your opinion.
Air Combo Launch:
Skill Points per Level: 15 (Max Level 5)
Description: Swing your blade upwards to launch opponents.
Opinion: You'll get better launches as you level through the different classes of Warrior>Gladiator. But for early on and as a prerequisite to an okay PvP skill, it's not bad to keep at 1/5.
Skill Points per Level: 10 (Max Level 5)
Description: Launch Fallen Enemies.
Opinion: Not amazing. Early on it leads to a good way to keep monsters in air. Some learned to use it in PvP also for combos but it needs good reflexes.
Recommended Level: 1/5
Sword Dance:
Skill Points per Level: 10 (Max Level 5. Level 10 Available through Monster Cards)
Description: Throw a short sword projectile to flinch and knockdown enemies.
Opinion: This skill unfortunately isn't as broken as before. It now has proper projectile physics instead of hit-scan. It takes some skill to use this on mobile targets. Not a bad move for 1vs1 PvP however if you can land it.
Recommended Level: 1/5. 5/5 Supposedly affects travel distance. But it's not necessary.
Sword Mastery: (Passive)
Skill Points per Level: 10 (Max level 5)
Description: Whilst Wielding a sword; Gain ATK.
Opinion: Not good. +10 at level 1...+70 at level 5. By endgame having tens of thousands of attack is possible. It doesn't impact even early game.
Recommended Level: 0/5
Hammer Crush:
Skill Points per Level: 10 (Max Level 5. Level 10 Available through Monster Cards, Socket Cards and IM Rings)
Description: Slam a giant hammer. With a chance to inflict stun scalining with skill level.
Opinion: Amazing to use. Good utility, helps both PvP and some PvE (F6/F7) also.
Recommended Level: 5/5 Definitely. 10/10 if possible. Use Socket cards for Rings to save SP.
Blazing Youth:
Skill Points per Level: 10 (Max Level 5)
Description: Slam a giant, fiery hammer. Inflicts Burn and deals damage.
Opinion: Okay for level 7-20. Quickly replaced so expect to remove it around the mid 20s.
Recommended Level: 0/5 after you level higher and promote to Gladiator.
Icecold Heart:
Skill Points per Level: 10 (Max Level 5)
Description: Slame a giant, icey hammer. Inflicts a slow and deals damage.
Opinion: Same as Blazing, only this applies a little utility. Some say it's good, others say meh. Also level 3 onwards, and this applies to Blazing also, it launches.
Recommended Level: 0/5 in my opinion. Some will tell you otherwise but it's arguments like "Fancy and risky combo piece" and "Slows to help in PvP" even though we're in a Sorceror-abundant meta with Ninjas and Priests.
Warriors Bonds:
Skill Points per Level: 5 (Max Level 1)
Description: A buff to all players around you giving some base Physical Defense.
Opinion: The value may not matter to some. But some also like it. I say it's upto the player.
Recommended Level: 0/1. But it's SP cost is microscopic in comparison to others. So 1/1 aint gonna kill you.
4. Gladiator Skills
Now we're a Gladiator! levels 20 to 40 unlock a ton of things. So let's overview the skills.
Grizzly Power:
Skill Points per Level: 15 (Max Level 5. Level 10 Available through Monster Cards and Necklace Sockets)
Description: A buff to yourself. Increasing Strength and Final Physical Attack Power.
Opinion: Ah the Bear-Face buff. Strength is a common set bonus as it helps base attack power and the Strength+Attack this buff gives is nice. A must-have.
Recommended Level: 5/5. 10/10 it if possible. The Galaxia Necklace Socket card can help save a ton of grinding for cards.
Advanced Sword Mastery: (Passive)
Skill Points per Level: 10 (Max Level 5. Level 10 Available through Monster Cards)
Description: Increases Final Physical Attack by a %
Opinion: When you get the high enchanted weapons of later-game (Where your attack is 30,000+) you'll start to love this passive. Even if you don't plan on any +20's it's still good given the high physical attack you get.
Recommended Level: 5/5. 10/10 is optional, but a difficult grind.
Dashing Blow:
Skill Points per Level: 20 (Max Level 1)
Description: Perform an upward slice whilst dashing. Knocking up opponents and inflicting Serious Bleeding status.
Opinion: This one's tricky to explain the use to. DoT's in DS are underwhelming unless they have a secondary effect. This one does however. Serious Bleeding lowers Max Hp by a percentage. In PvP on a Frozen target it's valuable to shred tanks. Otherwise...not so much anywhere else as it doesn't matter (Except Elga Chests/Shields. They work wonders on those.)
Recommended Level: 1/1. Don't even use it if you don't want to but amazing skills are locked behind this and the next skill.
Aerial Blow:
Skill Points per Level: 15 (Max Level 1)
Description: Use a hammer in mid-air to smack opponents to the ground.
Opinion: THANK THE BALANCE DEPARTMENT OF GRAVITY KR IT'S NO-LONGER FORCED USE ON EVERY AIR COMBO! This sucks. I hated it, you hated it, no one liked it except people who knew how it's hotkey used to work. Don't use this!
Recommended Level: 1/1. Prerequisite for the next few skills...which are all great...
I'm Gone Bear!:
Skill Points per Level: 15 (Max Level 5. Level 10 available through monster cards)
Description: Summon the Kung-Fu Bear. He kicks 8-times repeatedly
Special Note: This skill may hit 8-times. But in reality it's 1 big hit divided into 8 smaller hits with 8 flinch effects. It counts as 1 hit, so on Bonus Bombers and Calculating Element Damage it only applies for 1 hit.
Opinion: I love this skill! It hits good, it's great for ground-based damage in PvP, it crits well in PvE and PvP also. It's one of the double-bears that you'll be spamming a lot leveling up.
Recommended Level: 5/5. 10/10 if Possible as it gets a notable damage calculation increase.
Incoming Bear!:
Skill Points per Level: 15 (Max Level 5)
Description: Summon the Kung-Fu Bear. He dashes forward hitting 3 times and knocking the opponent up lightly.
Special Note: It's 1 big hit divided into 3 smaller hits. See I'm Gone Bear for explanation.
Opinion: Though it isn't as hard hitting as it's counterpart, it does provide a nice launch for a quick Storm Blade/Wyvern Blade combo. It's cooldown the same duration as I'm Gone Bear so you'll spam them frequently. 
Recommended Level: A matter of preference. 2-3/5 minimum. 5/5 if you can spare SP.
Skill Points per Level: 20 (Max Level 5. Level 10 Available through monster cards)
Description: Roll the dice, get a buff! Results may vary.
  1. Wrath: +Atk/MAtk
  2. Calmness: +Def/MDef
  3. Cure: Healing HP/MP per second
  4. Amplification: +MaxHP/MaxMP
  5. Velocity: +Evade/+MovementSpeed
  6. Fury: +AttackSpeed/+FinalCriticalRate
Opinion: Oh boy...this buff. Like it's name and appearance's a gamble. About 3 of the 6 buffs are amazing so 50/50 shot at having a good time. Those are Wrath; For Damage. Velocity; For Speed. And Fury; For Crits. These apply to the party as well, so a good Gamble Roll can make you some faster runs. The others aren't relevant or don't matter in the long run by late-game unless you have a healer to help Amplification.
Recommended Level: 5/5. Above is not necessary given it's volatile and random nature.
Skill Points per Level: 10 (Max Level 5)
Description: After a short cast time, release a shout that has a chance to stun enemies and reduces their evade rate and attack slightly.
Opinion: A must for PvP and F7. By level 5 it has a 100% stun rate making it a reliable tool for catching in PvP or disrupting teams.
Recommended Level: 5/5.
Skill Points per Level: 20 (Max Level 5)
Description: An attack speed buff. Disappears when receiving Weapon Quicken from Myrmidons.
Opinion: Attack Speed on Gladiators...This stat is an Elephant in the Room for Myrmidons and Overlords. It has a use I'll explain in Chain Combos and this buff is debatable because of that use. If you wanna pursue using Chain Combos alongside skills, this will help if you can't hit 300% cap.
Recommended Level: Again, if you want Attack Speed, this buff is great for it at 5/5 with a long duration also. If not, 1/5 for the next skills.
Skill Points per Level: 15 (Max Level 5. Level 10 available through Monster Cards)
Description: A buff giving the next X number of attacks (X = Skill level) bonus damage.
Opinion: This is one skill people are on the fence over. At 5/5 its 5 attacks getting the benefit. But there's pros and cons to it;
  • Bears count as 1 hit each.
  • Gust Slash + Bears is 5 hits. Usually what it's best for.
  • Wyvern Blade is 6 hits. Also nice to help the majority of it's hits.
  • Instant Cast time.
  • Glowy hands!
  • Infinite duration until used.
  • Damage buff numbers are debatable.
  • You lose it easily to chain combos or bad skills.
  • Constant need to reapply.
So it's a skill with requirement to use before big damaging skills for best effect. Like a much better skill for all-in damage later in Myrmidon tree.
Recommended Level: 5/5 in my opinion. But it can be skipped or kept at 1 for the next skill.
HP Recovery: (Passive)
Skill Points per Level: 15 (Max Level 5)
Description: Bonus Max HP and Potion Effectiveness.
Opinion: Not great. HP Values are low and potion bonus isn't too grand once the hp gets really high.
Recommended Level: 0/5
Wrath of Earth:
Skill Points per Level: 20 (Max Level 5)
Description: Slam the Earth with such force that you'll knock up foes in front of you.
Opinion: Okay so from the minimum level you learn this until the low-40s it's an okay skill for PvE. But about 42-43 it gets bigger, more effective cousins on the platter. But get this cruelty; It's a skill for a random mission in Emporia War. It's got Slow Wind-up, predictable AoE and the Super Armor it has isn't even useful to help you with the mission and the launch is bad for Group PvP dynamics.
Recommended Level: a good 2-3/5 or higher but be prepared to reset it off for better skills as Myrmidon. If you WANT to use the Emporia missions at endgame then 1/5.
5. Myrmidon Skills
First off, Gratz on Level 40! Second, the Myrmidon tree seems simple, but has a lot to offer.
Sharpness Blade: (Passive)
Skill Points per Level: 15 (Max Level 5)
Description: Passive increasing Base Physical Attack.
Opinion: In Myrmidon weapons you won't begin to notice it until high enchants but in Overlords...our weapons biggest Achilles Heel occurs; We have low Base Physical Attack and absurdly high Max Physical Attack. At 5/5 this gives +420 Base and that combos okay with Weapon/Earring Attack Sockets and other forms of flat +ATK.
Recommended Level: 5/5. It does make a slight difference in the skills that arent rolling maxes or critical hits.
Physical Training: (Passive)
Skill Points per Level: 15 (Max Level 5)
Description: Passive increasing Max HP and HP Recovery.
Opinion: Like HP Recovery the Passive, not good. The value gets much higher than the other passive but still not good.
Recommended Level: 1/5. It is a prerequisite to the entire Myrmidon's right side of the tree.
Gust Slash:
Skill Points per Level: 15 (Max Level 5)
Description: Slice enemies 3 times in quick succession. Knocks down the targets.
Opinion: I am in love with this skill. It has incredible damage, good flinch effect and is the core combo piece in PvP and PvE. It's 5 second cooldown syncs perfectly with the Bear skills making them a quick, fast, low cooldown rotation of skills that can help beautifully with Bossing also.
Recommended Level: 5/5
Magnum Break:
Skill Points per Level: 15 (Max Level 5)
Description: Slam into an explosive barrel and damage and launch targets into the air, inflicting Burn.
Opinion: It's one of the two Myrmidon Skills with Similar mechanics to Wrath of Earth, but convert some damage into secondary effects. This one is the less powerful of the two. The burn isn't the Mana-draining burn that people love to use and it doesn't quite cover a 360-degree diameter. Good as bonus damage to F7 bombers since DoT's work well vs. them.
Recommended Level: 1/5 for prerequisite. It's good enough to last you 1 level like that for it's better version.
Skill Points per Level: 20 (Max Level 5)
Description: Spinning attack that damages enemies. Distance scales with your movement speed.
Opinion: It's...disappointing. I think of Whirlwind skills like Barbarians from Diablo shredding through things. It's hit-rate isn't good, it's supposed super-armor doesnt protect against launches and it's damage is lackluster.
Recommended Level: 1/5 for prerequisite. Something much later (5-7+ Levels) does something akin to what I described as a true Whirlwind.
Weapon Quicken:
Skill Points per Level: 20 (Max Level 5)
Description: Buff increasing party's Attack Speed. Cancels Acceleration and Annihilation.
Opinion: It's downright bad. The values even at 5/5 pale in comparison to Acceleration and the Party typically doesn't need a big attack speed buff when they have their own means as X-spam classes.
Recommended Level: 1/5 to unlock a Beastly Buff and a great Passive afterwards.
Bloody Roar:
Skill Points per Level: 30! (Max Level 5. Thank God it can't be 10/10'ed.)
Description: Toggle-able Buff that skyrockets Total Physical Attack, but descreases Base Physical Defense and makes the user take a %-HP DoT every second.
Opinion: Let me give some numbers at 5/5; +60% Total ATK in exchange for -60% Base DEF and take 1% of your Max HP every second until you either turn it off or hit 10% remaining HP. This is the glass-cannon Berserker status Myrmidons and Overlords love. Some healing consumables or a mage party-member and you can have this almost 100% on always. When weapons hit max enchants you see this ATK number really shoot up (Some cases pass 150,000 ATK with endgame weapons at +20, buffed and with other forms of +ATK). Crits when in this mode at max CD hurt immensely also. A big problem is making sure you can turn it off when you want. In PvP it's best to use this temporarily to deliver huge damage bursts without fear of counters and turn it off when they can counter-attack.
Recommended Level: It has to be 5/5 if you go for it. I can't stress how dang powerful it is. 150 SP is a nightmare but a worthwhile one. This might be where your Hunter G's go early on.
Death Bound:
Skill Points per Level: 20 (Max Level 5. Level 10 Available through Monster Cards)
Description: Smash the ground creating a huge explosion that launches and damages foes and applies Curse (A debuff that lowers all stats)
Opinion: This is the highest level form of Curse players can apply. (Level 10 Curse at 5/5, Level 15 Curse at 10/10. Eat your heart out Specialists>Destroyers.) It's much better than Magnum Break and provides more utility than Wrath of Earth. Works wonders on Elga Shield/Chests and in PvP against frozen targets it provides a strong debuff.
Recommended Level: 2/5 Minimum. 5/5 for Max Curse Level. A matter of preference really. Beyond 5/5 might seem like a waste.
Raising Storm:
Skill Points per Level: 25 (Max Level 5)
Description: Summon the Wrestler to lariat in a straight line damaging opponents repeatedly during his travel distance.
Opinion: Okay so the distance this guy travels is pretty far and is amazing when the target is pinned to a wall or frozen. It's damage is good even at my recommended, minimum level and the animation is a riot to look at (Even if they can't use the Hulk Hogan look-a-like they originally had). The problem? It's a Summoned Skill like Blizzards and they don't take your Critical Damage into their calculations. So it's a mixed reviews thing because of that. Great still for damage.
Recommended Level: 2/5 Minimum. 5/5 is okay even though it won't benefit from that sweet maxed CD. But it is expensive SP-Wise so keeping it 2/5 won't hurt.
Wild Rage:
Skill Points per Level: 15 (Max Level 5. Level 10 Available through Monster Cards and IM Skill Earring)
Description: Party-wide buff that increases Total Physical Attack.
Opinion: I love this buff, anything Physical Attack based loves this buff also. The values are huge 5/5 and better 10/10. A must have!
Recommended Level: 5/5, 10/10 if possible.
Gladiator's Rage: (Passive)
Skill Points per Level: 10 (Max Level 3)
Description: A passive that increases Final Damage by a %.
Opinion: A new passive as a buff for the Myrmidons and Overlords. It's quite useful. 5% at 3/3 impacts a lot more than some think and Overlord-mains are grateful to receive this.
Recommended Level: 3/3. It's low cost and it's maxed by Level 55.
Wyvern Blade:
Skill Points per Level: 25 (Max Level 5)
Description: Spin into a Blue Tornado that can move damaging enemies and launching them.
Opinion: So at 1/5, this is a second Storm Blade. Use following a launch and the damage is okay. At 2/5 and onwards...This is the destructive Whirlwind both famous and infamous. Infamous in PvP as it's always....spammed... (We did annoying Launches before it was cool Savage and ours wasn't nerfed as a result) Famous in PvE because it obliterates groups of enemies with the classic Wyvern+Storm Blade combos. 
Recommended Level: 5/5 if you love using it. Helps for anything that's okay to launch or can't be launched.
6. Overlord Skills
Gratz on Level 60! Also big Gratz to becoming an Overlord finally! Like all classes the final job is shaped the same.
Skill Points per Level: 1 (Max Level 1)
Description: Allows use of Awakening Bar and respective Awakening/Ultimate Skills.
Opinion: An amazing passive is locked behind it. It's also a matter of perspective on the Awakenings themselves so 1 SP is pratically free.
Recommended Level: 1/1
Death Snatch:
Skill Points per Level: 20 (Max Level 5)
Description: Summon the massive hand of Bultan (Dragon Saga's God of there's no lore on this guy) to grab enemies that were launched and snatch them back into the ground in front of you, targets have a chance to be stunned after a small delay.
Opinion: So...there's 2 reasons to use this nowadays in PvP. Let me bring up the elephant in the room for the first one; "targets have a chance to be stunned after a small delay." That delay and not even a 100% Stun chance at 5/5. Makes the first use, to continue combos after launches like Wyvern Blade/Storm Blade, very high-risk. The second reason is to pop it's Super-Armor before being hit by a stun to keep it and have escapes. But that's only good vs Ninjas, Destroyers, Dragoons and other Overlords. However Savages, Invokers, Sorcerors, Sentinels, Twins and Summoners all have a check to that via Electric Shocks or Knockbacks. So user beware.
Recommended Level: It's entirely optional unless that stun-delay is fixed and it's given a confirmed stun chance % to work with. It's a 5-second cooldown 5/5, but you could skip it if you never use it and never miss it. So it's either 0 or 5, based on preference.
Wind Step: (Passive)
Skill Points per Level: 25 (Max Level 5)
Description: Increases Movement Speed.
Opinion: I love this passive. Movement Speed isn't super common unless you use the various gears that give it and the +16% at 5/5 (+24 Movement Speed by the way) helps close that gap to 400 MS cap wonderfully.
Recommended Level: 5/5.
[Awakening] Death Stinger:
Skill Points per Level: 25 (Max Level 5)
Description: Summon Bultan and surge forward with a massive arm-swing, damaging enemies upto 5 hits and applying knockback.
Opinion: The Overlord Awakenings are more "Fine line of love-hate" than any skill in our trees. This in my opinion is the better of the two. It's Full 5 hits apply amazing damage with crits and good attack and apply a stupendous amount of Groggy-bar value to Groggy bosses easily. This as a result highly speeds up some Dungeon mid-bosses and stuff like F1-farming and Drakos/VC climbing. In PvP you deal with a lot of frozen targets so this won't knockback them. Also it's Super-Armor is amazing as escape.
Recommended Level: I'd say max it 5/5 if you like Awakenings. Helps in a lot of scenarios PvE and has some PvP use.
[Awakening] Demolition Suc- I mean...Demolition Charge
Skill Points per Level: 25 (Max Level 5)
Description: Summon Bultan and charge a powerful slam through 3 tiers of power. You can cancel it early by pressing Z.
Opinion: This skill is the worst of the two. I hate it, but other Overlords, specifically PvE focused ones, love it. It by description with enchanted weapons should sound like nothing to scoff at; +900% Weapon ATK damage at 1/5, it's damage per level seems to climb upto a staggering 1,100% by 5/5 even.'s not something that has any PvP use unless absolutely nothing interrupts you and in that time you could've casted Gust+Bears+Stinger on a Frozen Target for potentially much more damage. PvE also I feel like I can do so much during it's charge time.
Recommended Level: I'm gonna say 0/5. But some PvE Overlord or something will tell me to try it before I make fun of it.
[Ultimate] Demolition Bomber:
Skill Points per Level: 60 (Max Level 1)
Description: Summon Bultan to combo-slam giant weapons into the Earth, making a huge 2-hit attack + explosion. Dealing massive damage and applying a Slow (Unable to be used in PvP).
Opinion: Like Demolition Charge, some PvE experts tell me that it's pretty dang powerful. I of course, have no PvE desire for it and it has no ability to be used at all in PvP. 1500% Weapon ATK damage seems very high. If both hits crit, it can be a humongus burst. I said "If" for a reason however. Given our low min, high max attack and the sheer randomness of crits. Some uses of this skill will be disappointingly bad, leading to a 5 minute cooldown after doing something unremarkable. The Slow is also terrible; as either whatever's hit with this dies or is immune to Slows because they're a boss.
Recommended Level: I'm gonna say 0/1. Almost every Ultimate isn't worth it anyways.
Awakening Charge:
Skill Points per Level: 10 (Max Level 3)
Description: Convert Mana into Awakening.
Opinion and Recommended Level: If you use awakenings, 1/3 this. 3/3 is a waste really. If you don't, don't get it.
7. Chain Combos:
Chain Combos are a mechanic where your X-Attacks can be combined with the Z key and/or various directional inputs to perform a sequence of attacks. In Overlord's case, I'd recommend leaving them on as they're more effective than the unreliable standard x-attacking.
Gladiator Level 20:
Opinion: A nice starting combo but the slow speed early on makes it harder to use. Later on it's okay due to it's knockback.
X>X>X>Z>Hold X
Opinion: The skill's final X has the same issue as Demolition Charge; It's slow and easy to counter. The difference is that this one is lower damage and the charge speed scales with attack speed.
Gladiator Level 30:
Opinion: The 4th hit of this one applies a stun. With high attack speed you can spam this 4 input sequence for results similar to the Archer's chain-combo stun lock. I prefer this one, especially at high attack speed for both PvP and PvE.
Myrmidon Level 40:
Opinion: In PvE it's meh. You'll lose interest in it after getting the skills learned over the next 10 or so levels.
Opinion: Same as the first Myrmidon one. Not worthwhile.
Now for animations and using the Chain Combos themselves, Gladiators at first have a problem; Our huge swords means slower swing animation speeds. This is where the abundance of Attack Speed skills like Acceleration and later-game set-bonuses come in. The 300% Cap is not at all difficult to reach with or without these buffs and once the Attack Speed gets higher, assuming low graphical lag, you can use these much better and in speeds that matter more. Though 400 Mspd and 300% Aspd are harder to achieve together buffs like Gamble and Acceleration, passives like Wind Step, Set/Equip Bonuses from equipment level 60-85, IM sets and aid from Archers/Thiefs can help reach both pretty well.
Fast X-Attack:
With this option checked you can perform a First-hit chain combo spam that once was nigh-impossible to do consistently without...illegitimate means. At high Attack Speed this X-spam can act as a nice filler between skills in a number of scenarios;
  1. Groggying Regular Elites; After the skills are used it works well until they come off cooldowns.
  2. Filler DPS for bosses; This is more true later-game. Such as Elga or Level-Scaled stuff like Expert Mode and Elements/Galaxia.
  3. PvP; Although the knockback on first hit was nerfed to prevent wall-locks, it's like with Filler DPS for bosses, a filler between skills. Just gotta learn to time properly to use this whilst their flinched/stunned for aid in combo's overall damage.

However you can opt to not worry about Attack Speed. Just know that you'll come across a lot of it when gearing up.

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Posted 10 July 2013 - 11:26 AM

7. Gears
(WARNING: I use wikia as a reference. It might not be updated to be compatible with Galaxia update. So Critical Damage/Rate values shown there are different.)
NOTE: At the time of this post, new characters were given a set and weapon meant to last level 50. If your character didn't start with that, you missed a good head-start on early-game gear.


For Leveling from 1 to 20. It's best to just go with the gear given via quests and missions and be sure to unseal your sealed items found. Don't worry with soulcrafting.

OPTIONAL: Black Fighter Set
Level: 10
Set Piece Number: 6
Set Bonuses:

  • 3 Piece: Max HP +240
  • 6 Piece: Strength + 7

Opinion: Kind of useless early game. It does introduce sets and it does give some additional HP. Is replaced immediately after promotion.


You might wanna consider a Gladiator Set to last until Level 40-45. Be absolutely sure to get a Sign of Dragon Fellowship as it gives great bonuses and good Max HP/MP. Other accessories varies on what you can find at the levels you are at.

Dragon Expedition Warrior Set: (Also works for Knight)
Level: 20
Set Piece Number: 5 (Has helmet that is not Part of the set.)
Set Bonuses:

  • 2 Piece: Max HP +300
  • 3 Piece: Strength +10
  • 5 Piece: Final Critical Success +0.9%

Opinion: Very useful from Level 20 even upto level 30-35. Use this set with your Gas Mask and Farrel Capsule or Belt for additional Critical Rate.

Other Gladiator Set Information: http://ds.irowiki.or...i/Gladiator_Set

  • Viking: Unless you got the whole set ahead of time. It's not worth replacing the Expedition Set.
  • Chaotic Viking: Useless
  • Champion: Can last for a while. Unlike Viking you can get these while leveling up if lucky.
  • Chaotic Champion: Useless.
  • Barbarian: You'll be spending alot of time in the Sanctuaries and Caverns where this drops. If you can get the set it can last until Level 45.
  • Chaotic Barbarian: Until Myrmidon, Chaotic sets aren't worth it.
  • Anukus: The max physical Attack is tempting, but the set itself takes ages to farm and you'll replace it at level 45 or 47 anyways.


  • Use the Bravery Weapon obtained at promotion: 100% chance to unseal Special grade.
  • Keep until Level 27, farm and quest for Aqua Weapon.
  • Keep until Level 34-36 weapon (Optional), or 37 for Dark Soul
  • Dark Soul until 45-49.


Here is really where you'll have to farm your sets. Also get a Hero sign of Kazeura necklace. It's good till Level 80 even if you don't want the Level 61 50 HLT Agnes or the Level 70 Hero Secmathian (HLT/AGI). Also combination set accessories from Lavalon (1-6 star sets), Ryvius (Speed, Purity, or Verdure), and Aram Should be used.

Myrmidon Set Info:

  • Destroyer: Unless you got most of it ahead of time, you're gonna replace it soon w/ F7 leveling you.
  • Chaotic Destroyer: Isn't bad, but isn't great. If you really want it, go 5 pieces with a decent 6th piece as a boss equip or something with good bonuses.
  • Glorious Destroyer: Glorious sets! The Glorious Destroyer set isn't great, Spiral and Pioneer are way better.
  • Mist elf: Very useful set. Even upto Level 54. You can go 4 pieces and then at level 50 get Burlunes mask and fist. That or Spiral set is decent perm-capped 50 Myrm gear.
  • Spiral: 6 Piece is pretty good for Perm Capping 50. Or 5 piece + Heirloom Rokko Helmet (WARNING: Rare and somewhat expensive). Can last until 60 Promotion.
  • Chaotic Spiral: See Chaotic Destroyer.
  • Glorious Spiral: Glorious Spiral and Glorious Pioneer have the advantage of having great Critical Rate + Critical Damage at the 3 and 5 set bonuses. Making for a godly set for Perm-capped 50s (5 piece + Heirloom Rokko helmet or Kharkarous Sheet Metal plate)
  • Pioneer: A very good set for Level 54-60ish. Great aim and Critical damage combined.
  • Chaotic Pioneer: See Chaotic Destroyer.
  • Glorious Pioneer: The grand CR/CD combo set for Myrms until Elga. Great damage from it, makes you very frail. Fortunately this set may drop in Galaxia normal mode. Saving you a ton of CP Farming.
  • Undead Bone: NOPE!
  • Rare Bone Dragon: Get Hero, it's better.
  • Hero Bone Dragon: Very good for Level 60. Good defenses, individual piece bonuses. Excellent for Perma-capped 60 Overlords. Lasts until Level 69-70.
  • Heirloom Bone Dragon: (WARNING: Extremely Rare and Extremely Expensive per piece. You will break your bank if you want this) The rarest and one of the top 6 Overlord endgame sets in existence. A god-send for Movement speed stackers. And a Critical Rate bonus that isn't matched, if not topped, until Rare Elga or Rare/Hero Protector of the Stars. Extremely Rare however. (Few people own and most who do aren't willing to sell or quit.)


  • Dark Soul lasts until Level 43-45.
  • OPTIONAL: Level 40 Get Elemental Blade. (PVP only.)
  • Level 43-45 weapon until Level 49.
  • Magma Until Level 60. (Soulcraft to Advanced and +4. Go farther if you use Insurance.)
  • Magichenge at 55-60 (65 if you don't use Bone Dragon Weapon)
  • Level 60 Bone Dragon Weapon (Optional)


Most of your Overlord sets will be stuff like Hero Bone or the Destium/Dianos sets until Level 70 or 75. Consider the Ice equips (Alex gloves, Kryos shoes, Blizzard mufflers. And stuff like Karsharp helmets, and other stuff.

Overlord set info:

  • Destium: Decent set. Replaced at 67 by Dianos or 60 by Hero Bone Dragon.
  • Chaotic Destium: NOPE
  • Glorious Destium: OH HELL NAW!
  • Dianos: A beautiful set. Lasts until Level 75 with Elga.
  • Chaotic Dianos: NOPE
  • Glorious Dianos: NEVER!!
  • Secmathian: Not worth recipe spamming.
  • Rare Secmathian: The pants give 40 hlt. Consider that if you want alot of health.
  • Hero Secmathian: 5 pieces at best. Lasts till 75. 6th piece should be alex gloves, kryos shoes, or karsharp helmet.
  • Black Dragon Lord: 6 pieces OR 4 pieces with some various boss equips. Very useful set. Actually one of the best endgame sets for Overlords.
  • Rare Black Dragon Lord: If you manage to get this set. Congratulations. You got the top endgame set for Overlords that even I have no patience in farming or re-enchanting/soulcrafting from my current normal elga. Same with Normal Elga in builds. Only boosted stats and defenses. Also comes with alot of 4-element resistance without sockets. When resists are reworked that will come in handy.
  • Protector of the Stars: It's set bonuses are Copy-paste of Elga set except for no shield. Also the bonuses are slightly higher. It requires Elga equips to get however. If you wanna get go for Rare or hero. For Normal/Rare/Hero sets, the items individual bonuses are scrambled around in Shoulder/Boots/Gloves. Shoulders for all 3 sets are better than Mutisha Shoulders by themselves.
  • Rare Protector of the Stars: Same as Normal Galaxia (Protector of the Stars set). Except it comes with a decent cape as part of the set. Also better set bonuses and individual pieces. Go for this or Hero depending on patience. As the whole set will take months of farming without aid/gold buying parts/alts.
  • Hero Protector of the Stars: Even better than Rare Galaxia. Comes with high 4-element resist (4,290 total before sockets are inputted on anything.) and alot of good bonuses. It's cape is even the 2nd highest Defense back item in the game (Only beaten by Paris wings.) One downside is being a level 81 set meaning you'd have to focus on profession items for 81-90. Also takes ages to farm every piece for or insane amounts of gold.


  • Bone Dragon lasts until 70 with Zauharant replacing it.
  • Otherwise, the Dropped weapons +4'ed can last until 70 (Astral/Lightning Oak. Level 63-69)
  • Level 70: Zauharant. It's endgame. Unless you go for Elga.
  • Black Dragon Lord at 77 (Go element if you like PvP or don't it's just a better idea.)

Note about Galaxia weapons: Their attack and individual bonuses can surpass Elga's. However no option to elementize them exists at the moment. You can grind a Hero Weapon if you wish however unless Element versions are released in the future I wouldn't recommend it.


  • Farrel's capsule lasts until Level 35-40.
  • At level 40-50. Either you can go for Akanai Cape or Cape of Fog (Only recommended for Perma-capped 50's.) or skip cape hunting till level 53+
  • Level 53-55. Boost Pack Signus or Hero Bone dragon cape.
  • Level 66: Blizzard Muffler OR Level 70: Paris wings (Paris for defenses, Muffler for health and/or aim)
  • Level 75 Optional: Elga-Wings. Mostly for max CD/CR. Not super useful outside PvP unless you build them to work in pvp.
  • Level 80 OR 81: Rare/Hero Protector of the stars wings. High defenses and part of an endgame set.

Personal Recommendation for PvP: Mixed As/Ms Overlord


  • Great 350-400+ MS
  • Good 270-300+ AS. Which is optimal with a good pc.


  • Losing some Crit Rate but Unity Gloves can make up for it.
  • Atk Spd Overlord typically needs a good pc for the more clustered PvP's.
  • IM Set can be very high budget.

Level 60 Version:

  • 4 Piece Hero BD (Need Shield) For Atkspd
  • 4 Piece Heirloom BD (Need Cape) For Mspd
  • 2 Piece Aram Perseverance (Belt+Ring)
  • 2 Piece Rare VC (Earring+Ring)
  • Mspd Lavalon Necklace.
  • Legend of Combo Medal.

Level 80/81+ Version: (Non-HBD)

  • 5 Rare/Hero Pos (Cape,Helm,Top,Bot,Shoulders)
  • Hero Secmathian Shoes OR Rare Elga Shoes
  • Heirloom Kharkarous gloves
  • Same Accessories as 60 Version.
  • Wind Walker Hero Medal.

IM set:

  • 6 Piece Best Unity (Hood,Top,Bot,Shoulder,Rose,Gloves.)
  • Artifact Mix board shoes
  • Purple Wizard or Semi Formal wings (Either-Or. If 1% movement speed really bothers you then Wizard)
  • Red bat, Laptop or Trip balloon (Laptop/Trip has 5% Movement Speed.
  • Fellowship+Luck ring's (If no Community Ring(s) available)

This is my current PvP set. With a good car you can have 400+ movement speed and 270%+ Attack Speed. Which allows for both fast speed movement wise and for x spam and xxzz stuns.



New Arcadia Element System:


With the new update, Elements were redesigned for the sake of control. Overlords got the slight nerf on this due to losing Final Element Attack (Physical) which when paired with Bloody Roar gave us tons of element damage. However the new system is easier to access. As for which setup I recommend: It's gonna boil down to Single vs Duals.


Singles will basically be cheaper to make/upgrade and you'll only ever have to worry about what matches your element as they can tank your hits better.


Duals will be more expensive but can somewhat be more effective vs resistances. As it'll be an equal split between two elements late game.


Avoid 4-element as it's not very useful damage-wise and resist wise you won't tank anything. 

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8. Strategies: Player vs Enemy:
NOTE: These builds are for leveling/ Player vs Enemy gameplay. May not be useful in Player vs Player and are mostly experimental. I'll have to test this leveling order. Players are advised to tweak builds for preferences.
Level 1-20: (Experiment with 1st Job Warrior skills)
Final Skill build before Promotion @ Level 20:
Note I have many skill points remaining. Being experienced in a classes skills enough lets you have the advantage of reserving skill points for future skills in future promotions. This can be vital in saving a reset scroll.
For Leveling from 1 to 20, focus on getting cutdown and beefing up storm blade and sword dance. Also focus on hammers is entirely optional but don't depend on them. Your basic Warrior Chain Combos are swift and useful damage wise so hammers may not even be needed. But hammer crush has a very useful stun which is always helpful.
Promoting at 20: (SAVE RESET):
As you can see, the reserved Skill Points have went towards Future Gladiator skills. This allows me to save a skill reset in case of mess ups or future build changes or editing skills. Focus on Grizzly Power and prepare to get the bears as they replace the hammers for good damage.
Level 20-30
Final Skill build @ Level 30:
If you wish, you can use your reset to lower sword dance's level. At this point I often focus on my offensive skills. Wrath of Earth, Bears, and also focus on Gamble. Stumblebum doesn't have much use until F7 at level 40 but having it at least level 1 is needed if you wish to pvp. I'm gone bear is higher damage than Incoming Bear but Incoming is an additional launch with decent damage. Acceleration and Anhiliation are prerequisites and are often un-needed unless you still use chain combos or like it's damage amplification. Feel free to tweak my lower level builds.
Level 30-40
Final Skill Build @ Level 40 (Promotion):
NOTE: I use a reset here due to the Myrmidon tree having a few heavy-cost skills.
Now focus on maxing bears, Grizzly, Adv sword mastery, and Gamble. Once promoted, reset and you'll no longer need the Wrath of Earth. In 2-3 levels you get harder htting skills. Reserve some Skill points for higher cost skills Like Wyvern Blade, Rising Storm, and Bloody Roar even.
Level 40-50
Skill Build @ Level 50:
Wyvern Blade will be 1/5 until it can become its true power at 2-5/5. But focus on getting the pre-requistes and such. Bloody Roar can be skipped until Level 60+ as it wont be entirely needed Unless you plan on Perm'ing or PvP'ing more.
Level 50-60
Skill Build @ Level 60 (Promotion):
NOTE: No resets at level 60.
Since no reset at 60, focus on gust slash, wyvern blade, and wild rage for the 50-60 route. It's optional but you can level Death Bound and other skills, feel free to tweak the build to your liking.
Level 60-70
Skill Build @ Level 70:
Alright Welcome to Overlords! Now then Death Stinger is the only useful awakening for us PvE or PvP. So you wanna get some on that. Don't worry about passives, you'll have to tend to everything in the climb to 80. And movement speed isn't severely important in PvE. Remember no one skill build is perfect, it'll require tweaking, editing, and adding with skill points. Also I maxed Bloody Roar cause it cases once you got good survivability it's a godsend. If you don't like the skill, I suggest not investing and reserving those 175 points to other much needed stuff.
Final Level 80 Build: (NO HUNTER G CAP SKILL POINTS):
That will do for Player vs Enemy only Overlords. Now remember all skill builds in this guide are open to tweaks and edits by all my Warriors, Gladiators, Myrmidons, and Overlords. Some PvE builds have a hint of PvP spice for the habit of loving PVP.


Level 81-85 Build: (No Hunter G's used):


Basically unless you're into the Protector of the Stars Hero set or and wanna dive into level 81+ PvP. Leveling past 80 isn't a necessity. Just use the 5 new levels to level some needed skills. Nothing new comes up at level 81+
9. Strategies: Player vs Player:
In PvP, Overlords have advantages of easy catch and above-average damage. As well as the ability to aid groups very well. We can be a very good group pvp class with alot of 1vs1 potential.
Your two primary (And admittedly overused) catching skills will be Swords Dance and Stumblebum. Swords dance allows a quick, low cooldown knockdown catch while Stumblebum is a good 360 degree radius catch with short casting time and a stun + aim debuff.
Due to Swords Dance and Stumblebum, your opponents will often stay mobile to avoid and the cast time of Stumblebum is quick but can be countered. So it's best to mess your opponents movements up and catch them during the flinches. Such as using I'm gone bear then following with a catch during the flinching (Warning if an opponent keeps moving during the hits they won't flinch), or using Incoming bear then following with a stumble as soon as they finish rolling out.
Once caught, they are at mercy to easy to chain together combos. Such as your bears, launching them with skills to Wyvern Blade + Storm blade, and yes, even locks. Though Hammer crush is needed to guarantee little escaping.
For those who use Bloody Roar, learn to activate it mid-combo to ensure little to no countering. Be ready to quickly turn it off.
Here's some helpful tips for specific classes. These can work in 1vs1 scenarios or to aid your team against them.
Dragoon: (Difficulty: Hard)


Well this was unexpected. Dragoon's original Crosscut/Spear Jab cooldown share nerf has been reverted. This makes them monumentally incredible at catching you. Also they can chain skills very easily now for their seemingly never-ending ground combo.

  • Dragoon's have quite a few super armor advantages with skills like Aerial Smackdown, Spear Jab, Rolling Ground, Awakenings, and when the Impervion buff is active.
  • Don't waste Air Recoveries as you could get locked up in a powerful, extended air combo from Chain Shield and Double Storm Blade.
  • Time Reverse is restricted in BSQ and EW, but not regular PvP.
  • They have higher health and defenses naturally.
  • To those with Attack Speed, you can use X>X>X>X chain combo to cancel the super armor of a stunned Dragoon then follow with a Gust Slash.


Overlord: (Difficulty: It's your own class, so it varies on player skill.)


Overlords aren't an under-played, and under-loved class. They can easily pull off the combos Dragoons can. Just more ground based. Their bears are annoying if used right, they can hit like a fire-truck with bloody roar especially with elements, and Death bound is a frightening Debuff. Many Overlords will open with Stumblebum for it's fixed stun rate and 360 degree range. Making it a good opener for a combo. Predict the casting animation well and dodge accordingly.

  • Be wary of Stumblebum, it can instantly stun you if caught in the radius. Especially if their casting speed is buffed in group pvp.
  • Unlike Dragoons, Overlords lack air based combos aside from Wyvern Blade + Storm Blade. Air recovering after those is safe. You can escape their combo with a super-armor skill like Death Stinger.
  • Beware of Death Grab, It's stun isn't 100% however and it's delayed. You can choose whether to hit them while they're open or get some distance.
  • Bloody Roar drastically lowers defense and cannot be turned off when stunned or frozen. take note of that weakness and strike when they're a glass cannon. Some Overlords tend to go the glass-cannon route and try to keep Bloody Roar up 100% of the time.

Invoker: (Difficulty: Hard)


Choo Choo! This class got a hype train when others got nerfed. They have annoying, low-cooldown heals, easy catching, purely devastating damage with elements and good attack speed, and if attack speed is high, godly super armor. Upside is, People in PvP tend to be nice when playing Invoker. They won't use magnet in 1v1s and turn off their healing. But they are still a force to be reckoned with. Especially with Elements.

  • Take note of Magnet's pull range. Learn to work around it's radius. A bug/lagg will often have it catching with double range.
  • Their Awakenings have super-armor casting. You can cancel it with a chain combo x-spam or stun.
  • Barbarian and Witches curse ignore evade and block rate. So always fight with their range in mind. They have a client-sided catching. Meaning if you seemingly get caught out of range, it's because in their client you're in range.
  • Heals are difficult to out damage. In a BattleSquare scenario, it's best to hold them steady till your team comes in. Overlords can ground lock Invokers as long as Blink isn't used.
  • Chain combos for them given them super armor x-spam and z-spam. Making catches that don't have stuns/freezes very difficult to land. If you land a stumblebum when they're super armored, it'll persist for the duration of the stun. You can simply cancel the super armor with chain combos if you're fast enough however.

Sorcerer: (Difficulty: Easy-Medium if alone, Hard if in a team.)


Alas poor Sorceror class. In a 1vs1, they got the short hand of the stick. It's tough to land their catches which would otherwise make them a shoo-in for a freeze-lock. But in a team-fight... lets just say they get real destructive. Good freezes, high damage, electricity flinch, time-stop. But it still is in the Invoker's shadow sadly. But they are still a good class none-the-less.

  • Sorcerer's (aside from Time freeze) can't 1vs1 Very well. They have to catch you with a freeze or time-stop to guarantee a high damage it.
  • Note the AoE's of Fire Symbol, Blizzard, Pepper, and Penguin. Work your way around em.
  • Stay mobile.
  • Lowering stats with Curse helps with the Physical Damage Reduction and Heals.
  • Like Invokers, chain combos give them super-armored z-spam.
  • Missle can be used defensively. If they run off-screen, be weary of a sudden missle ambush. That gets amplified with Element attack.
  • Here's a neat trick with Time Stop. Just before they finish the animation to freeze you, Jump. This freezes you in mid air and you can air recover out of it. (Even a cutdown>Wyvern Blade>Storm Blade counter can be pulled off or another lethal combo).

Sentinel: (Difficulty: The bane of your existance. Next to Drakan classes.)


Oh God these guys.... Setinels were always powerful. From beginning to end they had amazing capabilities. And after they got awakenings and telsa? It got even better for them. Their traps apply a large number of debuffs: Silence, Freeze, Jump/Dash-block. Also their launches are very deadly due to anti-air shot. But the danger comes with the ground-based damage. Telsa, Ice-shower, multishot, shootdown. They can rip you a new one if they land a single net-bind on you.

  • Learn to memorize trap placement. They may be invisible, but remembering their locations avoids pain.
  • The launches of Wolf Rush and the Firebirds have a slight delay you can cancel with super armor.
  • Stay mobile constantly in case of a sudden telsa drop. Telsa can also be dropped in mid air after launches.
  • High Movement speed is annoying but not impossible to catch. Learn to attack when they slow down for attacking.
  • You can stumblebum while netbound as well as Sword's dance. Stall out netbind's duration with flinching. However if a Sentinel runs behind and immediately begins attacking with stuns and silence your best bet is to get out of there immediately.
  • Learn the range and animation for the hook-shot and also beware of Silence and Freeze traps placed close to each other.
  • Be ready to air recover and cutdown quickly when launched to avoid Anti-air shot.
  • Sentinels are often frail.
  • Always expect the obvious shootdown opener, when it's on cooldown they can't land much else without risking an easy stumblebum or using their traps.
  • Watch out for the stunning chain combo (X>Down+Z>Z).
  • Multishot and Shootdown have their maximum damage when close range. Also Multishot has superarmor and both are quicker based on Attack Speed.

Destroyer: (Difficulty: Very Hard)


My second main class, and for good reason. These guys will tear you to shreds if given an opportunity. Especially with Sniping and Element boosted shootdowns and x-spam. Their downside is, catching isn't too easy to pull off without high movement speed and good attack speed. But fortunately for's not difficult to gear these core stats up.

  • Watch out for Sniping's range. It's among the hardest hitting skills in the game.
  • Unlike Sentinels, they have more difficulty catching. Mostly relying on a variation of skills with flashbang to leave you open.
  • Always be quick to avoid Anti-air shot. It can be an infinite lock with elements negating it's damage reduction.
  • Like Sentinels, Destroyers are often frail.
  • Stay mobile when within Auto-shot range. Also beware of Vulcan placements as it can hit incredibly hard.
  • The Air Strike launches but has a long casting time. Move out the way of it.
  • Multishot has super-armor and combos well with grenades.
  • Flashbangs stun is annoying but not 100% guaranteed to catch due to lag-walks. However most destroyers will follow your lag-walking self and apply lethal x-spam to make up for it.
  • Always expect an obvious shootdown. Take advantage of it's cooldown.
  • Always predict and avoid Sniping. Like Shootdown you can take advantage of it's cooldown for a chance to catch.
  • Watch for their stunning chain combos. As well as their x-spam amplified with the use of Two-action and Random shot.

Savage: (Difficulty: Hard, also extremely annoying.)


Savage has quite a few powerful ways to bring the pain since their nerf was reverted. Final Decision makes an amazing ground combo skill, Tons of air locking potential from Headspin, basically air or ground they can destroy you. Also packing frequent and annoying super-armor and powerful stuns.

  • Chain Combos can interrupt Headspin. This requires attack speed however.
  • If not stunned and you find them randomly having super-armor, back away before they can counter.
  • Avoid Rocket Punches. level 5-10 variants have a long stun duration.
  • Don't waste Air Recovery mid-headspin.
  • Moonwalk's invulnerability lasts for a short duration after the animation finishes. Beware of follow-ups like Headspin.
  • If super-armored while stunned. Cancel it with knockback.


Ninja: (Difficulty: Hard if skilled.)


Before evade nerfs, this class was downright ridiculous to 1vs1 unless they had no evade. They combined high evade with their high-damage to make low-risk, high-reward plays. But it got nerfed, meaning they need to risk more to pull off the plays. But it can still be difficulty to fight them. So be alert!

  • Ninja form is fast. And they can swap out of it for a quick escape and counter. Even when stunned.
  • Rocket Punch is annoying. Predict it and move in during it's cooldown.
  • Unlike Savage, they still have lethal ground combos. Especially involving daggers.
  • Wood Rush is a massive slow, but dashing still works. It also no longer cripples aim rate.
  • They have some level of Super-armor. Be careful when trying to counter.


Summoners: (Difficulty: Extreme)


Normally, this class was scarcely played due to a massive skill-tree, and difficulty gear hunting. Now, it's still underplayed, but occasionally you find that good summoner that put alot of effort into it. And that's what you look out for. Summons like Golgon and Dark Knight hit like trucks and are incredible tanks. Damage reflection is very lethal. And the combos are difficult to get out of ESPECIALLY with x-spam and stuns.

  • Even if the Summoner's hit during the casting, Rolling stone will keep rolling. And it's knockback and stun are excellent at keeping you still.
  • More summons = Faster casting. More stacked = Higher Summon HP. Making killing the summons difficult and giving them a long-time buff that makes their most lethal skills easier to use.
  • Stay mobile. They rely on AoE's of their catches.
  • If you see a Dark Knight, play it safe and stumblebum it for a stun and get a good distance, stall out it's short summon duration. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO KILL IT. (Only kill a Dark Knight if you know it's HP isn't too hgh.)
  • Golgon's rolling knockback/stun will be the bane of your existance. Always attack the summoner from the furthest distance from the golgon
  • X-spam + Smart shot is almost as deadly if not more deadly than diffusion cannon. Especially with elements. However it can't home in directly behind the summoner.
  • Beware of Reflects. You can practically One-shot yourself if you get reflected using Rising Storm and other skills.

Twin Fighter: (Difficulty: NOPE)


This class, was made for a pure PvP aspect. It's damage is ridiculously high, it has 2 sources of 100% block rate, its Twin is very annoying as a free, infinite hp meatshield, and it's combos are near infinite with powerful stuns and high damage. In other words, they'll be hell to fight. It's still incredibly underplayed as like with Summoner, the Drakan classes are very difficult to build and often scare people from stacking them seriously. But you will find those Twins that go all in and become the best. You have to play against them right. And even I mess up against them due to their constant spamming of Block Rate and the knockbacks.

  • Weave is a free 100% block rate for a short duration. They have a rough 3-4 second duration. When you see a weave, count down from 4 (Full seconds). At 0-1 Try an attack like Incoming Bear and see if it hits. Get this timing down and you can effectively throw them off and set up for an actual combo if fast enough.
  • Do not attempt a Stumblebum when Weave is active. They'll laugh in your face as it has zero effect (Sometimes even without it's debuff) and beat the tar out of you.
  • Don't bother with Super-armor. They spam knockbacks that cancel it.
  • Pay attention to their movements. They need to be on the ground to cast weaves. So if they have to jump that's a slim opening.
  • That 100% Block Shield they use to set up Ghost Fighter? Best time to cast Stumblebum. The stun even lasts slightly longer than the shield afterwards.
  • Always combo a Twin from behind. So it can't escape using Twin abilities to knock you back.

10. Strategies: Group PvP'ing:


Overlords have a huge advantage in team scenarios. Able to aid in heavily damaging in both the air and the ground. Here's a few tips for helping your team out:


1.) Buff your team up.

In the beginning of rounds or when you spawn in an Emporia War, use your buffs to help your team. A Gamble can be a game-changer while Wild-Rage and Warrior's Bonds can help out in damage and defense.

2.) Stumble hits 5 by default and stuns em.

Stumblebum will be your best friend. If you have a Priest/Invoker on your team, let em buff you with Casting Acceleration and you will become the enemy team's nightmare with Insta-Cast Stumblebums.

3.) Mage freeze your foes? GOOD!

Death Bound and Dashing Blow lower stats greatly, but launch up. But not on frozen targets. Take huge advantage of that and stack up some heavy debuffs on them.

4.) Ground lock is often best choice.

Many classes excell in hard hitting ground-bound locking. Use your hammer-crush and flinches and I'm Gone Bear to hit them hard and keep em locked for your team.

5.) Learn to Bloody Roar.

Can't stress this enough. When you know no counters are gonna happen, Pop your Bloody Roar and let all hell loose upon them. Learn to quickly turn it off when danger approaches as well.

6.) Keep your team alive.

Save your teammates when they're getting downed. You're good in 1vs1's but excellent when you have backups.


BattleSquare tips and tricks:

  1. Focus on the mini-map and Scoreboard. Pick your targets wisely.
  2. Try to avoid flag-grabbing unless you know you can survive.
  3. Stay close with a team-mate. Safety in numbers.
  4. Water Arena has 3D movement. Try to learn to take advantage of it.
  5. Fire Arena has 2D movement and narrow choke points that really are tricky to cross when full of enemies.
  6. Don't Blindly Dash Jump.
  7. Running is frowned upon but you have no means of healing and are often at disadvantages.

Emporia War tips and tricks:



  1. Learn to quickly Island hop. Hold TAB then press F1-F5. This is a lifesaver when being locked or chased.
  2. Focus missions. (Example: Attack a certain class once. Just hit that person once then quickly island hop.) Only kill if missions cannot be accomplished with available means.
  3. Work together. It's a guild battle you know.
  4. Prevent enemy team from regaining core attack chance.
  5. Regain attack chance if lost. Split priorities to core protection and missions.
  6. Remember, there are Emporia War rules you must follow or risk punishment to yourself or your whole guild.
  7. Buff teammates.

Castle Fight: (Offense):

  1. Again: Learn to island hop quickly.
  2. Again: Follow rules.
  3. Work together to ensure no interruptions while you damage dragon.
  4. Pass buffs to teammates. Especially Gambles.
  5. Kill Dragon Quickly.

Castle fight: (Defense):

  1. Island Hop and move to whatever Island needs aid.
  2. Don't worry if they hop. Hop again to intercept.
  3. 3,000 points is near impossible to accomplish. Stalling for the 20 minute duration is best.
  4. Don't damage your own dragon (It's a bug I know. JUST DON'T DO IT).




Edited by Coolsam, 09 September 2015 - 07:16 PM.

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#4 Coolsam


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Posted 10 July 2013 - 11:30 AM

11. FAQ:


1.) What does FAQ mean?

Frequently Asked Questions. Basically Answering what questions players might ask.


2.) I don't like your skill builds. May I edit them to my liking?

Absolutely! It's always nice to tweak skill builds. My current build was like my 6th-8th Reset attempt.


3.) How many Hunter G Skill point +1's have you used?

I have used many skill point increases in my build. They really help when you decide to go beyond 5/5 or need certain skills maxed.


4.) Can you link your skill build?

Of course! It has used 108 Hunter G +1 skill points. (And counting when I stop being so lazy)


5.) How long have you been playing?

I have mained in Myrmidon-Overlord since Early THQ"ICE era. Halloween after it's Open beta so 2009 at least.


6.) After Galaxia, Aim isn't needed as much. Would you still consider having alot of it?

Not a whole lot. Enough to still hit often w/ debuffed aim statuses.


7.) Will this guide be updated?

Correct! As often as I can with new patches and updates to skills/sets.


8.) Didn't I see you on Youtube?

Yes. Check out my videos for some Overlord Gameplay in Both PvE and PvP. (Alot of videos are Pre-Galaxia with un-capped Critical Damage.)


9.) Are you the top Overlord in the server?

Nope. I don't even consider myself top Overlord.


10.) In PvP, I hit someone with Sword's Dance, and they run off before poofing back infront of me. Why is that?

It is called "Lag-walking." It happens entirely on accident due to lag from One or Multiple players in the PvP room. It's very annoying but you can predict when they poof back to re-assure a catch w/ Stumblebum.


11.) Aren't Dragoons much better than Overlords?

Unbiased Answer: They're much cheaper and considered "Higher Tier." Biased Answer: Dragoon is easy mode! QQ Nerf pl0x!! Post Dragoon Nerf Answer: Dragoon requires more skill to play now. So I'd say near equal but Dragoons are still liked alot.


12.) Did you really just mention Tiers in Dragon Saga?

Yes. Each class has tiers for how they'd rate in PvP (Group or 1v1). Though no one else every uses that term for top classes.

Edited by Coolsam, 18 October 2013 - 01:50 PM.

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#5 ShazamO


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Posted 17 July 2013 - 09:32 AM

Good Stuff~  :ok: 


Let me know once it's complete in the thread~

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#6 Coolsam


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Posted 20 July 2013 - 08:22 PM

Updated with Player vs Enemy setups and skill builds. Gear section is being procrastinated worked on as you wait :D

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#7 Rabbicarpo2011


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Posted 30 July 2013 - 10:43 AM

:no1:  I love it

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#8 Coolsam


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Posted 30 July 2013 - 11:43 AM

Guide's technically completed. All I'd need to do is a few edits here and there.

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#9 iLionHearT


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Posted 03 September 2013 - 09:54 AM

Nice guide there friend. I also have a question that what is overlord main stat in Galaxia update?  HLT or Agi or DEF? 


Edited by iLionHearT, 03 September 2013 - 09:55 AM.

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#10 Coolsam


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Posted 03 September 2013 - 10:52 AM

Nice guide there friend. I also have a question that what is overlord main stat in Galaxia update? HLT or Agi or DEF?

I would suggest a mix of hlt and def with offensive power.
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#11 iLionHearT


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Posted 03 September 2013 - 03:11 PM

Alright thanks you very much ;)

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#12 Coolsam


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Posted 18 October 2013 - 01:52 PM

Guide Updated. Features Post Galaxia Part 2 changes.

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#13 ShazamO


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Posted 19 October 2013 - 04:59 PM

Thanks for keeping it updated Sam :ok:

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#14 Coolsam


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Posted 05 April 2014 - 05:44 PM

Updated: Added additional information in Player vs Player strategies and updated Stumblebum to fit it's nerfed description.

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#15 ShazamO


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Posted 08 April 2014 - 10:00 AM

Thanks Sam. :ok:

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#16 GabeHD


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Posted 31 May 2014 - 08:20 AM

I was thinking of going back to DragonSaga, but with a new character. Found this guide and I think which class I will go. :P

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#17 Daikuma


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Posted 26 July 2014 - 10:44 AM

Hey Sam, your guide is really awesome,
I have a question, If you have like 500+ extra Hunter G points. would you skill Demolition Charge or is this skill useless?

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#18 Coolsam


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Posted 26 July 2014 - 11:44 AM

Hey Sam, your guide is really awesome,
I have a question, If you have like 500+ extra Hunter G points. would you skill Demolition Charge or is this skill useless?


Even if I had the spare skill points. I just don't like it. It hits one time and even the skill's weapon damage % doesn't seem to feel right regardless of min or max attack. The charging can get interrupted in PvP and in PvE you just take alot of hits before releasing it. I recall even at full charge when I did land a hit was fairly low and I'm not interested in seeing it's damage @ 5/5.

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#19 Daikuma


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Posted 26 July 2014 - 02:08 PM

Ok, as I tought.. thank you for the quick answer :)

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#20 RJGS


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Posted 19 November 2014 - 04:18 PM

These are very minor details, but I think it might be helpful to note that I'm Gone Bear! doesn't hit fallen targets till level 3, and that Magnum Break, while being a less effective launching skill, comes with a nice DoT effect, which is pretty useful for taking down F7 bombs.


Great guide, nonetheless.

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#21 KokainKiss


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Posted 04 January 2015 - 04:45 PM

Hi! would you reload the skill simulator please? The skill tree is not the same any more with the skill tree from the game.

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#22 Coolsam


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Posted 15 May 2015 - 05:06 PM

Updated with Savage and Dragoon buffs with PvP section. Also mentioned buffed Stumblebum.

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#23 ks030792


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Posted 15 August 2015 - 09:29 PM

Thanks Sam! You are tool cool! XD

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#24 Agitodesu


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Posted 02 September 2015 - 09:44 AM

Bloody roar should heal and give 100% total atk boost and do aoe damage and poison them and silence them andddd give yourself super armor for however long it's on the cause it's a scary roar and it's also bloody. Even with 98k atk+10,000 element atk I can't kill anyone as fast as other classes. Or I just suck massive egg rolls.

And change that blazing youth and ice cold heart. That's my signature skill!

Edited by Agitodesu, 13 September 2015 - 09:36 AM.

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#25 KoolzG


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Posted 19 December 2015 - 11:44 PM

I had quit this game since Dragonica closed and forgot most of the stuff. Started to play again today and I'm a big fan of Overlord. Thank you so much for this guide, Coolsam. What an amazing guide, it's going to help me a lot  :heh: 

Btw, it is so impressive that you've been keeping it updated for over 2 years  :no1:

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