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Questing Revisited, Quest Line

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Posted 18 July 2013 - 06:37 PM

These are the details for a sample quest line I made for a porposal posted below



Forging a Mighty Weapon I, Start a chain from Mayor Darren:

Hunt in for DoD and gather specific materials. Once the materials are gathered, speak to Ronk.

Ronk will ask for materials from other NPC's to make a schematic, once you have the schematic, go to Crune.

Crune will provide you with information on a certain Breezy Hills smith, who can craft exceptional weaponry. Take a note from Crune w/ the schematic and materials to said NPC, and receive the equivalent of a refined 10 unique weapon. [Note this weapon should be restricted from refining in the same way the level 29 IM weapons are, for questing purposes later on.]

You will also learn the unique skill {Hero Lv 1} for questing purposes, this skill does nothing but enable you to wield your newly aquired weapon, more details after the quest chain.


Forging a Mighty Weapon II,[Requires Forging a Mighty Weapon I finished] Start a quest chain from the Luna mayor, to research mana fountains on Luna. 

Upon finding these secret locations, you will be prompted to report to the mayor. The mayor will then recommend you take the findings to Est in front of the Luna Temple. 

Est will assure you that something is amiss with the fountains, and she's confident the monsters inside the temple have something to do with it. Bring est proofs of several types of monster kills, as well as evidence of tampering. 

After reporting to Est with the required items and proof of evidence, Est will decipher that the Moon Children Summoning Stones are responsible for disrupting the Mana Fountains, and will request you destroy these stones, as well as the Bosses around them.

Once you have 50 proofs of moon stone, and 1 proof of Each Boss, you will receive a purified mana crystal, and stone fragments. Take these materials to Est. Est will Fuse the stone fragments and mana crystal into the level 80 unique weapon, upgrading it to a more powerful version. The weapon should now be equivalent of a level 130 refined 10 weapon. You unique skill {Hero Lv1} will also be upgraded to Lv 2


Forging a Mighty Weapon III,[Requires Forging a Mighty Weapon II finished]

Speak to Raknu chief. He will demand you assist his tribe by clearing out the pests outside of Xita. Go out and clear 50 Warbiz, Hookers, Pincers and Spiders. 

Return to Raknu Chief and he will ask that you perform an investigation into why the pests have become so violent. Head out and find Ikaness Staff, Ikaness Miners and Ikaness Castle Gears. Collect the required kills and be rewarded with evidence that the Ikaness have been performing tests on the creatures, which has angered the pests.

Apon returning to the Chief, he will suspect the Ikaness of being solely responsible, but dismiss the problem due to his war with the Sikuku.

The Chief will tell you to speak to The village inhabitants to learn more about the Ikaness. Upon discovering the Ferrel Guild Members are in town, that would be the most logical place to start.

Once you have spoken to the Ferrel Staff, they reveal that the Ikaness are very well hidden with their actions, but, he's certain they are stock piling valuable crystals and gems. He develops a plan to steal many of these supplies but requires materials for a large sack. He recommends you go and collect the hide of a moss golem, for camoflage while he works on making a pack to carry the materials in. Go kill a moss golem, and return with the hide [quest item].

Once you return the Ferrel staff is ready to perform his plan, he rewards you with a Large Tigris Pack [equip-able back item] and a Moss Golem Suit [equip-able costume]. He then directs you to collect crystals from the Ikaness camp and return with the Sack full. Go out and recover 10 stashes [quest item] and return.

Once you return, the Ferrel Staff member will direct you to the Junon Order Staff, who may be able to enhance your quest weapon, and also supplies you with a handful of crystals [quest item].

Speak to the Junon Order staff and he will take the crystals, and turn them into a crystal hammer [quest item] and direct you to the smith, who will reinforce your weapon using the crystal hammer.

Speak to the smith, and your weapon will be upgraded to a level 160 unique weapon with the eqvuivalent power of a 160 refine 10 weapon. Your unique skill will now be upgraded to {Hero Lv 3}


How will the weapon work?


The weapon will work similar to the level set weapons in the IM.

Instead of checking if a character is a certain level, it will check if the character has the passive skill {Hero} and what level it is currently. 

So the tooltip will look roughly like 



Stat 1

Stat 2

Requires: Hero Lv 1

Stat bonus AP

Stat bonus ACC

Requires: Hero Lv 2

Stat bonus AP

Stat bonus ACC

Requires: Hero Lv 3

Stat bonus AP

Stat bonus ACC

Bonus Stat #

Bonus Stat #

Description: ~~~~~~~~~~



As the player levels the Unique Skill {Hero} the weapon will essentially upgrade itself / unlock the bonus tiers of the stats. 

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