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Soul linker

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#1 Meliadoul


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Posted 25 October 2010 - 03:22 PM

Alright, so I wanted to make a soul linker for priest spirit. However, upon inspecting the builds, there are 50 billion variations. I also have no experience with soul linkers whatsoever. I wanted to make an esma one, but I also realize there are ZERO spells as a taekwon that involve int that I know of, making leveling extremely slow and difficult. So I'm wondering, is a caster/esma build even viable anymore? It seems like agi/str characters are breezing through everything now. I'm just wondering, is plowing through with int only worth it, or should I just go melee linker?
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#2 JaydenSai


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Posted 26 October 2010 - 02:54 AM

Unfortuanatly as anyone will tell you, thanks to Renewal no one has ANY idea what build goes with anything =/ I myself am confused on a Bard build.

Best advice anyone can give you right now is just take advantage of the free stat/skill reset girls (Around the Kafra's usually) and just see what works for you.
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#3 famiong


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Posted 26 October 2010 - 03:35 AM

Was lvling a Linker recently (Renewal).

Had STR/AGI/DEX as a TK boy, level by Kicking. Job Changed at 50 To Soul Linker. Remember to get Flying Kick and Tumbling. Then started leveling as a Combat/Melee Linker (STR/AGI/DEX). Wished I had a Grimtooth (dagger), but I didn't. Used a +7 VVS Damascus instead until I got job lvl 27. Minimum Job27 to get Esma 10. Physical damage was only about 700 on Wraith. Then I switched to Esma Linker (INT/DEX), Magical damage is now about 6,000 with Staff of Survivor & Survivor Manteau set.

The only difference I feel about leveling Esma Linker Pre-Renewal and Renewal is the restriction in places to level due to monster lvl. In the past, it was possible to power level at Ice Caves lvl3 with Ice Titans all the way to 99. But now,....with Ice Titans being lvl110, I am forced to find a new leveling place ever other levelup.

Hope it helps.

p/s: I don't feel there is much difference in Esma Linker guide Pre-Renewal and Renewal, if you select your monsters carefully, they should die in one or two Esma. Perhaps some would add some LUK; which in Renewal also boost MATK.

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