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Hybrid Sorc Guide

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Posted 30 July 2013 - 08:40 PM

No flashy icons, I'm not willing to put that much time into this!


Little bit of background, I'm Sayya. I've cleared hard mode CoA and I top damage meters all around. You might be able to catch me doing some charity -_- in other raids / gear runs.


So the sorc. As a sorc, your job in raids is to:

1. Do DPS

2. Raid healing

3. Single target healing


So naturally, the guide will be separated into three parts.


1. DPS

Stats- To maximize your DPS, you most likely want to maximize your Agi. There are exceptions, but for the most part I have found that maximizing your Agi gives slightly better returns than Int. If you're not sure:


Use the spreadsheet.


As a general rule, 41/41 is the highest damage build. 40/40/8 is also good. I recommend not being 51/27/3, as you're missing out on two-four stat points.



To maximize your DPS, don't forget to use Dragon Embroideries and Magic Oils. You want to use Master AGI pots and Master AGI Boost pots (Try to time it with guardian). Obviously, use Screw Fins / Heavenly Sausage.


Skills- There are honestly not that many builds you can do as a viable raid sorc.

Build 1: No Earth Shield


I haven't done the math, so I could be wrong about 3/3 JTM and 2/5 Aqua Spirit (as oppossed to 2/3 and 3/5). Possible variations of this build include 1/3 Frost Diver and 5/5 Aqua Spirit, but Frost Diver has too much utility in WoE and on some specific boss fights (Ratmaster, Baphomet Hard, and so on)


Build 2: Earth shield


As you can see, I still have high level cold bolt to maintain as much DPS as I can. I take another off of deluge, but that really shouldn't be that big of a deal.


Skill Rotation- Basically, spam cold bolt until you get a wind seal proc. Then, use Varityr Spear followed by a Jupitel Thunder. If VS is down and you have two procs, feel free to Memorize -> Jupitel Thunder -> Cold Bolt -> Jupitel Thunder. Also, if your JTM is procced and you don't have wind seal up, use a naked Jupitel Thunder, but this is a pretty unlikely situation.


So for example: Cold bolt -> Cold bolt (Proc) -> Varityr Spear -> Jupitel Thunder -> Cold bolt (Proc) -> Jupitel Thunder -> Cold Bolt -> Jupitel Thunder -> And so on. If you see your raid take damage, throw down a LoR somewhere inbetween this.


Last thing, use Aqua spirit every time it's on cooldown, unless something's going to happen like you have to pause DPS on ratmaster.


2. Raid Healing

In general, using deluge for AoEs and using LoR should be enough if you have two sorcs (Especially if you have people use red pots). If you aren't blessed with two sorcs, then you may have to sit in earth seal to raid heal for the worse AoE bosses, like Culvert Band and Mini&Mongi. You really want to avoid having to be in earth seal (it destroys your DPS), but you do what you gotta do.


3. Single target healing

LoR + spam Healing Wave and Rejuvinate. Only really need to do this if your healers are dead, or you have to be in earth seal anyways (See #2).


If you have any questions, leave them in chat and I'll get around to answering them eventually.

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