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Kafra cards~ yay~!

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Posted 25 October 2010 - 07:39 PM

So i these are my thoughts for the kafra cards whilst using my own ideas with info that was given yo me, so heres what i have!
Im not an artist but ill try to make a rough artwork for them, They each have a location in Prontera.

Card name:
slot gear:
picture description:

sorin card
Dex+2, increase damage to demi-human monsters by 5%
With luscious, long, black hair and a heart-taking smile she does her best being the leader of the kafras.
South, blocking players that are unaware about the Dead branch monsters that are hanging out at the entrance

telling card
Agi+2, gain 5sp when killing a monster
Beautiful and hardworking, she always strives to get the job done, no matter how little the task is.
EastWest, "telling" lost novices about the swordsman guild which moved to izlude.

defolty card
Str+2, has a chance of casting lvl 10 Kyrie Eleison when taking physical damage.
With her lovely smile and friendly attitude, people from all around rune Migard come to Protera to use her services
Center, she is happily waving goodbye to a player that just used her service while others in the background ogle at her.

debril card
Luk+2, has a chance of casting lvl 5 Gloria while attacking
Even though she looks very young and acts very childish, she is very determined when it comes to her work.
North, trying her best attempting to fill out everyones request, but has difficulties as its during WoE.

glaris card
Int+2, Hit+10
With the charm of a teacher figure, she does her work diligently as part of the kafra corp.
West, She is informing a player with a clipboard and is probably adjusting her glasses that does a glare effect.

bennit card
Vit+2, aspd+2%
She is still pretty when sporting a tomboyish look. She is well loved by many because of her short hair.
East, happily petting a cute young acolyte congratulating her passing her test.

Kafra combo set: Sorin card, telling card, defolty card, Glaris card, Debril card, bennit card
All stats +3
adds the chance of gaining "free kafra trasportaion ticket" or "free kafra storage ticket" when defeating a demi-human monster
There's a small chance of nullifying all physical and magical attacks targeting you for 2 seconds when receiving damage.

Sampaguita card (comodo one)
Crit+5, Enables the use of level 2 deluge
From the outer posts of the Rune Migard Kingdom, she takes care of all the towns that retain a much more tropical climate. Not only is she beauty, she is also a very good gambler at the Comodo Casino.
A simple picture of her playing in the shallow waters of Comodo beach.

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