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Leveling questions for Thief/Rogue

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#1 Vlarkin123


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Posted 13 August 2013 - 05:52 PM

Hello so I just started playing the game as a Thief and want to go Rogue at 25. I have a few questions. I see that for all of the Rogue skills in the Skill Tree, they are usable at level 25 but just have pre requisite skills. So would it be worth it to just get the bare minimum in the Thief tree, and then once 25, get as many skills into Rogue as I can? 


I have also searched a decent amount for the best skills as a Thief to get more than 1 point in while leveling and I seem to not be able to find anything. So far I have just leveled everything in the Thief Tree once except for Double Strike and Combo Training which both seem good I guess? Possibly max the Poison next? Idk. I guess what I am hoping here is that someone can basically just tell me what the best Skill Tree to go for looks like while leveling. 

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#2 ZT0100


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Posted 13 August 2013 - 06:10 PM

When you job advance, everything is going to reset, both the stats and skill build. It wasn't like this before when I advanced my first thief, but recently I became a rogue again on my 2nd character and everything was reset. I guess they changed it, so feel free to max whatever you want now because later you can put all those points into rogue skills when you advance. 


Definitely max Double Attack because you will be using that for the most part. Weapon Poisoning helps a lot, so put at least one point in it. Combo Training and Deadly Blow increase your DPS, so you can max those if you want ( I didn't because I wasn't aware that they reset stats after advancement.)


Here is what I recommend you put points in as you level:


1 in Dark Illusion

1 in Dagger Throw

1 in Weapon Poisoning

Max Double Attack

Max Combo Training so you can use Deadly Blow faster

Max Weapon Poisoning

Max Deadly Blow




You can get to level 25 easily without the rest of the skills. Again, when you job advance everything is reset. I think that is the fastest build to 25.

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#3 Leinzan


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Posted 14 August 2013 - 05:18 AM

it is deciving, but while lvling, the first skill I recomend you to max is DI, then get one point for poison and later go max double attack, combo training and deadly blow...


Reason is simple, Dark Illusion is the skill you should use to start every battle without exception, and most battles will be against normal mobs.

DI will give you an overwhelming adventage on this department, on early monsters you will have them almost killed (or insta killed), on later ones you will hack half theif life and they havent even turned around to you, and on even later monsters it will be at least 1/3~1/4 their life.


Poison Weapon with one point will boost your damange in a 10% by damanging your enemy every 2 seconds, this is remarkably important. Get one point for it ASAP, but no more than 1 point.


Double Attack is your main attack skill, but as I told you, DI will have them almost dead anyway, exceptions will be only the mini-bosses.


Combo Mastery is what I recomend to max next instead of Deadly Blow, because DB really isnt that cool since monsters will be practically dead anyway... so making it happen more often is actually better than making it hit harder.


you'll end up with 6 extra points, do whatever you want with those O___o;;


give all stat points to STR.


Rest of the skills, matters not, they will reset at lvl 25 when you do the job change anyway.

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#4 mysticalre


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Posted 14 August 2013 - 10:46 AM

Once you hit rogue on 25, I would recommend getting Gangster's Paradise. You don't have to max it (although by 50 it's pretty recommended to get it to lvl 4-5), but definitely get it at least ~lvl 3ish early, the extra 60% heal every ~40-80s (depending on GP lvl 3-5) is going to save you so much time, you won't need to stop for any breaks while questing

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