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Posted 31 August 2013 - 11:36 PM

Ragnarok Monster Lore: Tikbalang ragnaroksource_zps73076a85.png


Tikbalang is a large broad-shouldered bipedal horse-like monster that is covered in armor. This monster's arms and hands are reminiscent of a human's minus one finger and are long enough too reach the ground from a standing position. The headgear it wears gives it's face a black color. When it attacks, it's fond of hiding and casting Decrease Agility on the target. This large beast can be tamed with a Tikbalang Harness, but it will struggle violently.


World Fact WorldFact_zps9f6b9748.png


In Philippine folklore, Tikbalang is a creature that lurks in the mountains and forests. It is described as humanoid with disproportionate limbs and the head and lower half of a horse. This creature is known to lead travelers astray and scare them. No matter where the traveler goes, a tikbalang would play tricks on them to make them return to an arbitrary path. This can be prevented by turning one's shirt inside-out, asking permission out loud to pass, or not producing too much noise at all. Some stories suggest that the tikbalang can transform into humans or become invisible to them. According to one story, a tikbalang's mane is made of sharp spines and can be tamed by obtaining one of the three thickest spines to make a talisman, or agimat, to keep the tikbalang as a servant. However, one must first subdue the tikbalang by tying it with a special cord and essentially ride it like a bucking bronco. If the rider manages to hang on until the tikbalang tires out, then the tikbalang would become his or her servant.




Tikbalang Drops


Tikbalang's Thick Spine 5%

Inside-out Shirt 0.51%

Oridecon ??

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