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[RML] Mananaggal [rinlen02]

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Posted 01 September 2013 - 01:23 AM

Ragnarok Monster Lore: Mananaggal ragnaroksource_zps73076a85.png


The Malaya Hospital's first floor is home to the Mananaggal, a demon that is the bare upper torso of a human female with red and black hair and pointed ears. It's long hair extends down to the lower part of the monster's body, which flies on large bat-like wings. It carries around a syringe which holds a red liquid (maybe blood). Since Mananaggal is found only in the hospital and wields a medical needle, it can be assumed that Mananaggal is a former nurse at Malaya Hospital.


World Fact WorldFact_zps9f6b9748.png


The Manananggal is a mythical creature of the Philippines likened in nature to a vampire. Like vampires, it is said to hate garlic. It is also known to avoid daggers, light, vinegar, spices, and stingray tails. It is most, if not all, of the time depicted as female and has the ability to sever its upper torso and fly using large bat-like wings to search for prey before rejoining both halves later on. The prey in question is sleeping pregnant women, where the manananggal would use its tongue to suck out the hearts of the fetuses or the blood of the sleeper. The lower half of the creature is left standing and particularly vulnerable while the upper half is away feeding. If one uses items a manananggal is known to avoid or detest on the lower body where the halves join, the manananggal would be unable to rejoin with its lower half before sunrise.




Mananaggal Drops


Silver Bracelet 30%

Beautiful Flower 10%

Wing of red Bat 5%

Tooth of Bat 5%

Elegant Flower 20%

Mysterious Flower 10%

Inside-out Shirt 1%

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Posted 06 April 2015 - 02:44 AM

i'm looking forward to a fan fic of this (if you have :P). Lately the manananggal has been in the spotlight in Philippine comics-- some turning the manananggal into a magical girl but with Manananggal capabilities XD hahaha  


my boyfriend is almost a victim to this- when he was still a kid. a proof of this is the tail of the stingray still hung above their door of their house as protection. 

Back when he was still in his mom's womb, there was this loud flapping noise around the 2nd floor of their house. As protection, his grandfather brought his son the stingray tail to protect his wife and my boyfriend. 



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