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may i have best assassin PVP build?

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#1 w3nti


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Posted 04 September 2013 - 01:40 PM

may i have best assassin PVP build?

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#2 SparklingLimeade


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Posted 05 September 2013 - 12:46 AM

Colo or WoE? Are you going to abuse the re-hide after death glitch? Do you mind buffing up after death? If I was going to do nothing but colo I''d probably go with something like this. DI for an easy kill at the start of every round and also by re-hiding after every death. If you're not going to abuse the ability to re-hide (or think it will be fixed soon) I'd skip DI entirely and get poison and finish maxing Shadow Assault instead. The only difference between that DI-less build and my current build is that I didn't max Shadow Assault. Got the first level of Shadow Fang for farming and a few levels of MoG instead.


There are a lot of sin build threads floating around with a lot of discussion on builds and variations.


Most important thing for PvP that some people forget somehow is Shadow Armor. That's vital. MoG is particularly bad outside of parties. I don't even use it in colo except between rounds or if I'm walking around with nobody in sight. Some people don't like poison in colo. I do. It usually gets me a kill on something (mob or person) at least once per colo even after I've died/fled/been stunned. And those are just the obvious poison kills. Shadow Assault is a crappy skill to level because the cooldown is long and the damage increase isn't as large as other options but if you really are pure PvP you can sacrifice other things (like MoG) to deal more damage when you jump on people.

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#3 Leinzan


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Posted 05 September 2013 - 06:46 AM

For the Colo environment I also recommend you to dont rebuff after death with anything but «Shadow Form» and «Poison Weapon», the other 2 («Mark of Genocide» and «Shadow Cloack») might take too long a time, making you a sitting duck (I've experienced this first hand) and doesn't guarantee an effective increase in DPS (since they only increase the chances of doing a critical hit).


Can't really recommend a build, but I could share some tips on skills, like for example, «Shadow Assault» is more useful for its knockdown than its damange (use it around the 4k HP remain on target), or that «Grimtooth» and «Dagger Throw» are worth leveling for colo since chasing becomes easer (and you could kill people while frozen or snared).

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