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QUICK QUESTION chapter 2! please answer!

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 09:13 AM

HELLO GUYS! i'm done with the first question related to twin , which was if the char twin a buggy class. 


but TA-DA! i'm a MIRAGE now. i think i'm loving the job now.


so here's the question: 



(1)WHICH IS MORE USEFUL ? "The Ring From Hell" or "Roar of a Lion" skill ? i know the skill's are both used to slow foes, but which is more useful ? (cause i plan to get only one.) and (2)do one of this skills make you dc on pvp ? (3)does it trigger the bug-trap ? "The Ring From Hell" is cool and so, it summons a nice ring. and it decreases both MS and AS of the foe . but with it's long cool down and 0.5 sec cast time and only enemies within the ring being affected, is this useful and more beneficial than "Roar of a lion skill"? The Roar skill inflicts a little damage on the enemy and as well put the negative buff on them which i think is not limited to a certain area only right ? (i'm not sure, haven't tried the skill yet since i just became mirage).

and if the "Roar of a Lion" skill is more useful , i'd just like to ask ? which is which ?


as you can see in the description of the roar of lion skill , there are 2 durations written and its not the same ! Oh my! so which of this effect duration is the real one ? so thats all i need to ask . please kindly answer :) thanks in advance :)

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