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Templar - Tempest Pure PVE Guide

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#1 chaosbr


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Posted 02 November 2013 - 04:02 AM

Hey guys, anyone can help me create one build to pve?? Skill/DNA

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#2 tally


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Posted 02 November 2013 - 05:17 AM

Here we go...






Staffs can be used, but you will miss out on block rate, an extra item to enchant with defence, and MP Recovery. Don't bother with knuckles yet.


Enchant with Magic Attack Double Up L3 or higher, maybe til L40, then switch to Skill Critical Double Up L3+.

You can use Short Range Defence (Double) Up, or Continuous HP Recovery, for survivability instead.

DO NOT BOTHER WITH CRITICAL ADDITIONAL DAMAGE! Until you're L50+ your crit rate won't be high enough to make use of it.

  • L1-24 - Wand with INT and Magic Shield with MP Recovery. The shield is very important, or you will be running out of MP every couple of kills.
  • L25 - Gandharva Wand & Magic Shield.
  • L40-64 - Depending on your MP usage, you could consider an INT shield at this point. If you're struggling with MP stick with MP Recovery...
  • L65 - Moonlight Wand and Guardian of Fairy, both from Dark Sanctum. Great stats, cheap, easy to reinforce. Has CON!
  • L67&68 - Can try RH and Biskra wands / staffs, but IMO the L65 gear is pretty good and easier to get good stats on. Also doesn't have much HP (if any).
  • L70+ - Carus wands are good for damage. Now you're dealing with expensive carus gear, it may be worth going for a staff. Half the cost to reinforce! Can go to Knuckles here, with HP instead of MP, but magic damage doesn't go up with reinforce. Depends if you're a wimp that likes pink hips or not...



Enchant with as much short range defence as possible.

The Ion sets have good HP and defence, the FoC sets have awesome damage, but slightly less HP/def.

  • L5 caster set
  • L20 Frezia Ion set
  • L35 FoC Frezia
  • L40 Shilvara Ion set
  • L55 FoC Shilvara set
  • L65 FoC Aceroa set
  • L72 Ascension set
  • L79 or 85 sets if you wish...



Enchant with as much skill critical chance as you can get. Not critical additional damage!

  • Use Reinforced magic jewel sets, and bear in mind you can make +20 Ordinary jewel set easily in a forge event, and it could last you til L65+
  • Nightmare Jewels may be a bit expensive to consider for your first character. Or even 2nd or 3rd... Reinforced sets are pretty good and cheap!





Going to assume a skill reset L60-65, or it may take a little while to level.




Must take:

  • Elec Bolt - Max
  • Charged Bolt - Max
  • Rejuvenation - L1 ONLY! Additional levels don't make much difference.
  • Lesser Heal - Max and take Swift Cast and Strengthen DNA. This will save your arse so many time.
  • Ion Shield - Max (Does have DNA but... up to you. If you're buying more DNA from mall then go for it.)
  • Divine Protection - Max

Could take:

  • Electric Twister, Elect Shock, Holy Bolt - AoE skills that will be useful for levelling. But not essential.
  • Rejuvenation at higher than L1 - more healing, but have you got the spare skill points? Not much effect...
  • Blessed Revelation (with Concentration L1 filler) - helps MP recovery... you will know if you need this or not!
  • Sleep - very useful, and magic skills don't wake the enemy up. But... if you're levelling fast by killing mobs higher level than you, it will miss often. Up to you!


  • Invigoration - useless
  • Magic Shield Mastery - very little effect
  • Curse Resistance - no point if you're not PvP



Assuming you've reset skills from Templar...

Must take:

  • Heal skills same as Templar
  • Elec Bolt and Charged Bolt - L1 only. Good for pulling mobs, but won't be your main damage skills any more.
  • Lightning Restraint, Glaring Light, Holy Light - MAX! Your main, huge damage, AoE skills. Makes a Tempest a Tempest. DNA in extended Lightning Restraint and Holy Light.
  • Magic Weapon Mastery & Magic Mastery - MAX! More damage! With DNA too!

Could take:

  • Weapon of God / Blessing of Haste - useful buffs for physical classes. Not useful to a Tempest. Depends if you're a team player :P
  • Other Templar AoE skills. Not needed but up to you.
  • Soul Depuration - DoT remove. Can be nice.
  • Seal of Acceleration - Faster casting. Not essential but very nice.


  • Instant moving - it's neither instant nor predictable. Points better spent elsewhere...
  • Godly Mirror - small %s, very little effect.

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#3 chaosbr


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Posted 03 November 2013 - 10:01 AM

Thx for help me! =)


I make one build. its good to pve? i'm on lv 49



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#4 Sayne


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Posted 05 December 2013 - 06:46 AM

Templar Tree:


Elec Bolt 1 - max

Charged Bolt 1 - max

Rejuvenation - 1

Lesser Heal - max

Ion Shield - 1

Divine Prot - max

Sleep - max


Tempest Tree:


Glaring Light - max

Holy Light - max

Lightning Restraint - max

Magic Weapon Mastery - max

Magic Mastery % - max

Signet - max

Weapon of God - 1-max (useful for melee in raids, useless for yourself)

Blessing of Haste - 1-max (useful for melee in raids, useless for yourself)



Strenghened Lesser Heal - 6-max

Swift lesser Heal - max

Extended Lightning Restraint - max

Extrended Holy Light - max

Glaring light + Range - max

Magic Mastery % - max


thats my build there ya go

Has all you need to Pew Pew pretty good in both PvE and PvP



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