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5 AV and 1 FA?

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#1 Crazystoner


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Posted 06 November 2013 - 04:02 AM



Im having trouble deciding how to build my future ranger.

Currently i'm still an archer, but i should be changing pretty soon.


All the pvp builds tell me to get arrow vulcan.

But the bird is 20-30% every 2 seconds, that 300% - 450% damage over time.

The fact you can double cast it is insane.


With WindWalk active i should be able to cast arrow vulcan pretty fast.

As far as i have read charge arrow is pretty much instant cast when its active.


But with that being said i'm lacking points in fear breeze which im freaking out about.

Only level 1 falcon assault and falcon eyes...


I see it going down like, FA, WW, Eyes, FA and then damage skills.

The first 30 seconds my dps would be huge, the next 30 seconds would be decent.

After that im screwed. 20sec CD on FA, 180sec on Eyes and 90sec on WW.

And since i have level 1 falcon eyes my base cast time is large.


I'm only assuming how these skills work.

In my head i think i need level 3 eyes, but take points off what? lvl4 poison and windwalk or just lvl 3 poison.

Or should i just go all in first that first 60 seconds, then back off and wait it out.


Or should i just ditch WW and get fear breeze and foc arrow-strike or maybe lvl3 or lvl 5 FA with 3 FB


p.s. you can cast arrow vulcan in camo for x2 damage can't you?

how does fear breeze work with its 30sec CD?






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#2 Maverino


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Posted 06 November 2013 - 07:42 AM



This is my skill tree, and I find it to be very decent.


I dunno what PvP guides you have been reading, but AV is very bad for PvP due to its long cast time (and animation time) and low damage output. I would suggest going 5/5 FA.


In theory, with wind walk active you should be able to cast arrow vulcan faster, but because of the animation time for arrow vulcan, the haste doesn't really affect it at all.


Lacking points in fear breeze is fine, since the haste you get from getting 5 stacks isn't that useful if you're going to be using vulcan arrow all the time. I'm considering changing my fear breeze to 1/5 and putting the rest into 5/5 FA, because I use vulcan arrow to reset the poison arrow duration.


You don't really need any more points into falcon eyes, but it's up to you. I'm fine with it being at 1/5, seeing that I find the other points in the other skills a necessity for the most dps.


I would not suggest putting more points into focus arrow strike, because the bonus you get is very minimal, even maxed. I only use it to get more concentration in raids, and I never use it in PvP or on normal mobs.


You cannot cast arrow vulcan in camo because your fear breeze and concentration resets after you enter camo, therefore you cannot use arrow vulcan.


FB doesn't have a  30 sec cooldown. Each stack lasts for 30 seconds, and you will get a new stack after every double strafing you use until you hit 5 stacks.


If you have any more questions about rangers, feel free to ask me. 


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