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PC> Cool Stuff? :O

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#1 Beethe


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Posted 11 November 2013 - 01:15 PM

PC, Average price would be good ;ooo


Big White Seraph
Big Black Seraph

+10 Golden Seraph
+5 Pink Astarot Wings

Mini Silver Astarots

Easter Bunny Wings

Penguin Backpack

White Tuxedo Set
White Formal Set (x2)
Black Tuxedo Set


+3 White Ninja Set (mask is clean)
+10 Black Ninja Set (mask is clean)

Tea Party Set

Fairy Tale Set
Wizard Set
Servant Set

Mini Black Tophat
+10 White Fedora Hat

Military Cap

+10 Brave Steel Resolve Set (D7 Chest)

Pogo Set


Qpid's Bow (x2)
Cursed Staff (x2)
Scorpion Claw

Easter Basket
Scissors (I WILL CUT YOU)


+8 Turkey Shooter

+8 Shining Finger
+15 Salvation (98 dura)

Chivalrous Brush w/ po7
Precious Brush w/ sagi
Cornell's Diary 25/50
Junon Pennant 60/40

Reading Glasses
Ancient Swimming Glasses

+13 Demon Ancient Chrome Armor

Dark Ancient Yellow Wild Jeans


All for now, would appreciate deh PC's <3 TYY


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#2 DigitalKitten


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Posted 05 December 2013 - 03:52 PM

Well to make it all easier, all item mall items are sold for the prices that the item mall value currently is on. Such as the seraph wings of yours.


I sold a white tuxedo set for 750 m today, they're getting released soon, highest you could get is about 1b.

Same for formal, and black tux. (they were released in the same spins) but I believe that the formal set is wanted by more people so you could try to squeeze some extra mill into that.


Seen tea party , fairy tale for 1b, i'd save it for later since they just were released.


Wizard no clue, trying to sell mine now, no one is asking either.


servant is in IM, just go for what IM sells for.


qpids bow max 2b from what i've seen, someone sold it for 750 m earlier.


No one's buying turkey shooter, there's tons on the market due to rerelease, im vending one for 250 m, thats what they go for :/


Chiv brush and prec brush - ask people what honor sells for (not sure right now I dont really vend that much) but it's that price since you didnt write out the refine + the price of the gem (since gems always sell around storage or in the end of where mildun is , you could check it out there =) )


Reading glasses , I bought those for 500m the other day.


That's all I could know for now~ Hope it helped heh.



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