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Teach me how to...Crescentia? lol

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#1 Trikshots


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Posted 21 December 2013 - 08:11 PM

So, due to the bugs ive seen, read about, i STILL wanna make a Crescentia. I'll probably wait till their fixed, but Im sure others have already made one or at least leveled an Alter to 25.


My question is, what should i put my points into as I level, and what stat to focus on? (Im guessing Int is the most important even as a scythe/melee user right?)


Ive seen a few builds, but none that provide a 1-25 guide, or a rotation guide for skills during Solo lvling (in dungeons, im assuming its just DoTs and debuffs with burst dmg following)


Thanks in advance for the help!

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#2 Leinzan


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Posted 23 December 2013 - 09:16 AM

uhm, well, if you wanna go a liiiiiitle bit faster you should try <Curse Burst>, altho it won't be effective until level 9 at least, since you have to max it and at least <Diem Wind> with it :/


sooooo, go DoT XD


I really dunno which side will result in a faster leveling, but I doubt giving points to DoT will be a bad way to go, if anything get <Funuculus> at least lvl 1 and then max <Raw Tilt> for an over all damage increase.


Being the crazy guy I am, from then I would go the Stigma way and max Diem Wind, Curse Burst, <Illusion Blade> in said order.


this would mean a build like this:



so you'll still have 5 extra points :v


as for skill rotation, I go like this:

Furnuculus -> Raw Tilt -> Crucio -> Illusion Blade -> Diem Wind -> Curse Burst -> Illusion Blade -> Curse Burst * 4 -> restart from Crucio


Extended version:

Furnuculus -> Raw Tilt -> Crucio -> Diem Wind -> Illusion Blade -> Curse Burst * 3 Diem Wind -> Curse Burst  * 3 -> Diem Wind -> Curse Burst * 4 -> restart from Crucio


Most stuff should die half way there :/

Have fun :v

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