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Berserkers in 2014 chop chop

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#1 DarcL0rD


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Posted 05 January 2014 - 01:43 AM

Just wanted to say what's up and I am glad to see requiem is still up and running. Last time I Posted was last Christmas event lol..What can I say..the christmas event offers free stuff if ya put in the time and effort.


I play a level 79 zerker SS  in furious con.. I think zerker is a powereful class.

 although, I feel as if WL may be stealing the thunder from zerkers for raids. It would be nice if zerkers can offer a party buff that increases str,int,con as an example

so we too can contribute as well. Almost feel as if we maybe the black sheep of the class or almost selfish.


I also played WL and felt it was great for pve because of the AOE. I just didn't feel the power that zerkers offer. I rather be powerful then annoying with OC or Terms of Service.

Anyways just chit chatting away.


Berserker is a fun class imo for the reason it is a challenging class. Melee always seems to be the class that needs to be mastered in order to beat a good caster toon.


To get to the point.. How are zerkers doing this patch?

 Oh ya...Happy New Years!!!

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#2 Cleffy


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Posted 05 January 2014 - 12:46 PM

No changes to Zerker since the days of yesteryear. All melee have trouble getting into raids because raids are not designed for melee to participate in. The Bosses almost strictly target people in melee range. Melee have to deal with their damage being reduced verse casters who don't. Most melee lack the HP to survive in close range unless you are a tank. Pretty much the only way to change melee classes in general in raids is to redesign raids.
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