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Transformation of Elemental Forces

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#1 Lanie


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Posted 09 January 2014 - 02:20 PM

Life, Firmament, Destruction, Sinister, Earth... It's actually a brilliant way to bypass the possible confusion in using the original five elements when mage spells already apply them.  However, for people who are capable of avoiding the confusion, these elements are simply transformations of the original elements into new words (to revoke confusion), based on culture of the elements:
Light: The elemental forces of Order (Firmament, Yellow Day).
Dark: The elemental forces of Chaos (Sinister, Purple Night).
Water: The elemental forces of Creation (Life, Blue Angel).
Fire: The elemental forces of Destruction (Ruin, Red Demon).
Leaf: The elemental forces of Nature (Earth, Green Plant).
[[Neutral: Non-Elemental (Gray, Blank).]]

Localization issues had a few problems in this conversion, such as rendering Chaos to be called both Sinister and Thought, while Destruction could also be called Ruin. The fact that "Order, Chaos, Creation, Destruction, Nature" are technically more locale-friendly for us isn't something which was considered in translation (I've found a few people who don't even know what Firmament actually means, and that word was technically the WORST localization of all of these elements, possibly due to the 'wind' part mentioned later in this post).
Due to the fact that I'm suspecting that renaming the base elements like this is one of their final tasks before releasing the system, there is a strong probability that names won't match up perfectly.  On this note, players should work together to formulate consistency themselves on this basis.  By taking note of this structure, it becomes easier to also understand how the whole elemental system works.

Reviewing the actual interaction of elements might lead to a conceptual view of how they compare as a standard, but I expect few people to understand what I just said let alone find such grounds of data, so I'll just do that myself (see after the table below). While Wind does not exist in the current elemental lineup, it is interesting to note that Wind is not a valid elemental in China either (I would have loved a cyan whirl icon or something), as well could simply be considered that either wind itself is an order-bringing 'skylight' element, or that lightning is suitable as a chaotic sinister elemental.

I also have sufficient information to guess that their original release of this system... was broken. I highly suspect that all elements were supposed to fit into a nice chain structure.
Since people like nice tables, I'll work on this one here:
v on >       Order  Chaos  Creation  Destruction  Nature
Order          *      ?        ?          =          +
Chaos          ?      *        -          ?          -
Creation       -      ?        *          ?          ?
Destruction    ?      ?        +          *          =
Nature 	       -      ?        ?          ?          *
Legend: *:Matching, =:Neutral, +:Effective, -:Ineffective.
Feel free to apply input for the above table. Meanwhile, elemental concept rules:

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#2 TifaValentine


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Posted 09 January 2014 - 03:06 PM

So I'm not the only one who thought these elements are the good ol' ones but renamed with fancy names and to avoid confusion with our casters' elemental spells~


Me and my guildies have been working on some comparison/data charts regarding the new elements, how these affects us,which is weak against which or stronger to other, etc. By testing and such we came up with the answers. It is possible that, as you say, the weaknesses are not applying as they should. If you want a simplified diagram of (current) elemental weaknesses, here you go~




Did this one for my guild, anyways. Just a quick reference. Should these change at some point or be "corrected", I'll edit it. The rest you pretty much said it. We're still gathering some more exact info and numbers on this. However as for the weaknesses and strenghts, this is what we came up with, after testing each element on each mob (at least from Dayr map so far!)

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#3 frenzi


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Posted 10 January 2014 - 10:21 PM

Thanks to both of you, I was still finding this a tad confusing!

Mukas beware :rice:

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#4 pforpianist


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Posted 12 December 2014 - 01:26 AM

Thank you so much. Im new here, but this is great! now i know how to get the bows I've been waiting for!

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