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Junon's Explorer

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#1 Shipinain


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Posted 19 February 2014 - 04:09 AM

We were talking about leveling in other topics and we can reach level 50 in instant but I think new players need to discover more the maps and their monsters.


Name of the Quest :: Junon's Explorer or Junon's Traveler


General idea of the Quest :: Explore Junon and discover "all" monsters starting from Adverture Plains to City of Junon Polis through ALL Junon maps (that have at least one npc). Level restriction None or at least 100 for all parts.


Go to a determined NPC (preferable Researcher, Guide, Historian,...), he will ask player to collect all monster certificates by discovering (killing) one of each species of the map.

Only one type is enough like a bean whatever it's a Mini, normal, jelly, red, king,...

Collecting all monster certificates awards player a map award or thophy.

Once the player get one map award, he can go to the next map. etc etc


Map Location :: Adventurer's Plains, Valley of Luxem Tower, Canyon City of Zant, Breezy Hills, El Verloon Desert, Anima Lake, City of Junon Polis, Forest of Wisdom, Kenji Beach, Gorge of Silence and Desert of the Dead


Rewards ::

When getting a map award, player will get one type of all monster summon he discovers. [Edit] Maybe it's too much in player inventory

When getting Junon award (requirement: all map awards), he will get an explorer Costume (short, hat, shirt maybe shoes, binoculars,...) something like that:



Special Reward :: In City of Junon Polis, the player can trade his costume + some summons like graduate and bal events (one specific per map, I suggest the more representative like moldie for JunonPolis, aqua for el veroon, grunter for anima lake...), to get a special explorer costume (maybe another color like graduate event) with better bonus stats.



Adventurer's Plains (bean, choropy, honey, flanae and pumkin) -> Bean summon(s)

Valley of Luxem Tower ( pumpkin, bee and pomic) -> Bee summon(s)

Canyon City of Zant (bee and woopie) -> Woopie summon(s)

Breezy Hills (flanae, pomic and dalping) -> Pomic summon(s)

El Verloon Desert (beetle, turtle, bee, rackie and aqua) -> Aqua summon(s)

Anima Lake (aqua, porkie and grunter) -> Grunter summon(s)

City of Junon Polis (grunter and moldie) -> Moldie summon(s)

Forest of Wisdom (smouly and clown) -> Smouly summon(s)

Kenji Beach (doonga, krawfy and kaiman) -> Krawfy summon(s)

Gorge of Silence (golem, stone golem and worm dragon) -> Golem summon(s)

Desert of the Dead (pumpkin, pomic, antares and scavenger) -> Scavenger summon(s) + Pvp Map reward bonus (zulies and xp)



I don't know how much monster the player need to kill, maybe one is too low, so too fast. I don't want to penalize lower lvl in DoD asking them to kill 5 antares lol

I think we can go for a greater number on lower monster lvl and lower number on higher lvl monster.

[Edit] Maybe we start with 15 in Adventure's Plain and decrement (by 1 or more) the number of kills and finish with 2 in Desert of the Dead.



If yes, low costume bonus and tradable....

Else, account bound with better costume bonus.


I miss my first Rose days in 2004 when i has explored all Junon maps and I want a Panda box ! :P


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#2 ShazamO


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Posted 19 February 2014 - 09:15 AM

Neat idea :ok:

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#3 Shipinain


    I made it Off Topic

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Posted 19 February 2014 - 09:52 PM

Thank you ShazamO :ani_meow:

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