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Junon reforestation

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Posted 19 February 2014 - 06:39 PM

Name of the Quest : Junon reforestation

The quest has no level requirement as it is doable for all levels, but is recommended to be lvl 50 to get the seed from the trees at forest of wisdom. No repeatable

General idea of the Quest ::Gain exp and rewards thru the quest

The quest is available from the Arua's Fairy in adventure plains

General Idea Search :: get seeds, water and a ray of sun

Multiple parts : Adventure plains , Brezy Hills , El Verloon Desert, Anima lake, forest of Wisdoms

Part 1
Get the quest from the Arua Fairy : The fairy says that the epidemic now is destruction the vegetation, and asks you to help reforest the planet Junon , then you must go to Claude for instructions .

Part 2
go to ( pumpkin farmer ) Claude for information: Claude says he remembers a guide in the "Forest of Wisdom" that had seeds of all Junon’s trees , but can’t remember where to find he clearly .He believes there’s a child who sells fruit in "El Veroon Desert " may provide more information.

Part 3
Go to El Verloon Desert and find the (fruit basket) Feuey and ask for Kay ( mountain guide ) location , Feuey told you he lost his compass near to a group of Vagabond rackies and now can’t show you the way to go to the Forest of wisdom . Can you find it?

Part 4
Now go to hunt Vagabond rackies to find Feuey’s compass to get the correct coordinates and find Kay in forest of Wisdoms

Part 5
Now you have to find Kay ( mountain guide)in the forest of wisdom, and tells you he don’t have more seeds and ask if you can go to hunt 6 types of smouly "to pick up 5 seed of each and bring them to Claude .
5 little seed from little smouly
5 stray seed from stray smouly
5 elder seed from elder smouly
5 cherry seed from cherry smouly
5 old seed from old smouly
5 decrepit seed from decrepit smouly

Part 6
Claude congratulates you on your success in collecting the seeds , however water is needed to a germinate them .Collect four buckets of waterfalls from the following 4 maps : adventures plains , Breezy Hill ,The Verloon Desert Anima Lake .Reward ( 1) wisdom tree shop coupon

Part 7
Go back to Claude with the water buckets, but it seen you need a morning ray of sun as you can find in the map of Zant in the woopie king mountain.

Part 8
Return to claude with the ray of sun and finally tell you he will be able to harvest then. Now you must go to " Aruas fairy" for your quest reward.

Final part 9
Auras rewards with Mother Nature’s wings: def 60, magic def 80, Dogde rate 58, and stats are MS 60 and HP 80

Other information

I see this item as a wings shaped with a lot of leaves, I figure the Rose team will know how to develop it or maybe will be a future weekly challenge,the wisdom tree shop coupon too. :wink:

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Posted 20 February 2014 - 09:38 AM

Cool idea but could you perhaps put an amount of EXP you would like to see? and Rewards as well.

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