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Undead Set Farming?

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#1 FoxCreed1442


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Posted 12 March 2014 - 10:05 AM

Okay, so.

I'm a 63 Sentinel.

With a Special +5 Lv. 56 bow with Crit rate and attack.

And I've been trying to farm the undead set (Hero and rare) but it just takes too long and I rage if it takes me an hour+ to get to gate/rahnoff/van cliff and I don't get a drop.

So any tips for farming the set? I'm looking to get rare chest, pants, and arms, hero gloves and boots, and rare ears and ring.

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#2 Luckyin


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Posted 13 March 2014 - 01:57 PM

not sure if already know that different boss drop different equips

here the link in case you don't know: http://ds.irowiki.or.../Pathfinder_Set


If you want better drop rate, its better to be in party ~ 4 in party increase the drop rate a lot

especially for the earing, if you solo you might need 120 rounds (I tested that)~ as for a party of 4 it drops within 5 rounds


of course the lvls of party members matter ~ the lower is your lvl the higher the drop

but in your case lvl 63 is okay (lvl 60 would be best), starting lvl 66~+ you can easily notice the drop rate going down


I hunted my whole savage bone set with my bandit with a very bad claw (still dark soul claw +4! at that time! it was a lvl 37 weapon!) but since savage is easy to kill mobs and the boss arent that tough in Vancliff it's fairly easy ---> can't say that now because my Final Decision knock down thing...


anyway, I suggest you to go with your guild (trustworthy ppl, in case it drops earrings) with ppl ranging from lvl 60~65

or even with a high lvl is fine too but make sure the high lvl doesnt make more than 45% hp on the boss (if he did most of the damage, most likely the boss won't drop anything at all)


good luck  


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