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Gem Commotion!

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Posted 14 March 2014 - 09:23 AM

This quest is available from Gypsy Bellia in Junon and available for players with level 75 up to level 100 and can be done only once. This Quest is broken into three mission


Gypsy seller Bellia is asking someone to help him clear his name because of a false information spreading in Junon that he stole an important Gem owned by Armor Merchant Saki. Find the Gem and bring it back to Saki. Mayor Darren knows where the Gem can be found.


According to Mayor Darren. Saki has been seen walking around the Gorge of silent where Golem Origin and Master Golem can be seen. Reports shows that maybe these monsters are responsible for the lost Gem.


Mission 1: Find proofs of the lost Gem and give it to Mayor Darren.


"Proof of Lost Gem" can be aquired by fighting Golem Origins or Master Golem in the Gorge of Silent.


Once the proof is acquired, player must take it back to Mayor Darren. The mayor then will be alarmed because the Mayor Found out that the Gem was broken into three pieces and can be recovered by fighting Stone Golems found in Gorge of Silent.


Mission 2: Fight Stone Golem in the Gorge of Silent to recover the pieces of Gem then Give it to Bellia in order to make it whole again.


Once the three pieces of Gem are recovered, player must give it back to gypsy

Seller Bellia and have it repaired. Once in Bellia, repaired the Gem, you will recieve a "Family Heirloom Gem", and Bellia will ask you to deliver it back to Saki and clear his name.


Mission 3: Deliver the "Family Heirloom Gem" and clear Bellia's name.


Once the player has delivered the Gem to Saki. Saki will remember that he lost it in Silent of Gorge because he is running away from the scarry monsters that are running after him. He will then say his Thanks.


End of Quest




Mission 1: Exp points and Zullie


Mission 2: Exp points, Zullie and Refine materials


Mission 3: Exp points and a Gem


* Experience and Zullie can be of any amount.. Refine materials (preferably lisents) are of any quantity. The Gem are of any any kind (preferable 4-7)






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