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inslaved villagers of pirates hell

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Posted 28 March 2014 - 01:43 PM

rose quest event

quest location start: anima lake

name of quest::
inslaved villagers of pirates hell

general idea of quest::
a evil pirate group based apon all types of evil creatures decided to kidnap all of the cevilians in a small little
town it is your job to find out what happend why they did it and where they went with all the hostages it is your
new job to save and rescue them befor its to late a little child was able to ecsape and tell you this.

multiple parts
part one::
comming across a epmty ghost town you are wondering where is every 1 as you are serching you find
a little child girl thats in lots of pain and coverd in blood of course your going to ask her what happend and where is every one
she tells you that pirates attacked raided the town and kiddnapped every 1 pls help save them she says they are traped
on a pirate boat in a hidden cave off the shore of the lake
part 2::
you decide to help the child and to rescue every 1 but first you need a party as going in alone will only get you killed
you quicky form a 4 group party and then head out to find and save the town before its 2 late

part 3:: once u get there the entrance is heavily guarded by a small group of the pirates you can sneak past them or fight them and head straight in
if you head straight in you are instintly attacked by hounderds of pirates make your way past all of them only to find the captain alone in a back room he says saving the villagers is useless
you will all die now as he opends a back hidden door and out come a sub boss and a king boss elite now batteling for your life and to safe the town the party is now fighting against the pets and the captian
after a few hours of fighting the party finnily finds a way to defeat them as the captian lays there he takes his last breath and says i will be back for revange as iam immortal and then soon dissapears the party is lucky to be alive still
now its time to find and villagers and get them out of here
or you can try and sneak past to try and find a hidden passage into the cave your party finds a back entrance thats locked
pick the lock and sneak in only to find your group is in the middle of the pirate base and is instintly attacked apon opening the back door
your party defeats the monster pirates after that they head further in only to be repetedly attacked
while surching and surching your party comes across this rather small room to find the civillains traped like animals in cages as your group
trys to rescue them your party falls therw a trap door and they fall further into the cave they all get nocked out from the fall only to wake up in a cage to be greeted by the captian
the captian laughs at you and your traped friends thats when he says you are not going to save and protect that town you are now doomed to be my slaves 4 ever
thats when your party all looks at each other then back at the caption the party instinly breaks out by using magic the captian is now very mad and inraged with anger he opens up a hidden door and
out come a sub boss and a king boss elite the captain orders them to atack your party is now in the heat of battle trying to save not only them selfs but a whole town of people the fight lasts many of hours
the party finnaly finds a way to bring down the boss pets and the captian the kill the pets as the captain lays there in defeat he says i will be back one day to get my revange as iam imortal and then soon dissapears
after that the party heads back to the small room to help the villagers get back to town

Describe the Quest as much as possible(What the player would do, which NPC's, you want to use, what they would say) ::
a child npc named lilith coverd in blood tears and in pain asks you and your group to save the town and all of
the people in it
the enemy pirate npcs are guards warriors fighters magicans captian sub boss king boss and elite
of different levels and sizes
the guards at the front entrance say this you are not welcomed here then instintly and agressevly attack you and your party as they call for back up
the other npc monsters inside the cave dont really say anything but yell and screem such horrid sounds to try and kill
your ability to hear whats going on around round you the captian of the pirates
says you are not going to save these humans they are now slaves to us pirates leave now or be destoryed oh you arent gonna back out and leave allright then iam going to slaughter you
all and feed your dead bodys to my pets then he gives out this evil murderus laugh as he unlesses his last monsters a sub boss and a elite king boss to slaughter you and your group

Reward(s) ::
xp and the ability to instintly tellaport to the town

Any other information::
must be level 100
quest is repeatable

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Posted 31 March 2014 - 09:21 AM

A bit dark but cool~


Which town are you referring too? Anima Lake?

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