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Guillotine Cross build Help/Suggestions?

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#1 StarScythe


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Posted 05 November 2010 - 04:54 AM

Ok, so this is the current build I was planning, It was built for PvP towards the later levels.

SP left - 6


10     Katar Mastery (MAX)
10     Sonic Blow (MAX)
10     Cloaking (MAX)
5     Grimtooth (MAX)
3     Enchant Poison
10     Poison React (MAX)
5     Left Hand Mastery (MAX)

Assassin Cross

5     Advanced Katar Mastery (MAX)
1     Create Deadly Poison (MAX)
5     Enchant Deadly Poison (MAX)
I was thinking of dropping Soul Breaker, Meteor Assault, Venom Splasher, and Venom Dust for higher Cloaking and Left Hand Mastery for the GX's skill requirements, and a maxed Poison React for countering...
I have 6 Points left over that are undecided upon, I read somewhere that you can save skill points for the next job, and was wondering if they should be added to the GX skills.

SP Left - 2

Guillotine Cross 

5     Dark Illusion (MAX)
5     Cross Impact (MAX)
1     Research New Poison
5     Poisoning Weapon (MAX)
5     Weapon Blocking (MAX)
5     Counter Slash (MAX)
5     Weapon Crush (MAX)
1     Phantom Menace (MAX)
5     Rolling Cutter (MAX)
5     Cross Ripper Slash (MAX)
5     Cloaking Exceed (MAX)
1     Venom Pressure

I was going for a build focused on attacking and countering attacks, while also being able to cloak/hide in the shadows. I was thinking of using the remaining skill points for a higher Research New Poison, but was thinking I could probably buy them from other players (not sure if this is possible), on the other hand, there's Venom Pressure, which could greatly enhance my poisoning chances, at the cost of wasting the Poisoning Weapon buff. I also thought about Hallucination Walk, but the fact that it slows you down afterward turned me away from it.

So I was wondering if anybody had any suggestion for what to do with the remaining points, and if there are things in this build that I should change, I also didn't include a couple of skills, if you think that they would be better please explain why and how it could be useful.

As for the Stat build, I was hoping to go Critical, but can't decide if I want to be equip or natural, I've heard Natural has advantages as far as adding extra stats, I was thinking of making my Luk about 30-40 and getting the rest with cards or something.

At the moment my character is just an Assassin, so I'll have the chance to start from scratch after Transcending.

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#2 Luckywhiterabbit


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Posted 05 November 2010 - 04:38 PM

Research new Poison also adds +3 seconds per level to your EDP timer, so it's well worth maxing it out if you plan to get the most out of enchant deadly.

for natural critical you're going to need a lot more luk than 40. My Sinx has about 70luk at the moment and gets about a 70% (with katar bonus taken into consideration) critical rate on non-carded jurs holding two critical rings. If you take boss critshields into account you'll want more than 50 crit if possible.

I'm also finding that Soul Destroyer is having much more utility than poison react for me at the moment. Poison react isn't a very good skill, sadly. You actually have to rely on being hit for it to work, wheras your other countering skills will activate on miss.

Also, I think you should get Venom Impress. It makes enchant poison much more useful for extra damage against pretty much anything.

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